Chapter 2035 - Low-key my ass

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Chapter 2035: Low-key my ass

“Young master Chen … You’re so annoying …”

Menglu’s face was red, and she looked down, not daring to look at Chen Xiaobei.

Bro bei! Six six six!

Good! Very good! Two things at once! Hehehe!

Bro bei! He won the battle and the kiss. He was a winner in life!

Quot; ahem … I almost forgot, I’m still live streaming … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down and said, ” Don’t kick up a fuss! Even the little girl is embarrassed!”

Bro bei! You’re not kind! He ate it clean and didn’t want his brothers to be happy?

Yingluo was right! We’re going to kick up a fuss!

The demon bi ‘an was killed and the battle was won! It should be lively!

Quot; I know I won the war, but I have an even more exciting livestream to watch. Don’t you guys want to watch it? ” Chen Xiaobei grinned.

The enemy’s scheme had been destroyed! The enemies were all dead! What more exciting livestreams were there?

Yingluo, we want to see it! Bro bei will never let us down! There must be more live broadcast content!

Bro bei! Hurry up! Don’t keep me in suspense! Broadcast it live for us to see!

“Little menglu, come here and get your phone! You’ll be in charge of the live broadcast!”

Chen Xiaobei handed the phone to menglu.

As long as the camera was facing forward, menglu would not appear on the screen.

The little girl was shy, and she could escape the attention of the audience. She felt a lot more at ease, and smiled sweetly at Chen to show her gratitude.

Chen Xiaobei walked in front of the camera and strode towards the corpses of the 14 sky demon apostles.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

Chen Xiaobei released 14 streams of ethereal force and took the earth-god instruments from the 14 sky demon apostles into his hands.

“Two five-star earth-god instruments! Five four-star earth-god instruments! Seven three-star earth-god instruments!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned at the screen and said, ” “These earth-god instruments are all mine! How was it? My Good Brothers? It’s not like you’re jealous or envious.”

What the f * ck! What the f * ck! Bro bei! You’re going against the heavens!

Yingluo is amazing! My bro bei! With so many earth-god instruments, he could do whatever he wanted in apocalypse Starfield!

Yingluo-yes! Even the four royal cities of the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and black Tortoise only had one five-star earth-god instrument each! Bro bei had two of them! It was simply insanely cool!

If bro bei could build his own force, he would instantly become a super-class force that would surpass the four imperial cities!

Yingluo was right! Strength was the way of the king! With these earth-god instruments, bro bei could even build a Royal City!

Bro bei! Please consider it! To build his own force! We will all be your loyal supporters!

“Brothers, calm down! I need to reintroduce myself! Other than being a streamer, I have another identity!”

Chen Xiaobei kept the 14 earth-god instruments and said, ” “I’m the leader of bei Xuan faction, Chen Zhufeng! Bei Xuan faction is my power! You might not have heard of it before! But from today on, the name bei Xuan faction will be known throughout apocalypse Starfield!”

Bei Xuan faction? So bro bei already had his own forces!

Bro bei! Still taking in disciples? I want to join your sect! I’m begging you to take me as your disciple!

I know bei Xuan faction! It was in the Qin family’s main city on the Vermillion Bird continent!

I also know about Yingluo! Old Wang’s live streaming platform was run by bei Xuan faction!

Xuanji bei Xuan faction was also in the cosmetics business! It was super easy to use! The little fairies who wanted to become beautiful must buy it and try it!

Wanwan, don’t even mention livestreaming and cosmetics! From today onwards, bei Xuan faction would be the second biggest faction after heaven dominating faction! Would bro bei still care about those small businesses?

Yingluo was right! Below the earth-god Realm! Other than heaven dominating faction, there was no other faction that could compete with bei Xuan faction!

Bro bei! Please join! I also want to be a disciple of the second biggest sect!

The audience’s emotions instantly exploded. Almost all of them were asking to join, and the atmosphere was extremely enthusiastic!

“I won’t accept! I won’t accept a single one!”

Chen Xiaobei shook his head and said, ” “Today, I’m going to say this! Bei Xuan faction is the number one faction in the myriad tribulations! Only those who acknowledged this were qualified to join bei Xuan faction! If you think bei Xuan faction is second, then don’t come! I won’t accept it!”

Bro bei, aren’t you being a little too arrogant? although you’re very strong, heaven dominating faction’s Foundation is incomparably strong. You can’t compare to them now …

Yingluo-yes! Bro bei! He had to keep a low profile … Apocalypse Starfield’s heaven dominating sect was just a branch! The headquarters of heaven dominating faction was a giant existence in the earth-god Realm!

Bro bei, keep a low profile. Everyone is doing this for your own good!

“Low profile? Heh, I’ve been low-key for long enough! I don’t want to keep a low profile anymore!”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” “Today, I’ve chosen to broadcast live. This means that I won’t be hiding anymore. I want to be high-profile and let everyone see me! Remember me! Respect me!”

“In this battle, I’ve destroyed the demonic sect’s shocking conspiracy, even though I’ve won the love of all my brothers! However, I’ve also offended almost all the top forces!”

“From now on, even if I want to keep a low profile! My enemies won’t let me go either! Since that’s the case, why should I keep a low profile?”

“I’m not being arrogant! My ambition is not in the myriad tribulation! I still want to go to higher and further places to show off my skills! Taking first place in the myriad tribulations is just a stepping stone!”

“In your own words! If we win, we’ll be wild together! If we lose, we’ll bear it together! If you don’t even have the courage, how can you even talk about joining bei Xuan faction?”

Bro bei is right! Among the 14 sky demon apostles, there were people from the square Imperial City! There was Nangong Kurong from heaven dominating faction! The rest of them were all big shots!

After this battle, the forces behind them would definitely become bro bei’s enemies! There was no point in keeping a low profile anymore!

Yingluo, yes! This way! If he joined bei Xuan faction, he would have to stand side by side with bro bei and fight against all the top forces! Those without courage and courage would not dare to join bei Xuan faction!

The audience finally understood. Chen Xiaobei had won the battle, but the situation for Chen Xiaobei and Bei Xuan faction was not looking good!

Surrounded by powerful enemies, bei Xuan faction would not even be able to protect themselves!

The people who had been clamoring to join bei Xuan faction had all shut their mouths!

Of course, there were still a small number of people who were brave enough to insist on their request.

Bro bei! I’m not afraid! I believe you! Bei Xuan faction would be the one to claim the throne! I’m still begging to join!

I also want to join! Bro bei is number one in my heart! Bei Xuan faction would be number one sooner or later!

Bro bei! Begging to join! I have no regrets in this life!

“Everyone, don’t be in such a hurry to declare your position!”

Quot; I’ll move bei Xuan faction out of the Qin family’s main city later. When I’ve confirmed the new location, I’ll broadcast it to everyone! Quot; By then, anyone who still wants to join can come and register!”

Quot; let’s put this matter aside for now. There’s an even more exciting live broadcast coming up! Quot;