Chapter 2038 - edible planet

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Chapter 2038: Chapter 2039-edible planet

What kind of promise does bro bei want? You saved all of us today! As long as you don’t want our lives! We’re willing to give you any promise!

The leaders of the various forces all expressed their opinions. After all, it was Chen Xiaobei who had pulled them back from the gates of hell.

From the bottom of their hearts, they were very, very grateful to Chen Xiaobei.

As long as it did not affect their core interests, they were willing to give Chen Xiaobei face.

“I want you to promise that all the contracts of the slaves will be void!”

Quot; from now on, they are no longer slaves! They have their own freedom! They will no longer be controlled by any forces! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

The Indenture contract was invalid? We’ve already abandoned these slaves in our hearts, so of course the contract is invalid!

Bro bei! I am willing to make a promise to you!

Yingluo, I’m also willing!

Soon, the controllers of tens of thousands of forces made their promises in the live-stream room.

“Good! With more than a billion people as witnesses, I believe that none of you will go back on your word!”

“From now on, 800 million slaves are no longer slaves!” Chen Xiaobei said. You no longer belong to any force, and you don’t need to leave with any force!”

Bro bei, are you saying that we don’t need to take these slaves away? Bro bei is so considerate! Long live bro bei! Long live bro bei!

All of a sudden, the members of the various forces were overjoyed. Chen Xiaobei had agreed to let go of the slaves, which had undoubtedly solved a huge problem for them.

Once again, they were grateful to Chen Xiaobei from the bottom of their hearts. Their respect and faith in Chen Xiaobei had also deepened.

But at the same time, the 800 million slaves all started wailing.

Bro bei! I’m a slave of the Western District … I don’t understand why you would make such a decision!

Bro bei, you saved us, but now you’re asking us to stay here and wait for death … Why?

Bro bei-do you also think that we slaves are so cheap that we can be abandoned at will?

Bro bei! This time, you have disappointed us!

Waves of wailing came one after another. After all, all the slaves were also brought back from the gates of hell! They had regained the hope of survival from the despair of certain death!

But at this moment, he fell from hope to despair again! And the person who made them despair was Chen Xiaobei!

Disappointment! All the slaves were disappointed in Chen Xiaobei!

“My fellow workers! Don’t worry! I haven’t finished my words!”

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” the forces don’t want you! I, Chen Zhufeng, want it! From now on, I, Chen Zhufeng, will take responsibility for your life and death! I’ll take you guys out of here, and I promise that you’ll live a normal life!”

Yingluo, is this … Is this true? Bro bei! Are you lying to us?

Bro bei had gained 30 trillion spiritual stones! He does have the financial resources to take me away! But where should we live?

Yingluo, what are we going to eat in the future? What should I wear? Bro bei can solve all these problems?

Yingluo, this is too difficult! Bro bei was not a God! How could he have settled us down?

We can’t even take care of Xuxu’s basic needs. We don’t even dare to think about a normal person’s life!

“I, Chen Zhufeng, will do what I say!” Chen Xiaobei said. As long as you trust me, I will not disappoint you!”

Good! I believe in bro bei! We’ve witnessed many miracles today! Believe in bro bei, he will definitely be able to create another miracle!

Yes! I also believe in bro bei! He is our great hero!

Anyway, the major forces don’t want us anymore! If you don’t believe in bro bei, you’re dead!

We all believe in bro bei! What should he do? Bro bei, just give me your orders!

The bayi slave admired Chen Xiaobei so much that he had long become Chen Xiaobei’s believer. It was only natural that he chose to trust Chen Xiaobei.

“Very good! The agreement and promise had been fulfilled! Everyone who is watching the live broadcast is a witness!”

Quot; alright! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” all the forces can retreat in an orderly manner. The 800 million co-workers will stay where they are and wait for me! This live broadcast will end here. After I’ve settled all my co-workers, I’ll start the live broadcast again and give everyone an explanation!”

Bro bei is awesome! We’ll be waiting for your good news!

Bro bei is carrying 800 million people on his shoulders! I’m convinced! In bold letters, I’m convinced!

[ bro bei loves me so much, creating another miracle! ] We are looking forward to bro bei’s next livestream!

The ordinary audience naturally supported Chen Xiaobei’s decision. This was a decision of justice, a decision of love!

With this decision, Chen Xiaobei’s image in the hearts of all the forces, the 800 million slaves, the ordinary audience, and everyone else became even more impressive!

There was no doubt that Chen Xiaobei’s number of followers would increase greatly in the near future!

After that, everything went according to Chen Xiaobei’s plan.

The various factions withdrew from the underground devil nation in an orderly manner.

Menglu also left early to help the heavenly wings race leave the devil earth.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei used the somersault cloud to quickly go to every place where the slaves were gathered.

It was obvious that Chen Xiaobei would not rent a space carrier to pick them up.

Even if Chen Xiaobei could afford to pay the spiritual stones, he did not have that many space carriers to use!

Intelligence was one level higher than intelligence!

Simply put, as long as it was on a planet, all the humans, demons, Devils, ghosts, and beasts would be willing!

Of course, Chen Xiaobei was not going to take over a wasteland like devil earth.

As long as Chen Xiaobei kept his promise and let these 800 million people live normal lives! Their faith in Chen Xiaobei would reach its peak!

No matter what happened in the future, they would always be Chen Xiaobei’s loyal followers!

Quot; young master Chen … Your Dharma Treasure … Is simply too awesome … Quot;

Zi Yuan was stunned by the Azure Emperor’s gourd and asked embarrassedly, ” “What do you plan to do with these slaves?”

Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” we need to find a place suitable for humans to live in so that they can settle down. Quot;

“I have a suggestion!”

Zi Yuan pouted and said smugly,”the remains of The Five Venoms sacred cult!” There are no outsiders there, and it’s surrounded by primitive forests. There’s no lack of water, and you can pick wild fruits and hunt magical beasts there. It’s very suitable for living!”

Quot; no! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; I have a better choice! Quot;