Chapter 2046 - heaven's guidance

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Chapter 2046: Chapter 2047-heaven’s guidance

Ying Zheng’s soul flickered and disappeared from the space inside the gourd.

Chen Xiaobei stood there, confused. Quot; “What the f * ck is this? I’m not sure if I want to change! Who had replaced Ying Zheng? This is a big joke!”

To Chen Xiaobei, Ying Zheng’s importance was irreplaceable!

All the subsequent plans were closely related to Ying Zheng!

If Ying Zheng ran off with someone else, Chen Xiaobei would be so depressed.

Ding! Sect master Tongtian has sent you a message.

Quot; Oh? ” Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Quot; could it be that master replaced Ying Zheng? ”

He quickly opened the private chat and Chen Xiaobei was right.

“Don’t panic, Xiaobei!” I’m the one who replaced Ying Zheng for you! He will contact you later and work for you!

Chen Xiaobei: You really gave me a fright. I thought I was tricked by someone! Next time, can you tell me in advance?

“It’s not that I didn’t want to tell you, but I didn’t have the time to!” If I had acted a little later, your 900 million merit points would have been wasted!

Chen Xiaobei: ” uh … Indeed. If Sifu doesn’t want to change, I’ll change immediately! Quot;

Sect leader Tongtian, [ you silly boy, you’re really bold. You know it’s a loss, but you still want to fight! ]

Chen Xiaobei thought,’I have no choice! I can only charge forward!’

[ sect leader Tongtian: if you have any problems in the future, come and discuss with me! ] Your master is your path!

Chen Xiaobei: He was mainly worried that his master would not have the time! This disciple actually has a lot of questions that I would like to ask teacher!

[ sect leader Tongtian: ask away. I’ll answer your questions one by one! ]

Chen Xiaobei: ” I’ve received one billion merit points today. I’ve even been promoted to a one-time renhuang! What does that mean? ”

[ sect leader Tongtian: nine generations of good people cultivate one life’s blessing; nine generations of blessing cultivate one life’s Emperor; nine lives ‘Emperor cultivate one life’s celestial immortal! ] This was the character level that kept rising with the increase of merit!

[ sect leader Tongtian: if a good man of nine generations dies, he will be blessed in his next life! ] He had a life of wealth, health, longevity, and prosperity! His family and descendants could share their good fortune and live a carefree life!

[ sect leader Tongtian: if a person who has been blessed for nine lives dies, he can obtain the Destiny of an Emperor in his next life and be the Emperor of the human world for one more life! ] Power, wealth, status, they could all reach the peak! Family members and descendants could share the glory and achieve the noble fate!

[ sect leader Tongtian: the Emperor of nine lives can live forever and offset the heavenly Tribulation with a huge amount of merit! ] He would directly ascend to the immortal world and become a celestial immortal!

Chen Xiaobei, this is amazing! (Surprised) the heavenly Dao punishes evil and promotes good! As long as he did enough good! He had enough merit! A mortal body could also directly ascend to immortal!

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Sect leader Tongtian,”that’s right!” Yu the Great controlled the flood and became seven human emperors! Hou Yi shot down the sun and became nine renhuangs! Ying Zheng stopped the war and became nine human emperors! These were all living examples!

Chen Xiaobei: His descendants had obtained the Ascension to immortality elixir, but it was eaten by fairy Chang ‘E! Ying Zheng had also obtained the Ascension to immortality elixir, but Xu Fu had secretly exchanged it for poison!

[ sect leader Tongtian: it’s good that you know. Be more careful in the future! ] The renhuang of nine lives sounded like he was only one step away from becoming a heaven immortal, but if he really wanted to become an immortal, he still needed many opportunities in the dark!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’I don’t dare to think that far! If one wanted to reach the human Emperor’s character realm, just the merit points alone would probably cost more than ten billion. It was as difficult as ascending to the heavens!

Sect leader Tongtian, [ not just this! ] From now on, you have to be more careful in everything! You have to remember that after this exchange, you will have many more powerful enemies! It would bring you danger at all times!

Chen Xiaobei: I’ll obey master’s teachings!

[ sect leader Tongtian: continue. Tell me your other questions! ]

Chen Xiaobei: ” my remaining questions are all about the earth-god exchange! Quot; Ying Zheng had three spots, and so did his disciples! Who should he change to?

Sect leader Tongtian,”first of all, Ying Zheng doesn’t have a quota!” He was not a member of the Three Realms red envelope group! He couldn’t use the merits record’s function!

Chen Xiaobei: There was such a restriction?

[ sect leader Tongtian: why do you think I’m so eager to help Ying Zheng change his cultivation base to an earth immortal? ] It’s so that you can keep the merit points and Exchange them for the three precious spots!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’thank God I have Sifu’s help! Otherwise, if I spend 900 million merit points, I’ll be completely dumbfounded on the day of the winter solstice!

Sect leader Tongtian, [ that’s why I said your calculation is not appropriate at times! ] Even if Ying Zheng had a spot, they couldn’t let him be exchanged for an earth immortal! Otherwise, the Jade Emperor will find out about Ying Zheng’s existence at any moment, and at that time, both you and Ying Zheng will bring forth countless disasters!

Chen Xiaobei: (Sudden realization) at that time, this disciple didn’t think so far! From what his master had said, this was a serious miscalculation!

Sect leader Tongtian, [ I’ll still say the same thing. You must be more careful in the future! ]

Chen Xiaobei: At the moment, Ying Zheng could not use the merit points ledger, so did that mean that the massive amount of merit points he had was nothing?

“Of course not!” Sect leader Tongtian replied. Although Ying Zheng could not use the merit points he had, he could not use them! But in the unseen world, it could bring him great protection and an extremely prosperous fate! With him by your side, it will bring you unexpected opportunities and gains!

Chen Xiaobei: Back then, Xu Fu did not dare to kill Ying Zheng, because Ying Zheng was blessed with a vast amount of virtues and was protected by the heavenly Dao! If he killed Ying Zheng, he would be punished by the heavens!

Sect leader Tongtian: ” to put it bluntly, Ying Zheng is only beneficial to you. He’s a good friend! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei-I understand!

Sect leader Tongtian,”tell me about your three spots!” I want to hear your plan first! Do you have a candidate in mind?

Chen Xiaobei: ” I haven’t decided yet … I just want to exchange my senior brothers and sisters with my tribe of severity. But there are too many of them. I can’t give up on them … Quot;

Sect leader Tongtian,”my advice is not to change the disciples of the tribe of severity!”

Chen Xiaobei: Didn’t his master want to save them from the devilish hands of the celestial heavens?

“There are many ways to save people!” However, there was only one way to win the immeasurable catastrophe!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’win the infinite cataclysm? He didn’t expect his master’s plan to be so far-reaching! Please teach me, master! I want to save people! He also wanted to win!

Sect leader Tongtian said,”alright, I’ll teach you how to save people first!” For example, if Shen Gongbao exchanged for three earthly Immortals, the three of them would sign a soul contract with him and serve him with absolute loyalty!

[ sect leader Tongtian: you can capture these three people alive first. Then, you can kill Shen Gongbao. The soul contract will be terminated, and they will regain their freedom! ]

Sect leader Tongtian said,”simply put, let the enemy exchange for the disciples of the tribe of severity!” You only need to focus on killing the enemy and you can save them!

[ Chen Xiaobei: killing an enemy is saving a life! ] Buy one get three free! It was too cost-effective! (Great praise)

Sect leader Tongtian thought,”you’re Teachable!” Listen well, master will now teach you the way to win!