Chapter 2051 - desperate persistence

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Chapter 2051: Chapter 2052-desperate persistence

“This … How is this possible? Your true essence has been sealed … How can you still have so much power …”

Nbsp; the two heaven dominating faction disciples immediately began to tremble in fear as if they had seen a ghost.

Quot; heh, my true essence is sealed, but my 1.8 million physical strength is still there! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“That’s impossible … You’re just a commoner, how could you have a physical strength of 1.8 million! This is impossible!”

Nbsp; the two heaven dominating faction disciples ‘pupils involuntarily constricted as cold sweat poured down their faces.

Without explaining, Chen Xiaobei’s fingers turned into claws and with lightning speed, he grabbed the throats of the two heaven dominating faction disciples from both sides!

Crack … Crack … Quot;

Chen Xiaobei exerted his strength and easily broke the two men’s necks!

Nbsp; after all, this was just a branch of heaven dominating sect and the disciples weren’t strong!

Furthermore, these two were just small fry patrolling the streets. If they were to go against Chen Xiaobei in an instant, they would be killed instantly!

[ding! You have eliminated an evil person. You have been rewarded with 10000 merit points!]

[your current merit points are 1040190000 (charm: 104019000, luck: 104019000)!

“As expected! Neither of them are good people!”

Chen Xiaobei kept the two disciples ‘bodies into their storage bracelets.

After transferring a small amount of resources from the bracelet, he threw the bracelet into a corner, as if the two had never appeared.

After putting on the mask, Chen Xiaobei activated the rune concealment ability and sneaked into the dungeon.

In the deepest part of the dungeon.

Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin were locked onto two Cold Steel crosses.

The two of them were unable to break free from the restraints, which showed that their true essence had been sealed.

At the same time, the two of them were covered in bloody whip marks. Blood kept flowing, and the ground was dyed red.

Obviously, the two of them had been whipped several times in these three days!

Nbsp; heaven dominating faction’s whipping torture was famous for being terrifying!

The torturer did not have vital essence to protect his body, so he used the red flame iron whip to add vital essence to the whip! The whips pierced into the flesh, causing severe pain!

Back then, Jiang Heqing, the genius of the Jiang family of Green Dragon, had been whipped 6600 times and turned into a dismembered corpse!

One could only imagine how terrifying this torture was!

“Brother … I can’t hold on much longer …”

Xia Jin Lin’s head drooped down, and he was on the verge of death. Blood flowed out of his small mouth, and it was obvious that he was severely injured.

Xia Longxiang also had blood in his mouth and was in an extremely bad state. He tried to encourage his sister, ” “Hold on! Things will definitely take a turn for the better!”

Quot; I can’t hold on any longer … Quot; Xia Jinlin said in a sad voice, ” “Nangong Kang is about to come again … I definitely can’t hold on today …”

“No!” Xia Longxiang’s heart clenched and he said bitterly, ” “You must hold on! You are my little sister! I won’t allow you to say such demoralizing words!”

Quot; it’s too painful … I don’t want to experience the taste of the mystic Fire iron whip again in my life … Death is also a form of release for me … Quot;

Xia Jinlin was like a pitiful kitten as he sobbed in a low voice, ” “Brother, if I die … It means that our principles are wrong … Don’t be so stubborn … Just bow down to Nangong Kang, and maybe you can live …”

“Impossible!” Xia Longxiang said solemnly,”what we stand for is justice!” The bottom line of our principles must be kept. Otherwise, what’s the point of living?”

Quot; but … What we’re holding on to has already killed ourselves … Soon, we’ll also kill the 10000 people who are pleading for us … Even so, are you still going to hold on? ”

“Give up on your principles and bottom line … Live on and protect those innocent people … Is it wrong to do this?” Xia Jinlin said in a sorrowful voice.

Quot; this … Quot; Xia Longxiang was instantly rendered speechless.

“Yo, yo, yo, little sister Jin Lin has been enlightened!”

At this moment, a strange voice came from nearby.

They saw a young man in luxurious clothes and two strong men with iron whips walking over.

Quot; Nangong Kang … Quot; Xia Jin Lin took in a deep breath of cold air, and his eyes suddenly revealed a deep fear.

“Nangong Kang!” Xia Longxiang shouted. Today’s flogging is all directed at me! Don’t hurt Jin Lin!”

“Xia Longxiang! It’s been three days and you still haven’t woken up?” “You’re now a traitor of beixuan!” Nangong Kang laughed. Do you think you still have the right to choose?”

Xia Longxiang was furious,’can’t you tell? Jin Lin was already dying! Are you going to kill her?”

“So what if he’s dead!”

Nangong Kang shrugged his shoulders, his face indifferent,”The heaven shrouding order states clearly that the traitors of beixuan will be killed without mercy! If you don’t kill him, are you going to keep him for the new year?”

“You dare to kill Jin Lin! I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!” Xia Longxiang’s eyes were almost bloodshot. He wanted to hack Nangong Kang into a thousand pieces, but he couldn’t resist at all.

“Hmph, even if you’re a ghost, you’re just an evil ghost that killed my sister and 10000 people!” Nangong Kang sneered. You’ll go to the eighteenth level of hell and never be reincarnated!”

“Killed my sister? Killed 10,000 people?”

Xia Longxiang’s expression froze for a moment, and a conflicted look appeared in his eyes. Quot; “I didn’t harm them! I’m just upholding justice! I’m not wrong!”

“The Xia family of Black Tortoise doesn’t care about you, and the billions of citizens of Black Tortoise capital city don’t care about you either! Your sister is going to die soon! You’re still so stupidly insistent on justice?”

“Wake up! Justice simply did not exist! In this world, only power is the absolute king!”

“We, heaven dominating faction, have the power to crush apocalypse Starfield!” Nangong Kang said. If you want to live, you shouldn’t insist on some Bullsh * t justice! Instead, we should just follow heaven dominating faction’s orders and do a live broadcast to lure Chen Zhufeng out!”

“As long as we kill Chen Zhufeng! There would be no more traitors from beixuan in the world! The lives of the people would return to normal! ‘As long as you kill Chen Zhufeng, you two will be heroes!’ The entire Black Tortoise Imperial City will be in glory because of you!”

Nangong Kang’s face was filled with a sinister smile as he tried to use both the carrot and the stick in an attempt to break down Xia Longxiang’s mental defense and force him to compromise.

“You’re talking nonsense!”

However, Xia Longxiang wasn’t defeated. He shouted angrily, ” “There must be justice in this world! Otherwise, how could the 8000 children be saved? How can a billion humans survive?”

“You’re so stupid that you can’t be saved!”

Nangong Kang threatened, ” “For the sake of this Bullsh * t justice that doesn’t exist, you’ll see with your own eyes that your own sister will be whipped to death! He continued to whip the corpses into dregs! Are you satisfied with this?”

Quot; brother … I’m scared … Quot; Xia Jinlin didn’t have a strong heart like her brother and had already fallen into despair.

At this moment, a voice as cold as a knife came from behind, ” “Justice will not be absent, it is just late!”