Chapter 2042 - merit fulfilled

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Chapter 2042: Chapter 2043-merit fulfilled

Enter the Three Realms red envelope group and activate the merit points ledger.

A huge Golden Book appeared in Chen Xiaobei’s mind.

With a thought, the book opened automatically, and an image that looked like an online shopping mall appeared on the page.

There were all kinds of items, and their prices were clearly marked. They could all be exchanged with merit points.

Right now, Chen Xiaobei had to grow all the seeds he had planted into ripe crops that could be harvested in two days!

It was impossible to do it with human strength! He had to use the magical items in the Three Realms red envelope group!

However, the group members were not allowed to send Chen Xiaobei red packets in private.

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Moreover, Chen Xiaobei needed a lot of things this time. Even the Brotherhood brothers might not be able to provide that!

That was why using the merit points ledger was Chen Xiaobei’s only option!

“I want to exchange for immortal fertilizer!”

The next moment, the page showed the details of the lucky charm.

[ bi an immortal spirit fertilizer: special fertilizer for the herb garden of the heavenly court. It promotes the growth of immortal spirit plants and has excellent effects! ]

[ exchange price: 100000 merit points for one bag of Kasaya. ]

Please select the exchange amount!

Quot; Shen Gongbao, that b * stard! I could have exchanged for one bag with 10000 merit points. Now I have to pay ten times the price! Quot;

Every time Chen Xiaobei used the merit points ledger to exchange for something, he was very unhappy.

But there was no other way. Chen Xiaobei had no other choice. The merit record could solve his current problem.

Luckily, Chen Xiaobei had saved one billion people this time!

“I want to exchange for 300 bags!”

Chen Xiaobei selected the number of items he wanted to exchange.

[ you have exchanged 300 bags of immortal fertilizer. You have spent 30 million merit points. Confirm exchange? ]

Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down and made his final decision.

[3000000 merit points have been deducted!]

[your current merit points are 40170000 (charm: 4017000, luck: 4017000)!

Quot; I’ve only got 40 million merit points left out of the 70 million that I’ve worked so hard to accumulate! Shen gongpao is such a scammer! I’ll teach him a lesson when I get the chance! Quot;

Ding! Congratulations! You’ve received a red envelope from the merit reward. You’ve received 300 bags of celestial fertilizer. It has been stored inside your treasure chest!

Chen Xiaobei quickly took out a bag of celestial fertilizer and sprinkled it on a plot of land.

Quot; you … Quot; Zi Yuan pouted, unconvinced. Quot; do you think I’ll believe your nonsense if you take out fertilizer and sprinkle it on me? ”

“I’m too lazy to explain to you. Time will prove everything!” Chen Xiaobei was not moved at all. In fact, he even wanted to laugh.

One must know that the effect of the celestial fertilizer was extremely good!

When he was still on earth, Chen Xiaobei had used three peach pits to grow three peach trees in one night!

Today, Chen Xiaobei had obtained 300 bags of celestial fertilizer. Naturally, he could grow the seeds he had just sowed into ripe crops that could be harvested in one night!

The result was unsurprising. It was only a matter of time.

Without explaining, Chen Xiaobei used the somersault cloud to fertilize every plot of land.

There was no need to distinguish between seeds and areas for fertilizing, so it was much faster than sowing. It was all done in a few hours.

In just a few hours, the seeds in the fields that had been fertilized the earliest had taken root, sprouted, and grown healthily.

Chen Xiaobei went around the planet and applied fertilizer, then returned to the place where he started.

Quot; Oh my God … This speed of growth is too strange … It’s too heaven-defying … Quot;

Looking at the crops that had already grown, Zi Yuan was so shocked that he could not believe his eyes.

“Hehe, let me ask you, are you convinced?” Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were filled with mockery. He had already predicted the outcome and was just waiting to see Zi Yuan suffer.

“I’m convinced! He was convinced! You are simply too godly! At this rate, all the crops will be ripe by tomorrow!”

Zi Yuan composed himself and asked again,”the food problem has been solved, but what about the accommodation problem?” You can’t possibly ask the 800 million people to sleep on the grass, right?”

“The problem of accommodation is easy to solve! As long as you have spirit stones, it’s fine!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and took out the Tiangong construction blueprint from his infinite space ring.

“What is this?” Zi Yuan blinked his big eyes, full of curiosity.

Chen Xiaobei did not explain. He flew straight to the area that he had planned for the construction of the city.

Within these areas, there were forests and mountains.

Logically speaking, neither of these two terrains were suitable for living.

However, the forest could provide wood, and the mountains could provide stone. These were exactly what the Tiangong construction blueprint needed!

Chen Xiaobei flew above an area and activated the Tiangong construction blueprint.

After being injected with hundreds of billions of low-grade spiritual energy, this magical treasure began to show its nature-defying special ability!

The wood and stone materials combined together to form the structure of a building, forming walls, pillars, beams, roofs, and finally forming complete houses!

A small-scale city was directly pulled up from the ground at an extremely fast speed!

Quot; Oh my God … Am … Am I dreaming … Quot;

Zi Yuan was instantly stunned. He raised his small hands, rubbed his eyes, and pinched his own face. He still suspected that he was dreaming.

“Of course this isn’t a dream!”

Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, ” there are two days left. I’ll finish building all the cities! Quot; Jin Fei would send over some simple furniture and daily necessities! Eight hundred million people, food, property owners, no need to worry about the future!”

“You’re bragging … Oh no… Bro bei! You’re simply a God!”

Zi Yuan’s eyes were filled with stars as he said excitedly, ” Quot; I’ve realized that I’ve already started to admire you deeply! Quot;

“It’s not enough for you to worship me. Do you think those 800 million people will worship me?” Chen Xiaobei asked with a smile.

“Do you still need to ask?”

Zi Yuan said in all seriousness,”not only will they worship you, but they will also worship you!” Furthermore, they would respect you as if you were a God! I’ll become your most loyal follower!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled,’yes, as long as I can achieve that! All the sacrifices will be worth it!”

After that, Chen Xiaobei rode on the somersault cloud and flew to the next location to continue building the city.

Time flew by, and it was already the afternoon of the third day.

The immortal fertilizer that was exchanged for 30 million merit points brought a great harvest to every fertile land!

Ten trillion spirit stones to activate the ‘heavenly works construction’, so that every city could live comfortably!

800 million people had entered a new home and started a new life!

Chen Xiaobei had finally completed his merit!

The netherspirit battlescouter flickered, and the heavenly merit finally fell!