Chapter 2043 - God seal

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Chapter 2043: Chapter 2044-God seal

[ding! You have quelled the disaster and saved the world. You have been rewarded with 1 billion merit points!]

[ding! Congratulations! You have been promoted to a one-man Emperor!]

[your current merit points are 1040170000 (charm: 104017000, luck: 104017000)!

“What the!! ck! One billion merit points!”

Chen Xiaobei’s jaw dropped. He was so happy that he could explode.

He had a feeling that the merit points would be a lot, but he did not expect it to be this much!

One billion merit points! A human Emperor!

The heavenly axiom punished evil and promoted good. All of Chen Xiaobei’s efforts were rewarded in an instant!

Thirty million merit points for fertilizer and ten trillion spirit stones for the city were nothing compared to what he was getting!

With this amount of merit, not only can I help Ying Zheng become an earth immortal, I can also exchange myself for other earth Immortals! Quot;

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up and he was extremely excited.”This time, I’ve really struck it rich overnight. But, who should I change to other than Ying Zheng? The quota is limited, so you must change to the person who can help me the most!”

Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down and said,’no! This matter was of great importance! I’ll have to ask my master first before I make a final decision!”

Chen Xiaobei quickly sent a message to the prime of Tongtian, asking about the situation.

However, sect leader Tongtian didn’t reply immediately.

“Master might still be listening to Dao ancestor’s lecture …”

“I’ll ask brother Yanwang first!” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows. ‘List of ghosts’ was compiled by brother Yama. He must know who is the most cost-effective!”

Chen Xiaobei took out his phone and sent a message to Hades.

The King of Hell was free and replied in seconds.

[ King of Hell: Xiaobei, the list of Yin ghosts has been compiled, but I’m afraid you don’t have the right to choose the best candidate … ]

Chen Xiaobei: Brother, can you be more detailed?

King Yama said, ” this earth immortal exchange is the last chance for all forces to strengthen themselves before the infinite calamity! Quot; Everyone wanted to exchange for the best and strongest helper with the limited quota!

King Yama thought,”but there are only a few of the most powerful ancient gods!” It was a typical case of more wolves than meat! Even the six great heavenly path Saints would fight for it! The countless forces below would also fight for it!

Chen Xiaobei: There was a limited number of chaos ancient gods, and only the first to choose would have a chance to exchange for one! The people behind him could only choose the weaker Yin ghosts!

King of Hell: “yes … As far as I know, the six heavenly path sages will choose first. After that, the group will draw lots to determine the order of selection! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei, drawing lots? (Excited) then I should be able to draw a rank that’s closer to the top! That’s because my luck has just soared! This is the time when my fate energy is at its peak!

King of Hell,”it’s not that simple …(Sigh) don’t forget!” Chanism’s sovereign sky! It’s impossible for the heavenly Lord of the origin and Shen Gongbao to let you draw the first rank!

Chen Xiaobei: ” that’s true. This is not the first time that chanism’s B * stards have cheated! Quot; (Angry)

King of Hell: ” so, you have to be mentally prepared! Quot; You might be placed very far back, and the yin ghosts you could choose wouldn’t be very powerful …

Chen Xiaobei: ” so, what are the yin ghosts that I can pick this time? ”

[ King of Hell: first of all, you can choose from all the ghosts who give up on reincarnation and stay in the underworld to cultivate after death! ] Among them were humans, as well as all kinds of monsters and snakes …

Chen Xiaobei: ” mm, that’s easy to understand. There’s a wide range of choices. Quot;

King Yama said, ” next, the 365 righteous gods of the heavenly court on Investiture of the Gods can choose those who choose to re-cultivate. Quot; Among them, 317 of them were the disciples of the tribe of severity who had died in the last cultivation tribulation!

“This … This … I don’t understand … Why would the gods of the heavenly court need to relearn?” And why the dead disciples of the tribe of severity? Isn’t that my master’s disciple?

King Yama said,”it’s a long story. I have to start from the ‘battle of deification’ in the last Eon …”

Chen Xiaobei: ” I know that. The main confrontation in the battle of deification is between my Sifu’s tribe of Jie and the ancient sect of enlightenment! Quot;

King of Hell: Investiture of the Gods was the list that was finally decided after the war! Only the dead could be on the list and be conferred as gods!

Chen Xiaobei,’I don’t understand … How can a dead person become a God?

King Yama said,”this word ‘enfeoff’ is a double-edged sword. It means ‘enfeoff as a God’, and also’ seal the primordial spirit’!”

Chen Xiaobei, seal the primordial spirit? What … What was going on?

The King of Hell was one of the 365 people on Investiture of the Gods. Although he was conferred as the 365 gods of the heavenly court, he was still the king of Hell. But in reality, their primordial spirits were sealed by the celestial heavens and they were enslaved and controlled by the celestial heavens!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’this … Isn’t becoming a god good enough? How could it be said to be enslavement and control?

King of Hell: ” different heights lead to different levels of vision! Quot; Not everyone wanted a deity position in the celestial heavens!

Chen Xiaobei: He didn’t even care about the deity position? Who’s so awesome?

King Yama: ” for example, Holy Mother Jin Ling. She was one of your master’s eight disciples. Her strength crushed the 12 golden Immortals of the clan of enlightenment! Quot;

King of Hell: she once used the Dragon and Tiger Jade Ruyi to fight alone. Manjushri, Samantabhadra, and cihang, the three great Western scholars, still had the upper hand!

Chen Xiaobei: My Senior Sister! The twelve golden Immortals had extremely high positions in the clan of enlightenment, second only to the primordial old thief and the Deputy sect leader! Even the Jade Emperor had to be respectful when he saw the twelve golden Immortals!

[ Manjushri, Samantabhadra, cihang, and even a Buddhist Bodhisattva. Needless to say, their status is very high! ] My Senior Sister Jin Ling was able to fight against three of them without being at a disadvantage. She was simply crazy and cool!

King of Hell,”isn’t that so?” For a person like the Golden Spirit Holy Mother, would a mere deity position be able to enter her eyes?

Chen Xiaobei: ” that’s true … Someone as powerful as Senior Sister Jin Ling might not even be willing to take the position of the Jade Emperor. Not to mention that it’s just a deity position. She has to listen to the Jade Emperor! Quot; To her, this was simply a humiliation!

King Yama,”that’s right!” This was the logic! Although being on Investiture of the Gods would grant one the title of a God in the heavenly court, it was not an honor for many people, but an insult! It was a great humiliation!

Chen Xiaobei,”what happened to my Senior Sister Jin Ling?” He’s also on the rankings?

King Yama said, ” that’s right. When Holy Mother Jin Ling was fighting against three Western great warriors, Daoist dipamkara sneaked an attack with the sea calming Pearl, causing her to die on the spot. Quot;

[ King of Hell: after the death of Holy Mother Jin Ling, she will naturally be listed on Investiture of the Gods! ] She was given the title of kangong Doumu, but she was merely the head of the star mansions. Her status in the celestial heavens was extremely low, and anyone could order her around!

Chen Xiaobei: Despicable chanism dogs! Sneak attack my Senior Sister! To my Senior Sister, this God throne is a huge humiliation! (Rage explosion)