Chapter 2047 - way to win

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Chapter 2047: Chapter 2047-way to win

Chen Xiaobei-your disciple is all ears!

Sect leader Tongtian: ” there’s only one way to win. In this earth immortal exchange, you need to exchange for three people! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei,”which three?” (Solemn)

Sect leader Tongtian, the first person, the demon God of the great path, Luo hou! The second person was the master of the bell of chaos, Eastern Emperor Taiyi! The third person was the head of the twelve ancestors of sorcery, Emperor Jiang!

Chen Xiaobei,”this … This this this … Is this really okay?”

Sect leader Tongtian,”why not?” Tell me your concerns, and I will answer them for you!

Chen Xiaobei thought,’I don’t know much about the eastern Emperor Taiyi, but Rahu once tried to kill a Dao ancestor!’ The twelve ancestors of sorcerer were the leaders of the Sorcerer tribe, the alien tribes that the heaven realm feared the most! This can be exchanged?

Sect leader Tongtian,”of course!” In this immeasurable cultivation tribulation, Investiture of the Gods was also going to be set. If luohou and the twelve ancestors of sorcery were on the list, their primordial spirits would be sealed for hundreds of millions of years, and they would have to serve the heavenly court during that period! This was the result that the heavenly Dao wanted!

Chen Xiaobei: ” that’s true. After all, they’ll only be earth-god level when they’re released. If they’re not careful, they’ll be killed and listed on Investiture of the Gods. They’ll become slaves of the heavenly court! Quot;

Sect leader Tongtian asked,”do you have any more questions?”

Chen Xiaobei: As far as I know, on the day of the winter solstice, the six great sages of the heavenly path would first exchange for the earth Immortals. Then, the group members would draw lots to decide who would exchange first. I’m afraid that I’ll be ranked very low. How can I exchange for the three people that master mentioned?

Sect leader Tongtian said, ” the secrets of heaven can’t be revealed. But you don’t have to worry. Just don’t be late for the winter solstice. Quot;

Chen Xiaobei: This disciple will remember! In addition, why was it that choosing these three people would guarantee victory in the immeasurable calamity?

Sect leader Tongtian thought,”we may not win!” These three people can only lay a path to heaven for you! Whether or not you can reach the peak of the Three Realms will depend on your own efforts!

Chen Xiaobei: ” then, why did it have to be these three? ”

The prime of Tongtian, Luo hou, was a Devil God of the great Dao! It was born early in the absolute beginning. My four celestial slaying swords are actually luohou’s accompanying chaos spirit treasure! The celestial eradication sword formation was also created by Rahu!

Sect leader Tongtian, [ the four celestial-killing swords and the map of sword formation are in the hands of the clan of enlightenment! ] With the four Swords working together, only four heavenly path Saints could break the formation! I can’t win by myself! Only Luo Yi was the variable to take back the four Swords and the formation map!

Sect leader Tongtian thought,”the point is, there’s a demon behind Luo Yi!” The 3,000 heavenly Devils of the great Dao were stirring in the demon world. Whoever could suppress the demon world would obtain infinite merits. This was the first path to becoming a saint!

Chen Xiaobei: To become a saint? (Shocked) master, are you referring to the heavenly path Sage?

Sect leader Tongtian: ” that’s right. Back then, Little Junior Sister Nuwa sacrificed herself to mend the heavens and save all the living beings in the world. The heavenly Dao bestowed upon her boundless merit. Little Junior Sister Nuwa thus verified her Dao and became a Sage of the heavenly Dao! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei thought,’shizun, you mean … You want me to borrow the power of Rahu to suppress the demonic world and prove my Dao with endless merit?’ (Swallowing saliva)

Sect leader Tongtian,”that’s right!” If you can also become a heavenly path Saint, then this time’s immeasurable cultivation tribulation, us master and disciple will win without a doubt!

Chen Xiaobei thought,”this … This is too much!” Compared to a heavenly path Sage, I’m not even an ant …

Sect leader Tongtian, [ don’t belittle yourself! ] A year ago, would you have thought that you would have such an achievement today?

Chen Xiaobei, [ that’s true! ] If he had not entered the Three Realms red envelope group! If he wasn’t accepted as a disciple by his master! I’m afraid I’m still a poor student on earth!

