Chapter 2050 - traitor of beixuan

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Chapter 2050: Chapter 2051-traitor of beixuan

Quot; fellow townsman, I still don’t know about the heaven shrouding order. Can you tell me about it? ”

Chen Xiaobei pretended to be curious, as if he had never seen the world before.

The simple and honest man didn’t have any doubts and said, ” “I don’t think you’re a bad person, so I’ll give you some general knowledge.”

Of course, Chen Xiaobei’s charm was off the charts, and it was very easy for him to gain the trust and favor of others.

“The heaven shrouding order is the highest order given by the heaven shrouding sect! It’s like an Emperor’s decree. Everyone in apocalypse Starfield must obey it!”

Nbsp; ” three days ago, there was a kid called Chen Zhufeng. He didn’t know his place and publicly declared war on heaven dominating faction! Quot; Hence, the heaven dominating faction has issued the heaven dominating order to arrest everyone who is close to Chen Zhufeng!”

“Originally, the Dragon elephant Prince and Princess Jin Lin only needed to publicly declare that they had nothing to do with Chen Zhufeng and they wouldn’t be questioned! However, the two of them insisted that they were Chen Zhufeng’s friends and became the criminals …”

Nbsp; ” damn … Heaven dominating sect is too cruel! Quot; Chen Xiaobei frowned. He was very unhappy.

Family and friends had always been Chen Xiaobei’s reverse scale, and he would not allow anyone to touch or hurt them.

Besides, Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin did not do anything wrong. They were just too righteous and refused to say that they did not know Chen Xiaobei, and that was why they became criminals!

Nbsp; to put it bluntly, heaven dominating sect was being unreasonable and using their own power to bully the weak!

“Who said it wasn’t?”

The honest man sighed. Quot; Prince Longxiang and Princess Jin Lin are kind by nature. They treat the people of Black Tortoise capital city very well … On the day they were captured, some people even signed the ‘ten thousand people’ to plead for mercy for them … Quot;

Nbsp; ” but the Dragon elephant Prince and Princess Jin Lin weren’t saved. The people who signed the ten thousand people scroll were all captured by heaven dominating faction! Quot;

Nbsp; the honest man frowned. Quot; heaven dominating faction has really gone too far this time … None of us dare to mention Dragon elephant Prince and Princess Jin Lin. We can only let them be locked up. The next step might be to be executed … Quot;

“What? You want to be executed?” Chen Xiaobei’s heart trembled and he was furious.

“Yup,” The honest man nodded. Quot; the heaven shrouding order is the highest order. It’s only issued once in a few years or even decades. But once it’s issued, the entire apocalypse Starfield will be in chaos! Quot;

Nbsp; ” has heaven dominating sect gone crazy? ” Quot; what?! Quot; Chen Xiaobei was furious. Quot; if you have the guts, go and fight Chen Zhufeng! Quot; How can you kill innocent people!”

Quot; I don’t know! Quot; the honest man said. Quot; rumor has it that Chen Zhufeng was scared out of his wits and went to hide in some deserted place! Heaven dominating faction only kills people to lure Chen Zhufeng out!”

Quot; hehe! A mere heaven dominating sect is not enough to scare Chen Zhufeng! Quot;

Nbsp; ” you’re right! Quot; Chen Xiaobei sneered. Quot; the way I see it, heaven dominating faction was scared out of their wits by Chen Zhufeng! They were afraid that Chen Zhufeng would defeat them, so they tried to capture the people who were close to Chen Zhufeng!”

“Little brother! You can’t just say things like that!”

The honest-looking man was stunned and said nervously, ” Nbsp; ” this is a critical time. If the heaven dominating sect disciples hear what you said, they’ll definitely capture you! Quot;

“Alright! Just come and catch me!”

Quot; what?! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” I’d like to see where they’re keeping the people! Quot;

Quot; are you crazy? don’t drag me down with you if you want to die … Quot; the honest-looking man gulped and turned to leave. He was afraid that Chen would drag him down with him.

Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down and immediately gave menglu a call.

Luckily, menglu was with Yuchi Hanshan, and they were currently escorting the eight thousand children home. This was a righteous mission, and it was already known to the world through the live broadcast.

No matter how unreasonable heaven dominating faction was, they couldn’t capture menglu and Yuchi Hanshan.

Nbsp; otherwise, it would cause the people to be angry. If that happened, heaven covering sect’s popularity would drop and their believers would decrease.

Because of this, menglu and Yuchi Hanshan were both very safe.

Chen Xiaobei heaved a sigh of relief.

Other than Monroe and Yuchi Hanshan, Chen Xiaobei had only made a few new friends during his trip to devil earth.

The relationship between Chen Xiaobei and Edina was not that close. She did not even leave Chen Xiaobei her phone number. Besides, she was a smart woman, so she should know how to protect herself.

So, Chen Xiaobei’s top priority was to save Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin.

“Young masters, please wait!”

Chen Xiaobei observed the street for a while and quickly found two heaven dominating faction disciples. He quickly walked up to them.

“Who are you? Why are you calling us?”

Nbsp; the two heaven covering sect disciples were very arrogant and spoke in a different tone.

Chen put on an honest face and asked, ” Quot; I would like to ask the two of you, where are the residences of Prince Dragon elephant and Princess Jin Lin? ”

“Ah? What did you just say?”

The two heaven dominating faction disciples looked at Chen Xiaobei as if he was an idiot.

Quot; I mean, I want to meet Prince Longxiang and Princess Jin Lin. But I don’t know where their mansion is. Can you show me the way? ” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Directions?” Nbsp; the two heaven dominating faction disciples laughed, ” “No need to point, we’ll take you there!”

Before he could finish his sentence, one of the skinnier disciples took out a spiritual talisman and hit it on Chen Xiaobei’s chest!

This was a spiritual talisman that could seal one’s ethereal force. After its ability was activated, the blood vessels and tendons around Chen Xiaobei’s dantian would be blocked, and he would not be able to use his ethereal force.

The other disciple, who was slightly fatter, immediately took out a pair of special shackles and cuffed Chen Xiaobei’s hands.

“You two … What … What do you mean?” Chen Xiaobei continued to play dumb.

Quot; you’re a traitor! Quot; the two heaven shrouding sect disciples laughed. Quot; you’re guilty of the same crime as the North Mystic traitor! Quot; Come with us. Once you’re in my heaven dominating faction’s dungeon, you’ll naturally be able to see the traitors Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin!”

“I’m not guilty … I don’t know what traitor … I’m not guilty! Quot; you can’t arrest me … Quot; Chen Xiaobei shouted, but he half-heartedly let the fat disciple drag him forward.

On the east side of Black Tortoise Royal City.

Nbsp; heaven dominating faction’s main headquarters was on the Azure Dragon continent and had branches on the other three continents.

Although it was a branch, it still had more than 100000 disciples, which was a level higher than all the sects on the continent.

“Hurry up! Don’t dawdle!”

The fat disciple dragged Chen Xiaobei to the entrance of the dungeon. Quot; “Hurry up and get in, I’m still waiting to get my reward from you!”

Quot; 10000 spirit stones for every beixuan traitor we catch! Quot; the skinny disciple sneered. Quot; we’ll be able to go to the brothel again! Quot; Hehehe …”

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei pulled the shackles off and said, ” “Don’t even think about getting a reward, just die!”