Chapter 2033 - Curse of the Demon commander

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Chapter 2033: Curse of the Demon commander

“Uh! Pfff … Our bodies … What’s going on … What happened …”

The 14 sky demon apostles fell to the ground with their hands on their hearts. They kept vomiting dark red poisonous blood and their bodies kept twitching. They couldn’t even get up.

“We’re poisoned … Pfft …”

The demon knelt down on one knee. The body of a five-star earth-god seemed to be able to resist part of the poison, but the deadly poison still made him spit out blood and his essence, Qi, and spirit all fell!

What the f * ck! What the f * ck! Bro bei! Is your mouth blessed?!

Just one word from bro bei was enough to defeat all the demons! It was simply awesome and lightning-fast!

Save the world with your mouth! Bro bei! Shua shua shua!

Bi an was not acclimatized to this! I’m convinced by my bro bei!

The audience was in an uproar when they saw this. They praised Chen Xiaobei so much that they almost blocked the live stream.

“That’s not possible! Chen Zhufeng was under our control the whole time and didn’t have the chance to poison him!”

Quot; Chen Zhufeng … When did you poison us? ”

“Chen Zhufeng! Are you a God? How could he have silently poisoned her … It’s impossible …”

The 14 sky demon apostles wailed and vomited blood. They could clearly feel that their bodies were on the verge of death.

However, even if they had ten thousand brains, they would not be able to figure out how they had been poisoned by Chen Xiaobei without anyone knowing.

This was completely illogical!

“This is my secret weapon! You want to know? Maybe in the next life!” The corners of Chen Xiaobei’s mouth lifted into a devilish smile.

“Chen Zhufeng! I’ve done you a great favor! Why didn’t you introduce me to everyone! I want to be on the live broadcast too! I also want to take in fans!”

A young girl’s voice came from under the cloak. Her voice was very soft, but her temper was not small!

Chen Xiaobei turned off the livestream and whispered, ” “Little Zi, be good. You’re strong, have a heaven-defying ability, and most importantly, you’re very good looking! If I let you go on a live broadcast, there will definitely be a bunch of people who will fight with me for you! I’ll be very vexed!”

Zi Yuan’s tender voice was filled with excitement, ” “I’m powerful? A heaven-defying ability? And especially good looking? Is everything you said true?”

“Of course it’s true!” Quot; that’s why you have to hide yourself well. Don’t let anyone see you. Do you understand? ” Chen Xiaobei grinned.

“Mm! I know! I will hide it well!” Zi Yuan’s voice had a hint of sweetness to it. It was obvious that he was in a good mood.

After this girl developed consciousness and intelligence, she was influenced by her girlish playmate, so her character and temper were very much like a girl’s.

She was sometimes innocent, sometimes adorkable, and most importantly, she was very easy to coax.

Chen Xiaobei coaxed Zi Yuan to calm down and hide in the cloak, no longer demanding to go on the live stream.

That’s right! The reason why the demon commander and the 14 heavenly demon apostles were poisoned was because of Zi Yuan!

The poison they had been poisoned with was the same poison that had destroyed The Five Venoms sacred sect back then!

Zi Yuan had already poisoned her in the meeting room!

However, the poison was colorless, odorless, shapeless, and formless. Even the poison experts of The Five Venoms sacred cult could not detect it. The demon commander and the fourteen heavenly demon apostles were naturally poisoned without them knowing!

In addition, this poison also had a special effect, which was that Zi Yuan could control the time of the poison’s effect!

Before the poison took effect, the person who was poisoned would be fine.

However, as long as Zi Yuan willed it, he could stimulate the poison, causing the poisoned person to be directly attacked by the poison without any preparation, without even having the time to detoxify!

Because of this, even the demon Lord, who was a five-star earth-god, was poisoned!

“How long before they die?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“The 14 apostles will all die within a minute!”

“As for that demon, he has a five-star earth-god Body!” Zi Yuan said. Moreover, he was a demon! His physical body might be even more powerful … I can’t say how long it’ll take for him to die …”

“As long as the demon is not dead, I can’t act rashly!”

Quot; what if he has a hidden card that’s higher than a five-star earth-god? I’m not his match at all! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“I don’t think he will bring any trump cards!”

“A five-star earth-god instrument is the most powerful treasure in apocalypse Starfield!” Zi Yuan analyzed. A five-star earth-god could suppress an earth-god instrument of the same level! You’re already invincible in apocalypse Starfield. It’s a waste to have a stronger card!”

Quot; you’re right … Quot; Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; “Maybe I’m overthinking it. If he really had a trump card, he would have killed me long ago!”

At this moment, the demon’s head suddenly rose up and he let out a painful howl.

Chen Xiaobei was on high alert, and he quickly retreated.

Quot; Chen Zhufeng!!! Quot;

The demon roared into the sky,”I’ve lost!” He’s completely lost!” The great Lord’s plan has been ruined. Even if I return alive, the great Lord will sentence me to death! Since I’m going to die anyway, I’ll drag you down with me even if I have to risk my remaining life!”

“You still have the strength to fight?” Chen Xiaobei quickly backed away. He could no longer be bothered with the live stream. He put away his phone and took out his strongest card.

The demon knelt on one knee and roared, ” “I’ll use my blood! To evolve the blood curse! I’ll use my life! Cast the soul shackles! You! Chen Zhufeng! Every drop of blood would be drained! He would definitely lose his three souls and seven spirits! Never to reincarnate!”

“This … This is a curse?” Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows and became nervous.

Just as Zi Yuan had analyzed, the demon venerable did not have any stronger trump cards on him!

The whole plan had failed, and the demon knew that he was going to die. So, at the last moment, he used his blood and life to cast the demonic curse on Chen Xiaobei!

With a loud explosion, the body of the honor demon exploded! Blood and spirits shot into the sky like a rainbow!

Chen Xiaobei’s heart skipped a beat.

One had to know that the master-protecting puppet could only block one fatal attack, but it could not block a curse!

This kind of special attack based on the spiritual and soul level was non-existent, and even the bursting flames Spirit King Sword couldn’t block it!

The next moment, the blood-red beam shot down and caught up with Chen Xiaobei with the speed of a five-star earth-god!

It entered Chen Xiaobei’s body from the top of his head.

Chen Xiaobei’s face darkened, and he spat out a mouthful of purple-gold blood.

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“Are you alright?” Zi Yuan was shocked and hurriedly asked. Don’t scare me!”

“We’re in big trouble this time …”

Chen Xiaobei slowly raised one of his hands. The blood vessels on his fingers had all turned black!

The black color was still spreading, covering Chen Xiaobei’s palm and slowly moving to his wrist.