Sect leader Tongtian, [ that’s why! ] As long as there was an opportunity! As long as one was willing to work hard, anything was possible!

Chen Xiaobei-I understand! The master pointed out the opportunity for the disciple! This disciple will naturally do his best to seize this opportunity and create a miracle!

“It’s good that you understand!” Rahu was just an opportunity! The eastern Emperor Taiyi and the twelve ancestors of sorcery are also your great opportunities!

Sect leader Tongtian said,”let’s talk about the eastern Emperor Taiyi first!” He was one of the earliest ancient gods to be born at the beginning of chaos! The decree of the great Dao: Pangu opened the sky, Nuwa created the spirit, and Taiyi ruled the world!

The prime of Tongtian, the eastern Emperor Taiyi, controlled the bell of chaos! They United all the tribes in the untainted land and were collectively called the ‘Demon tribe’! He had created an unparalleled hegemony, ascended to the heavenly Emperor, and called himself the East Emperor! Establishing heavenly rules and commandments, becoming the Orthodox Supreme of the Three Realms!

[ sect leader Tongtian: in the second immeasurable cultivation tribulation, East Emperor Taiyi fought eight ancestors of sorcery and died together! ] The bell of chaos was hidden and nowhere to be found! East Emperor Taiyi was the opportunity to find the bell of chaos!

Chen Xiaobei, is the bell of chaos very powerful?

Sect leader Tongtian, [ of course! ] The bell of chaos was one of the three connate Cardinal treasures! No one below the heavenly path Sage could compete with him!

Sect leader Tongtian,”the point is!” The bell of chaos was another way to become a saint!

Chen Xiaobei-what do you mean? Was the bell of chaos related to Dao verification and sainthood? Why didn’t East Emperor Taiyi succeed?

[ sect leader Tongtian: the eastern Emperor Taiyi is entangled by karma. He can only prove his Dao by force after passing the killing tribulation of the Sorcerer and demon! ] Unfortunately, he died in the killing tribulation and failed to vindicate his Dao!

Chen Xiaobei: ” then, what should I do? ”

[ sect leader Tongtian: if you can find the bell of chaos, you’ll have two more paths! ]

“Sect leader Tongtian: first, you must obtain the original soul stamp of Pangu left by Saint Three Pure Ones, and then use the bell of chaos to prove your Dao!” However, this is very difficult. Neither Yuan Shi nor tai Shang will imprint their primordial spirit on you!

[ sect leader Tongtian: second, let the twelve ancestors of sorcery unite and gather the real body of Pangu. Then, use the bell of chaos to prove the way by force! ]

Chen Xiaobei: ” the first option is very difficult. I’ll choose the second option first! Quot; This is why my master asked me to exchange for the head of the ancestors of sorcery, Di Jiang!

Sect leader Tongtian,”that’s right!” The twelve ancestors of sorcery were formed by the twelve drops of blood essence of the great God Pangu. Although they were dead, their bodies would not decay!

[ sect leader Tongtian: exchange for Emperor River, find the twelve ancestors of sorcery’s corpses, regather the real body of Pangu, and use the bell of chaos to prove the way and become a saint! ]

It sounds so difficult and so far away … But I promise I’ll do my best to achieve it!

“Sect leader Tongtian: I believe you!” This time’s measureless cataclysm, all the success and failure, I’m betting on you! I believe you won’t let me down!

Chen Xiaobei-don’t worry, Sifu! As long as there’s a breath left, this disciple will not stop!

Sect leader Tongtian: ” well, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave. See you at the winter solstice! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei, I have another question! The second brother … Marshal Tianpeng was sent by Shen Gongbao to the lower worlds to kill his disciple. The disciple did not want to hurt him, but he chased after him. Master, do you know how to solve this?

Sect leader Tongtian: ” I do have a way, but you have to give him 90 million merit points. Are you willing to do that? ”

Chen Xiaobei: As long as second senior brother could recover his nature, this disciple was willing to pay any price!

Sect leader Tongtian thought,”you’re too loyal!” He looks too much like me …

[ sect leader Tongtian: I thought it was good, but I lost! ]

Chen Xiaobei, I don’t want to lose! But I don’t want to betray our friendship! Master, please teach me how to save second senior brother.