Chapter 2037 - freeing slaves

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Chapter 2037: Chapter 2037-freeing slaves

Menglu blinked her big eyes and asked curiously, ” “What are you mumbling to yourself about?”

Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Regarding the merit points, menglu would not understand even if he explained.

“If there’s nothing else, can you come with me?” Menglu asked again.

“Take a trip? Where to?” Chen Xiaobei was taken aback.

Quot; I flew back to find you, ” Monroe explained. Quot; it’s because there’s an irreconcilable problem between the 800 million slaves and their respective forces! Quot;

“What question? It can’t be reconciled?” Chen Xiaobei frowned.

Quot; you exposed the demonic sect’s scheme, ” Monroe said. Quot; everyone realized the danger of the demonic earth. All the forces decided to withdraw from the demonic earth to avoid being plotted against by the demonic sect again! Quot;

“This is the right choice!”

Quot; I don’t think so! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; the treasure of the devil Kingdom is gone. Even if they stay, they won’t get anything. They will only face more danger! Quot;

“The problem lies here!”

Quot; the 10000 factions that were excavating the treasures in the demonic earth are all preparing to retreat, ” Monroe said. Quot; however, they don’t intend to bring the 800 million slaves with them! Quot;

“Why?” Chen Xiaobei asked, frowning.

“That’s 800 million people! If they were to split it evenly, each force would have to take 80000 people! These people’s daily needs were a problem! We won’t be able to find a place to stay either!”

Quot; the point is, ” Monroe said. Quot; transporting these 800 million people out of the demonic lands will consume a huge amount of financial resources! A round trip would cost hundreds of billions of spiritual stones! Ordinary forces can’t afford it!”

“Even if they could afford it, they wouldn’t be willing to pay the transportation fee! That’s because it wouldn’t cost that much to buy a new batch of slaves!”

“Because of this, the food, clothing, and housing for eight hundred million slaves are all big problems! None of the factions wanted to resolve this, so they decided to leave the 800 million slaves in the devil earth to fend for themselves!”

Menglu’s brows furrowed, her little face full of worry. Her kind nature made it impossible for her to watch 800 million people be abandoned.

After all, the environment on devil earth was extremely harsh! Once eight hundred million slaves were abandoned, they were destined to die!

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. He finally understood why he did not get any merit points!

Back in Northern wilderness Starfield, Chen Xiaobei had quelled a deadly battle between a million young men and a million demonic beasts!

After the war, Chen Xiaobei had obtained the merit points, but it was not complete!

After the young humans returned to their homes, Chen Xiaobei found a suitable planet for the demonic beasts to live on.

Chen Xiaobei’s merit was finally complete when the demonic beasts had settled down!

By the same logic, 200 million of the one billion people that Chen Xiaobei had saved could go home!

The remaining 800 million slaves had nowhere to go. If they were abandoned, they would die on devil earth.

This meant that Chen Xiaobei did not save these people!

As the saying goes,”do a good person to the end, and send Buddha to the West”!

Only after settling the 800 million slaves could he be considered to have fulfilled his merit!

Furthermore, Chen Xiaobei had a feeling that the amount of merit points this time would be huge, which was why the heavenly axiom did not send down the merit points earlier.

“Young master Chen? Why are you in a daze again?”

Monroe’s brows furrowed. Quot; come back to your senses! Come with me! Quot; Today, you are everyone’s hero! As long as you say the word, I believe that many forces will give you face and take away their slaves!”

“No! I don’t want them to take the slaves away!”

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; the forces don’t care about the lives of slaves at all! Even if they were to take the slaves away! It’s just bringing slaves from this devil earth to another ‘devil earth’! ”

“The living conditions of the slaves have not changed at all. They still can not escape. Fatigue, hunger, diseases … In the end, they still die miserably! What’s the difference if I’m taken away or not?” Chen Xiaobei retorted.

Quot; yes, young master Chen, you’re right … But this is the fate of slaves! Quot;

Monroe sighed. Quot; from the moment the slaves signed the contract to sell themselves, their lives no longer belonged to them. Dying from exhaustion, starvation, and illness … Is an outcome that they can not change …”

“No! All of this can be changed!”

“I’m going to change the lives of these 800 million slaves!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. I want them to no longer be slaves and live a normal life!”

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot; Menglu couldn’t believe it.

“As long as I’m here, anything is possible!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned, took out his phone, and resumed his live stream.

As soon as the livestream started, anyone who had downloaded the ‘old Wang livestream’ software would receive a short message notification.

In just a few minutes, more than a billion viewers returned to the live broadcast room.

Bro bei! Why did you start streaming again? Don’t you need to rest?

Yingluo, do you even need to ask? Bro bei must have found a new livestream!

Yingying was really looking forward to it! Bro bei’s live broadcast was definitely of the highest quality!

Chen Xiaobei looked at the camera and said seriously, ” “There’s a situation right now. The tens of thousands of factions in the underground devil Kingdom are all preparing to retreat! But they don’t want to take the slaves away, and want to let these 800 million slaves live and die on their own!”

How could Yingluo do this! Bro bei finally saved everyone! If eight hundred million slaves could not leave the demonic earth, what was the difference between that and being killed by the demonic sect?

There was a difference! Being killed by the demonic sect was only an instant. It was faster and less painful! However, if they were abandoned in the devil earth, the slaves would die of hunger or thirst. They would die miserably in pain and suffering!

F-ck! If that was the case, he might as well not have saved them from the beginning!

The forces in the great devil Kingdom are too cruel! It was 800 million human lives! How could he just say no!

Bro bei’s efforts to save her were wasted! In the end, all his efforts were in vain!

The conscience of those forces had been eaten by dogs! This is too disappointing!

All of a sudden, the audience in the livestream room showed great anger. They couldn’t accept that today’s great victory had ended up in such a disgusting outcome!

However, there were still some people complaining in the live broadcast room.

I hope everyone can understand! I’m the head of a family! All these years, in order to excavate the treasures in the devil Kingdom, our family has spent a huge amount of financial and material resources. We really can’t afford to raise so many slaves!

I’m the Grand Elder of a sect! If our sect members want to leave the devil earth, we’ll have to jointly rent a space carrier with other forces. We really don’t have enough spirit stones to transport slaves …

I’m-straightforward person! A slave’s life was cheap. They had already signed a contract to sell themselves, and their life and death were all at the master’s command! In the current situation, could it be that the Masters did not want their own lives, but instead saved the slaves ‘lives? Is he crazy?

Bro bei is livestreaming and putting pressure on us. He’s forcing us to our deaths!

“You guys are thinking too much!”

Quot; I don’t want you to take these slaves away! I want to free them! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.