Chapter 2044 - bullying

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Chapter 2044: Chapter 2044-bullying

King of Hell replied,”there are many more examples like the Golden Spirit Holy Mother.”

[ King of Hell: Zhao Gongming is also a disciple of your master! ] His strength also crushed the 12 golden Immortals of the clan of enlightenment! In the end, he was cursed to death by the nail head seven arrow book! After getting on Investiture of the Gods, he became a small God of Wealth!

The King of Hell thought,”the three night goddesses are also your master’s disciples!” He had once used the primeval Dipper and the nine-turn yellow River formation to cut off the three flowers on the top of the head and the five Qi in the chest of the twelve golden Immortals of the tribe of enlightenment! They almost annihilated the twelve golden Immortals!

King Yama said, ” at the critical moment, heavenly Lord Yuanshi and Taishang Laojun broke the nine-turn yellow River formation together! Quot; Taishang Laojun didn’t take things to the extreme. He only used The Map of Heaven and earth to take away lady Yunxiao and suppressed her under the Qilin cliff.

The King of Hell, the heavenly Lord Yuanshi, did not show any mercy and turned goddess bi Xiao into a pool of blood with the primordial treasure box! Then, he killed Queen clear sky with the three treasure Jade Ruyi!

King of Hell,”after the death of the three goddesses, she was also named as the one who tricked the third lady, just like on Investiture of the Gods …”

Chen Xiaobei thought,’you tricked the third lady? What did that mean? This was also a deity position?

The King of Hell,”it’s … The God of latrine …”

Chen Xiaobei: Chanism dog thief! This is too much!

King of Hell: ” now you know? ” In fact, the deity positions on Investiture of the Gods were not rare! The 317 disciples of the tribe of severity were listed on the list. Almost all of them were humiliated, and all of them hoped for relief …

Chen Xiaobei thought, I don’t need this bird deity position! Why didn’t they leave the celestial heavens? Why did he have to suffer such humiliation?

King of Hell, have you forgotten? The word ‘investiture’ in Investiture of the Gods meant ‘title of God’ and ‘seal of vital spirit’!

[ King of Hell: the physical body of the person on the list is dead, only his primordial spirit and soul are left! ] Their primordial spirits were sealed in Investiture of the Gods! They couldn’t go anywhere, and could only be controlled by the heavenly court!

Chen Xiaobei thought, I’m going to get Investiture of the Gods back! Return the freedom of my 317 senior brothers and sisters!

King of Hell, don’t talk nonsense! Investiture of the Gods was an item of Dao ancestor! Although it was now under the control of the clan of enlightenment, it still belonged to the Dao ancestor!

Chen Xiaobei: My fellow disciples were humiliated, so am I! I definitely can’t swallow this!

King of Hell, don’t be impulsive! I just said it! In this exchange, all the people on Investiture of the Gods had a chance to choose to restart from scratch!

Chen Xiaobei,”what does that mean?”

King Yama destroyed his own cultivation and unsealed his primordial spirit! Although the soul could be free, it had to start from scratch and cultivate again! Of course, if they could get an earth level deity position, they could start their cultivation from the earth level deity stage!

Chen Xiaobei: ” I only have three spots. How can I exchange for 300 people? ”

King Yama asked,”don’t you still have a master?” The prime of Tongtian had been defeated in the last cataclysm and had endured for hundreds of millions of years. It was impossible that he did not have any schemes and calculations! You just need to ask him, he will definitely be able to point you in the right direction!

Chen Xiaobei-thank you for your advice, bro! I still have something to ask you!

King of Hell: ” tell me. I know. I’ll definitely tell you! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: ” is Ying Zheng in the list of Yin ghosts? ”

King of Hell,”who?” Ying Zheng? He … He was someone the Jade Emperor wanted to get rid of. His soul had long scattered, so he was naturally not in the list of Yin ghosts.

Chen Xiaobei: ” no, his soul is still here. It’s just that it’s been sealed and isolated from the Three Realms! Quot;

King of Hell,”there’s such a thing?” Can you be sure?

Chen Xiaobei: Ying Zheng’s soul is right beside me, and I already have a way to help him break the seal!

The King of Hell thought,”this … This is troublesome … If the Jade Emperor knows that Ying Zheng still exists, he’ll definitely find a way to get rid of him!”

The King of Hell thought,”maybe the Jade Emperor will ask me to send nether soldiers to the mortal world to steal Ying Zheng’s soul!” It was also possible that the Thunder Department would strike down Heavenly Thunder and directly destroy Ying Zheng’s soul!

“That’s what I’m most worried about!” Therefore, I have not unsealed Ying Zheng yet, because I want to ensure his safety first.

King of Hell, wait! Are you trying to help Ying Zheng change his cultivation to an earth immortal?

Chen Xiaobei: ” yeah … But the problem is, he’s not in the list. I can’t change it even if I want to! Quot;

King Yama,”no no no!” This was an opportunity! It’s your best chance!

King of Hell: ” I’ve already given the list of ghosts to the Jade Emperor and Shen Gongbao. Ying Zheng is not in it! Quot; If Ying Zheng’s dark soul had only appeared in the mortal world for a short period of time, the Jade Emperor would not have been able to discover it in time!

King of Hell: ” quickly unseal Ying Zheng’s soul before the Jade Emperor finds out. Exchange it for the earth immortal realm! Quot; In this way, Ying Zheng would become a living person, and not a ghost!

King of Hell: ” there are countless mortals in the world. Ying Zheng is hiding in the vast sea of people. As long as he doesn’t do anything earth-shattering, the Jade Emperor won’t notice him at all! Quot;

King of Hell thought,”in this way, Ying Zheng will be safe!” Also, his name is not in the list of Yin ghosts, so it won’t cost you your three spots!

Chen Xiaobei, is this really okay? What if they were discovered?

King of Hell: ” this is a huge gamble. If you’re discovered, it’ll bring you a lot of trouble. Let’s see if you dare to take the gamble! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: My luck points have soared. I win every bet! I’m just worried that I’ll get you into trouble!

King Yama replied,”don’t worry!” As long as you’re lucky enough, I’ll only benefit from you and won’t be implicated!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’I’ve never felt so lucky before!

King of Hell,”then it’s decided!” I’ll be in charge of keeping the ghost officials in the netherworld busy, so that they won’t be able to detect Ying Zheng’s soul! Hurry up and end the battle quickly!

Chen Xiaobei: I’ll take action immediately!

Chen Xiaobei exited the private chat and entered the verdant Emperor’s gourd.

Eight hundred million people had moved into their new homes, and Bei Xuan faction had been settled in the center of the asteroid.

Chen Xiaobei took out Ying Zheng’s Black coffin from his infinite space ring.

“Sect leader Chen! Long time no see!”

Ying Zheng’s voice came immediately, and he asked, ” “What is it today? You’re letting me out without having to fight?”

“There’s no battle today! I asked you to come out to help you break the seal on the black coffin!” Chen Xiaobei studied the black coffin.

“Break the seal? Do you have a solution?” Ying Zheng was immediately excited.

“I already have a way.”

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” Quot; as long as the level of the black coffin seal is lower than or equal to a one-star heaven immortal, I can break it! Quot;

Quot; Xu Fu was only an earth immortal back then, ” Ying Zheng thought to himself. Quot; no matter how strong the seal he laid down is, it can’t be as strong as a heaven immortal! Quot; However, Xu Fu is working for the Jade Emperor, so it’s possible that he’d set up a high-level seal!”