Chapter 2045 - I haven't changed yet

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Chapter 2045: I haven’t changed yet

Whoosh … Whoosh … Whoosh …

Chen Xiaobei then activated the infinite sky demon formation, and the spiritual Qi that was ready to be released from the spiritual storage treasure gushed out like a river.

Then, a vast amount of spiritual energy quickly poured into the earth escape immortal Gu like a river flowing into the sea.

“Faction leader Chen … What kind of magical treasure is this flag? Quot; how can it contain so much spirit Qi … It’s terrifying … Quot; Ying Zheng was shocked.

The amount of spiritual energy that a magic treasure could contain was different according to its grade.

The higher the level of the magic weapon, the greater the capacity of the spiritual energy.

The massive amount of spiritual Qi in front of him was enough to prove that the banner in Chen Xiaobei’s hand was of a very high level.

At least, Ying Zheng had never seen a magical treasure of the same capacity!

Quot; this is a heaven immortal item. I’m going to use its heaven immortal power to help you break the seal! Quot;

In the space of the ten thousand Beast Ring, tens of thousands of Black Tide demonic crows formed the < ten thousand Beast Battle formation > and then merged with the < Army breaking Heavenly Sword battle formation >!

This way, Chen Xiaobei did not need ten thousand people to form a formation. As long as there were more than ten thousand Black Tide demonic crows, he could use the heavenly Sword Army-shattering battle formation!

With the help of the earth escape immortal Gu’s heavenly immortal level power, he could break the seal of the same level!

“Get ready! I’m going to make my move!”

At the same time, the ” Army-breaking Heavenly Sword battle formation ” ability burst out from the myriad beasts ring.

Quot; go! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted, and a long sword’s spiritual shadow emerged from the ring!

Quot; break! Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted again, and the heavenly Sword spirit slashed down, penetrating the black coffin.

Very quickly, the sword shadow completely dissipated. The surface of the black coffin was completely undamaged, as if nothing had happened.

“Solved! It was solved! The seal on my soul has been completely broken!”

In the next moment, Ying Zheng’s loud cheers could be heard.

A human-shaped shadow passed through the black coffin and appeared in front of Chen Xiaobei.

This shadow was Ying Zheng’s soul!

His body was tall and straight, and he had an imposing appearance! He had sword-like eyebrows and Starry Eyes, and he was extraordinarily handsome!

He was dressed in a black Imperial robe, looking majestic and overbearing. Even if he did not make a sound, he could still exude the unparalleled aura of an Emperor!

After a brief moment of excitement, he cupped his hands and bowed to Chen Xiaobei. Quot; “I can’t repay the kindness of unsealing! From today onwards, I, Ying Zheng, vow to follow sect Master Chen to the death, and to serve him with all my might!”

“Alright, we won’t say any more polite words.”

Quot; I’m going to help you exchange for an earth-god status now! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. The faster you complete it, the safer you will be! If the Jade Emperor finds out, we’ll be in big trouble!”

“Is 90 million enough?” “If I’m not mistaken, it should be a long way off …” Said Ying Zheng in surprise.

“I have enough merit, you don’t have to worry!”

Quot; I’ll give you three phone numbers now. One is mine, and the other two are Diao Chan and Lu Bu’s! Quot; After you become an earth level deity, you will descend into the earth level deity world! We’ll contact each other using our cell phone numbers!”

“Alright,” he said. Ying Zheng nodded his head heavily and memorized the three numbers.

“And your black coffin!”

Quot; you’re here! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; you can’t bring the black coffin with you when you’re in the earth-god Realm. You’ll have to leave it with me! Do you have anything to say?”

“Sect leader Chen, do you still remember the promise you made back then?” asked Ying Zheng after some thought. I want the dark Dragon cavalry to become ordinary ghosts and be reincarnated instead of being evil ghosts without freedom!”

“Of course I remember!”

“I still have one of the heart returning talismans from before!” Chen Xiaobei said. I’ll help you convert the Black Dragon Riders later and let them reincarnate!”

“Thank you, sect leader Chen!” Ying Zheng cupped his hands and bowed again, then he said worriedly, ” “But without the Black Dragon cavalry, what will happen to your Blood God’s deity-killing painting?” he asked.

“Don’t worry. The blood God’s deity-killing painting is no longer my strongest trump card. I won’t be able to use it in the short term.”

Quot; I’ll think of a way to strengthen or modify the blood God’s deity-killing painting later. The Black Dragon Riders are not strong enough anymore. They’ll have to be replaced sooner or later! Quot; Letting them reincarnate won’t have much of an effect on me!”

“Good! I’m relieved!” Quot; that’s right! Quot; Ying Zheng nodded. Quot; the material used to make this black coffin should be of a very high grade. I’ll leave it to sect leader Chen! Quot;

Quot; this is seven-star earth-god grade black Luo meteorite iron! Quot; “Are you sure you want me to do it?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

The last time Chen Xiaobei asked Xiao ‘er to come out, he bit open a small box made of the same material.

The waiter recognized this material and was extremely greedy.

It could be seen how precious this material was!

“Sect leader Chen! You’re being too polite!”

Without any hesitation, Ying Zheng said, ” “From now on, my things are sect leader Chen’s things, and this black coffin is no exception! I’ll let sect Master Chen deal with it as he wishes!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” Quot; everything that needs to be settled has been settled. I’ll help you exchange for the earth immortal position now! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei then activated the merit points ledger.

“I want to exchange for an earth level deity!”

A thought flashed through Chen Xiaobei’s mind, and the next moment, the page displayed the details of the situation.

Xuanji’s earth immortal status was an exception given by the heavenly Dao to those with great merit! After exchanging for it, one could directly reach the earth immortal realm and enter the Earth immortal world!

900 million merit points of the three worlds could be exchanged for an earth-god level.

Please select the exchange amount!

Chen Xiaobei was taken aback, and then he cursed, ” “Shen Gongbao, that bitch! An earth level deity with 90 million merit points would need 900 million to exchange for it! If this goes on, I’ll suffer a great loss!”

“Sect leader Chen, what’s wrong?”

“You have to hurry up!” Said Ying Zheng with a puzzled face. If we drag this out too long, our operation might be discovered!”

Quot; I know … Quot; Chen Xiaobei was in pain.

Let’s change? A blood loss!

You don’t want to exchange? The whole plan would fall through, and Ying Zheng would be harmed!

“No matter! Now that things had come to this, even if he suffered a great loss, he could only trade! Fortunately, Ying Zheng has a huge amount of merit points, and I’m sure I’ll be able to get a return on this investment of nine hundred million Yuan …”

Chen Xiaobei gritted his teeth and was about to exchange for it.

But right at this moment, Ying Zheng’s body suddenly glowed with a golden light as he exclaimed, ” “Success! Many thanks, sect leader Chen! My soul has begun to sublimate, and I’m about to become an earth immortal! Thank you, sect leader Chen!”

“I haven’t changed it yet …” Chen Xiaobei said, confused.