Chapter 2034 - Angel's blessing

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Chapter 2034: Angel’s blessing

“Chen Zhufeng? What’s wrong with you? Why are all the blood vessels on your hand black? This isn’t poison … What’s wrong with you?”

Zi Yuan directly flew out from under the cloak, his delicate little face full of anxiety.

“Not only in my hands …”

Chen Xiaobei pulled up one of his pants. The blood vessels on his leg had turned black and were still spreading upwards.

“What is going on?” Zi Yuan was extremely anxious.

“This is a curse that the demon exchanged his life for …”

Chen Xiaobei’s face turned green and he said, ” “If I’m not wrong, this black demon blood will slowly spread to my heart … At that time, I’ll be dead …”

Quot; what … What should we do … Quot; Zi Yuan was completely flustered.”I know nothing about curses … I can’t help you …”

“Don’t worry … I still have very powerful friends …”

Chen Xiaobei took out his phone and was about to open the Three Realms red envelope group.

In this life and death situation, it was fortunate that Chen Xiaobei still had the strongest support-the best brothers in the Brotherhood!

As long as they were here, Chen Xiaobei would not be afraid even if the sky fell.

However, when Chen Xiaobei picked up his phone, he saw that the livestream was still ongoing.

On the screen, hundreds of millions of viewers were constantly expressing their concern and worry.

Bro bei! What’s wrong? Why was there no sound during the live broadcast?

Bro bei! Why did you put your phone away just now? Did the Great Demon King launch a fierce attack on you?

Bro bei! Are you alright? The great demon didn’t hurt you, right?

Bro bei! Hurry up and say something! We were all worried to death!

Chen Xiaobei felt a warm feeling in his heart when he saw these comments.

He suddenly realized that besides his brothers in the Brotherhood, he had a large number of believers who cared about him!

After receiving so much care and concern, Chen Xiaobei felt that all his efforts were worth it.

He told Zi Yuan to hide well and turned on the live broadcast again.

Chen Xiaobei smiled and said, ” Don’t worry! The great devil is dead … But I’m also injured, so the live broadcast can only end here. See you later!”

Wuwu, wait! Bro bei! The injuries you’ve suffered are no ordinary injuries!

Bro bei! You’ve been cursed! He couldn’t treat it as an ordinary injury!

Bro bei! That was the curse of the devil! You must remove it as soon as possible! Otherwise, it would be life-threatening!

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Quot; Quot; I didn’t expect you to know about the demon’s curse. Quot;

Bro bei, don’t underestimate us! The number of people watching the live broadcast had probably exceeded 1.3 billion! People from all walks of life, from all over the world! It was normal for there to be someone who knew how to curse!

Those who have nothing to do with it, stop talking! Let those who know curses take a good look at bro bei!

Yes, yes, yes! Bro bei’s safety was the most important! Unrelated people, stop speaking!

All of a sudden, the comments on the screen stopped. Only five or six people were still talking.

And these five or six people were all experts in curses.

“Alright, then please help me take a look!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and placed one of his palms under the camera, broadcasting it to the audience.

Chen Xiaobei could ask his brothers in the Brotherhood.

However, Chen Xiaobei was more willing to give his followers a chance.

Perhaps these believers could help Chen Xiaobei solve his problems, or become another strong support for him.

Bro bei! I’m sure! This was the curse of the devil! If the black blood attacks your heart, you will die without a doubt!

Yes! This was a very vicious curse. If it was not removed, bro bei would die within a few minutes!

Quot; I agree! Quot; Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Quot; your judgment is the same as mine! However, do you know how to remove the curse?”

Qianqian knew … But she was afraid that she couldn’t do it …

The most effective way to remove a demon’s curse was to use an Angel’s blessing!

It’s impossible to find a real angel within a few minutes!

Chen Xiaobei was stunned. Quot; Quot; thank you for your kindness … I only have a few minutes left to live. Even if there are angels in this world, I can’t find them … Quot;

“Who said you can’t find it!”

At this moment, a sweet and melodious voice came from the distance.

Chen Xiaobei followed the voice and was stunned.

He saw an extremely beautiful girl flying in the sky.

Her silver-white hair was as smooth as water, and her skin was as white as snow. She was wearing a white gauze dress, and her entire person exuded a pure and holy aura.

The main point was that she had a pair of snow-white wings on her back!

Her feathers were thick and soft, and not a single speck of dust could be seen on her. Coupled with her Holy temperament, wasn’t she the angel in Western mythology?

He looked down on Princess Monroe! That’s the little princess of our heavenly wings race!

There’s hope for Qingqing! Bro bei was saved! Cassidy menglu possessed the pure bloodline of the heavenly wings race!

Qingqing’s angelic wings had been awakened. She could bring bro bei her blessings!

Yingluo is great! Good will be rewarded! Our bro bei will not die so easily!

Monroe swooped down from the sky, her beautiful blue eyes staring at Chen Xiaobei.

“Menglu, why are you here?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Don’t say anything!”

Menglu cupped Chen Xiaobei’s face with her fair hands and said, ” “Kiss me!”

Chen Xiaobei was dumbfounded. Before he could say anything, the dreamy dew had already kissed his lips.

What the f * ck! What was the meaning of this? Why did the little princess menglu kiss bro bei as soon as she arrived? What happened to the angelic blessing?

If Yingluo doesn’t understand, don’t talk nonsense! This was the kiss of an Angel! It was the highest level! The most sacred! The purest blessing!

Shouldn’t the angelic Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss the hand or the forehead? It was so embarrassing to directly kiss her mouth!

That was because Princess menglu’s cultivation level was not high enough! Only mouth to mouth could the Blessing’s effect be best displayed!

Bro bei is indeed-good streamer! We love embarrassing scenes! It was simply six times!

Bro bei, 666! Live broadcast of giving birth to monkeys!

Yingluo, everyone, stop kicking up a fuss! Bro bei’s body is changing! Quickly look!

Then, a holy light shone from Monroe’s lips!

The special ability of Angel’s blessing was like a warm current, flowing through Chen Xiaobei’s blood vessels to the parts where the curse had invaded.

Everyone could clearly see that the black color in Chen Xiaobei’s blood vessels was being forced back.

After a while, it was completely forced out of Chen Xiaobei’s body!

Holy angels were the nemesis of dark demons! Monroe’s blessing had completely removed the demon’s curse from Chen Xiaobei!

Quot; alright … Young master Chen, how do you feel now? ”

Menglu let go of Chen Xiaobei, her little face showing signs of fatigue, and her wings slowly faded away.

Chen subconsciously smacked his lips and said, ” “Good! Very good!”