Chapter 2048 - desperately trying to become stronger

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Chapter 2048: Chapter 2048-desperately trying to become stronger

[ sect leader Tongtian: find him the day before the winter solstice, control him, give him 90 million merit points, and Exchange his first wife to the earth-god World! ]

Chen Xiaobei thought, Sifu, are you talking about Gao cuilan from Gao Laozhuang? She was just a mortal, how could she help second brother?

“Sect leader Tongtian: the secrets of heaven must not be revealed!” Just do as I say! This woman could untie Tian Peng’s heart knot!

Chen Xiaobei-yes, your disciple!

Sect leader Tongtian said,”alright, I’ll take my leave first. I’ll contact you again if there are any other questions.”

Chen Xiaobei, [ your disciple is here to see you off, Sifu! ]

After exiting the private chat, Chen Xiaobei’s mind was filled with thoughts.

This short ten-minute chat contained a huge amount of information and involved a wide range of fields. The impact would be far-reaching.

It was no exaggeration to say that this winter solstice would be the major point of the immeasurable catastrophe.

How the future would develop would all be decided in one day!

To prove his Dao and become a saint!

Before today, Chen Xiaobei had never thought about it. In fact, he did not even dare to think about it!

However, from today onwards, Chen Xiaobei would use this as his goal and fight with all his might!

The measureless cataclysm was the only way out! He would either win against the sovereign patriarch or be humiliated in defeat! Only Dao vindication would give him a chance of winning!

“Demon God Rahu! East Emperor Taiyi! Di Jiang, the ancestor of sorcerers!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were filled with determination. Quot; “Master has already pointed out the path to heaven for me! I’ll have to take every step on my own! His heart aspired to the peak! I won’t rest until I die!”

This time, Chen Xiaobei was not just talking!

Before he could even finish his sentence, the heaven and earth smelt had already been retrieved.

All the resources he had obtained in devil earth were also taken out.

There was no doubt that the leader of Lu Tongtian had already pointed it out to him. But to continue on this path, Chen Xiaobei needed to use his own strength as a Foundation!

With strength, he could walk with his head held high and the wind and water smooth!

Without strength, one would be restricted in all aspects and even find it difficult to move!

The fastest way for Chen Xiaobei to increase his cultivation was to use the spiritual aura of heaven and earth. He did not need to cultivate to increase his cultivation!

Because of that, Chen Xiaobei did not hesitate to throw everything that was not of much use into the heaven and earth furnace and use the witch Dragon Flame to refine them!

Of the 15 heavenly demon apostles, only Nangong Kurong’s five-star earth-god instrument was eaten by the waiter.

There were two more five-star earth-god instruments! Five four-star earth-god instruments! Seven three-star earth-god instruments! Chen Xiaobei did not even blink as he returned them to the furnace and refined them!

And the storage bracelets of thousands of cultists!

When the Blacktide Ravens killed them, they also collected the storage bracelets.

There were no high-level items in these thousands of storage bracelets, but grasshoppers were also meat. The spiritual weapons, spiritual herbs, and spiritual items in them would all turn into the spiritual aura of heaven and earth!

In addition, there were also the resources of the first level of the limitless nine level Pagoda!

The limitless nine-floor Pagoda was the treasure house of the limitless demon race. On the first floor, there were 108 one-star earth-god instruments, all of which were rare ancient demon weapons with very powerful abilities!

Chen Xiaobei was going to reward his disciples with these 108 ancient demonic weapons, so he would not use them for the time being.

The rest of the resources from the first floor of the tower were all thrown into the heaven and earth furnace!

It contained a large number of one-star earth-god items, which could also bring a large amount of Heaven Earth spiritual aura!

Once these resources were refined into the spiritual aura of heaven and earth, Chen Xiaobei would absorb them all and use them to improve his physical body and combat power!

“By rough estimation, these Heaven Earth spiritual aura can increase my combat power and physical strength by 300000! With the addition of my current heavenly Dao cultivation Halo, I can increase it by a whole 900000!”

Quot; more importantly, my number of followers is still increasing! In the past three days, I have gained another 1.5 billion followers! Quot; In addition to the 1.2 billion Yuan from the day of the live broadcast! The number of new believers has reached 2.7 billion!”

Quot; although the increase in believers has slowed down significantly after the boom, it’s still increasing. In a few more days, there will definitely be three billion new believers! Quot;

Quot; by then, I’ll be able to choose another ten cultivation rewards. This wave of Heaven Earth spiritual aura will increase my combat power and physical strength by 1.2 million! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei’s livestream in the demonic sect’s territory was only watched by a few billion people that day, which gave Chen Xiaobei 1.2 billion new followers!

In the three days that Chen Xiaobei was busy planting crops and building the city, the live broadcast was slowly spread throughout apocalypse Starfield!

There were trillions of people in apocalypse Starfield, so Chen Xiaobei should have more believers!

However, most of them knew that Chen Xiaobei’s situation was not looking good. Not only did he have enemies on all sides, but he had also openly declared war on heaven dominating faction. He would definitely lose!

Therefore, most of the people did not think that Chen Xiaobei would win!

Only a small group of righteous people worshipped Chen Xiaobei from the bottom of their hearts and became his new believers!

Of course, apocalypse Starfield had a huge population! Although it was only a small portion, it still reached a total of 1.5 billion!

[ new believers: 2.7 billion ] The total number of believers was 5.7 billion! (Only ‘100 million’ as the unit, the rest of the numbers are not calculated in detail.)

[ the number of believers has reached the standard. You may choose a heavenly Dao reward! ] (You can choose 27 rewards for Level 1,13 for Level 2, and 9 for Level 3!)

“I’m still short of 300 million new believers before I can choose ten Level 3 cultivation halos! It should be enough in a few days! It just so happened that refining the spiritual aura of heaven and earth would take a few days! It’s a double-edged sword!”

Quot; Oh! Quot; Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and smiled. Quot; also, I haven’t used my million-year Ambergris yet. When I take it out, it can increase my combat power by 400000! Quot;

“By then, my combat power will exceed three million! He could also open the second level of the limitless nine level Pagoda! The resources within will definitely not disappoint me!”

“Besides, I also have Ying Zheng’s Black coffin! This amount of seven-star earth-god grade dark Luo meteorites is enough for my physical strength to increase by another level!”

Quot; I still have 300000 upper spiritual stones. If necessary, I can use them all for cultivation! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei looked at her and said, ” Quot; from today on, I’m going to do my best to cultivate and break through to the earth immortal realm as soon as possible! Quot;

Quot; of course, other than my cultivation, I still need a stronger trump card! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei took out the limitless nine floor Pagoda with one hand and released The Limitless Soul ring with the other.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

In the next moment, the Dharma spiritual images of the Lin Dong witch and the four demon kings appeared one after another.

“Why did you only let us out now?”

The witch of winter’s face was cold and angry. Quot; “Did you stop the human ruler’s despicable scheme or not? Our limitless demon race won’t take the blame for killing 800 million people!”

Quot; don’t worry, I’ve already dissolved the conspiracy. I’ve also saved those 800 million people and they’ve started a new life! Quot;

“Now, I want to ask you, where are the other three demonic swords that are on the same level as the spiritual bursting flames sword?” Where is the Wuji sword formation?”