Chapter 2036 - thirty trillion

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Chapter 2036: Chapter 2037-thirty trillion

Chen Xiaobei’s words of an even more exciting livestream had ignited the audience’s enthusiasm.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

This time, Chen Xiaobei released fifteen streams of ethereal force and took the storage bracelets of the demon commander and the fourteen sky demon apostles into his hands.

What the f * ck! Bro bei still had some gains!

The resources in these 15 storage bracelets would definitely be explosive!

Yingluo-do you need to say this? They were all important figures from top forces! All the resources added together could probably be compared to a medium-sized treasure vault!

A medium-sized treasure vault? That would be at least a few trillion low-grade spiritual stones, right? Medicinal herbs, spirit pills, spirit weapons, there shouldn’t be a lack of them!

What the f * ck! A few trillion lower spiritual stones? Bro bei is rich! I won’t be able to earn so many spirit stones even after a few lifetimes!

For a few lifetimes? We commoners wouldn’t be able to earn that much even if we lived for dozens of lifetimes!

“A few trillion low-grade?”

Chen Xiaobei was not moved at all. He even wanted to laugh. Quot; to tell you the truth, there are a total of 300000 upper spiritual stones in these 15 storage bracelets! Quot;

What? 300,000 high-grade! That would be 30 trillion lower spiritual stones!

Yingluo-my God! Bro bei! Are you trying to scare me to death! So many spirit stones! It was an astronomical figure!

30 trillion … Bro bei! You’re showing off your wealth in such a fancy way that I’m about to pee my pants! You pay! You pay!

There’s no harm without comparison! Status! Wealth! Women! After watching bro bei, he finally knew what a winner in life was!

“Hahaha! Everyone, don’t be too envious of me!”

Quot; that’s all for today’s livestream. Please follow me. I’ll invite you again the next time I stream! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said with a smile.

Wuwu, wait! Bro bei! Was there nothing else other than spirit stones?

Yingluo, yes! There should be other resources! Bro bei, tell us! Let’s open our eyes!

Bro bei, don’t hide anything! Share it with us, let us have some fun with you!

Quot; other than the spirit stones, there are only a few other healing medicines left. Quot;

“The demon Lord and the 14 apostles are just pawns working for the Lord!” He could lose his life at any time, and he carried a huge amount of spirit stones to activate the earth-god instrument! It’s impossible for him to bring all his assets with him!”

Yingying, that makes sense! If that’s the case, bro bei should just end his stream! You’ve worked hard all day, have a good rest!

Goodbye, bro bei! Have a good rest! We will miss you!

Goodbye, bro bei! I look forward to the next live broadcast!

The audience understood Chen Xiaobei’s hard work and quickly left the stream.

Chen Xiaobei turned off the livestream and kept his phone.

“Young master Chen, you’re not lying to the audience, are you?”

Quot; is there really nothing special in those storage bracelets? ” Monroe asked curiously. Quot; is there really nothing special in them? ”

“Little girl! You’re so mischievous!”

“There’s nothing special in the storage bracelets of the 14 apostles!” But the demon Lord has it!”

After that, Chen Xiaobei transferred all the spiritual stones and healing medicine from the 14 apostles into his infinite space ring and threw away the empty wristbands.

Then, Chen Xiaobei took out a very special crystal and a small colored bottle from the demon Lord’s bracelet.

“Are these the special items you mentioned?” Menglu asked.

Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” this bottle contains nine drops of blood essence from the ancient Wuji Saint Demon King! With this, I can activate the limitless demon formation nine times!”

“Didn’t that great formation disappear?” Quot; without the formation, ” menglu said, pouting. Quot; this blood is useless, right? ”

“Who said there’s no formation?” Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, ” I was the one who stole the formation!”

“What? This … How is this possible?” Menglu pursed her lips in disbelief.

Chen Xiaobei did not explain but smiled and said, ” “This is our secret! Don’t tell anyone!”

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

Quot; I don’t believe you can steal a formation buried tens of thousands of meters underground without being discovered by the demonic sect! Quot; menglu pouted. This is impossible!”

“If you don’t believe me, then forget it!”

Chen Xiaobei chuckled and turned to look at the special crystal. Quot; Quot; this Crystal’s spiritual nature isn’t weak. I’ll try to communicate with it first … Quot;

As soon as the spiritual communication was made, the crystal automatically glowed like a projector and projected a map in the air.

“It seems that this is a secret map!”

Quot; I don’t know. Quot; Chen Xiaobei studied the map carefully. Quot; but, without any other clues, I have no idea where this map is. Quot; If it wasn’t for the demon sacrificing his life for the curse, I really should have rewarded him with a piece of dog food!”

“Young master Chen! I seem to know the place on this map …”

Quot; that’s … Quot; Monroe’s eyes widened as she recalled, ” I think that’s the ‘ancient demon mountain range’ from the earth-god Realm. I’ve read about it in the ancient books of our heavenly wings race! Quot;

“Strange?” What’s the relationship between the ancient Devil Mountain range and your heavenly wings clan?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Of course it’s related!”

“Demons and angels have always been mortal enemies!” Monroe said. The ancient Devil Mountain range used to be the territory of the demon clan! However, in the ancient times, our heavenly wings race started a war and wiped out all the demons in the ancient Devil Mountain range!”

Quot; Oh! Quot; Chen Xiaobei suddenly realized, ” the demon Lord mentioned that he has a ‘Supreme Lord’ behind him! Perhaps, the demon clan has revived in the ancient demon mountain range and re-established their force!”

Quot; that’s right! Quot; Monroe said in surprise. Quot; that means the center of this map is the base of the new demon faction? ”

“It’s very possible!” Chen Xiaobei nodded.

“Then what do you plan to do?” Menglu asked nervously.

“What else can we do?”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” I can only put it aside for now! I’m surrounded by strong enemies now and can’t even take care of my own affairs, so how can I have the time to care about the demon race’s base camp?”

Quot; you’re right … Quot; Meng Lu nodded and said, ” “First, I have to protect myself! If you lose your life, there’s no point in saying anything else!”

Quot; mm … Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded and kept the crystal and the small black bottle.

All in all, Chen Xiaobei had obtained 14 earth-god instruments! An additional 300000 upper spiritual stones! In addition, there were 1.2 billion believers! And the number of believers was still increasing!

By right, Chen Xiaobei had already made a lot of money, but in fact, he was still missing something very important!

And that was merit points!

The winter solstice was coming, and Chen Xiaobei only had 70 million merit points! If even Ying Zheng’s earth immortal cultivation base could not be exchanged for it, then it was even more impossible for the rest of the plan to be realized!

“In the past, I used to receive merit points when I quelled Wars … But today, I saved a billion people! It’s impossible that he doesn’t have the merit points of the Three Realms …”

Chen Xiaobei was puzzled.”Could it be that there’s something I haven’t done well?”