Chapter 2052 - as you wish

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Chapter 2052: Chapter 2053-as you wish

Quot; who’s there!? Quot;

Nangong Kang and the two brawny men were shocked. They turned around at the same time, but they didn’t see anyone.

The sound of two gusts of strong wind whistling could be heard from the void.

In the next moment, two hands appeared in the void and snatched the red flame whips from the hands of the two strong men at an extremely fast speed.

“Is … Is this a ghost …”

Nangong Kang and the two brawny men were dumbfounded. While they were shocked, they condensed their protective Zhen Yuan, not daring to be careless.

From the Zhen Yuan fluctuations, Nangong Kang was about one fire spirit cultivating stage. The two men’s cultivation was much lower, only at the early stage of sky origin stage.

Before he finished speaking, two explosions erupted.

The two hands in the air waved the whips at the same time. They were extremely fast and powerful, and they were even supported by true essence!

The long whip was burning with Scarlet flames. It lashed out like a dragon with extremely terrifying power!

In an instant, the two long whips had already struck the bodies of the two strong men.

Who dared to think about it!

The true energy of the two sky origin stage cultivators who had true energy protecting their bodies exploded! Moreover, the power of the whip didn’t weaken. It went one step further and directly broke their bodies!

Two living people had their stomachs burst and spines broken by the iron whips. Their upper and lower bodies were directly separated, which was like being cut at the waist!

“My God … What … What is going on?”

Nangong Kang was so scared that he screamed, his face turned very ugly,”Who is it? If you have the guts, show your true face! What kind of man are you, pretending to be a ghost!”

In the air, a hand dropped the whip and took off a ghost mask. Slowly, Chen Xiaobei’s figure appeared.

The human skin mask was removed, and Chen Xiaobei’s true face was revealed!

“Young master Chen! It’s young master Chen!”

Xia Longxiang was overjoyed and extremely excited,”Jin Lin!” Look! Young master Chen is here to save us! We won’t die! The Justice we insist on is not wrong! That’s right!

Quot; mm … I see it … It’s young master Chen … Quot; Xia Jin Lin was also instantly excited. The despair he felt earlier was swept away, and his pale little face was filled with infinite hope.

Quot; you … You … You’re Chen Zhufeng!!! Quot; Nangong Kang’s face turned green, his lower abdomen felt numb, and he almost peed in his pants.

Chen Xiaobei’s livestream had spread throughout apocalypse Starfield in the past three days.

Everyone knew that Chen Xiaobei had many hidden cards!

The little golden worm had swallowed a five-star earth-god instrument! The black demon Crow killed Nangong kuirong! A mysterious poison that put down all the Devils!

The moment he saw Chen Xiaobei’s face, a word appeared in Nangong Kang’s mind.

There was no doubt that any one of Chen Xiaobei’s trump cards could kill Nangong Kang 800 times over!

Of course, Nangong Kang knew that he would die if he tried, so he could only try to goad him,”Chen Zhufeng! You … Aren’t you just powerful because of your trump card? Do you dare to have a real fight with me? We’ll only compete with our cultivation, and we won’t rely on external items!”

Nangong Kang could tell that Chen Xiaobei’s cultivation was also at one fire god-refining level from the two lashes.

Nangong Kang felt that he had at least a 50% chance of winning without the help of any external objects. It was better than being killed by Chen Xiaobei!

Chen Xiaobei threw away the iron whip and used his red fire ethereal force to form a long whip Dharma!

“Chen Zhufeng! You’re a man! Let’s have a fair and square battle!”

Nangong Kang grinned as he gathered his wind ethereal force in his hands and formed two long swords. The strength of his ethereal force was not any weaker than Chen Xiaobei’s.

“Young master Chen! Don’t fall for his trick!” Xia Longxiang suddenly shouted,”take out your trump card and kill him!” Otherwise, the noise from your fight will attract reinforcements. At that time, we won’t be able to escape even if we have wings!”

“Young master Chen! Quickly kill him!” “This Nangong Kang is full of tricks. He’s obviously trying to stall for time until reinforcements arrive!” Xia Jin Lin also said anxiously.

“Isn’t Chen Zhufeng the hero of justice in your hearts?” Nangong Kang said. He’s already promised me that he won’t use any external items and that we’ll have a fair fight! If you go back on your word, the principles and bottom line you’ve been holding on to will become a joke!”

Without a word, Chen Xiaobei pulled out the ethereal long whip Dharma.

He didn’t rely on external objects, only his strength!

“Come on! Let’s have a fair fight! Hahaha …”

Nangong Kang laughed smugly without any fear. He waved the double sword Dharma in his hands and cut the long whip!

It was obvious that Nangong Kang was in a good mood!

From Nangong Kang’s point of view, as long as he did not use any external items, even if he could not beat Chen Xiaobei, they could at least be a draw!

The fight would be so loud that the powerhouses outside would quickly gather and kill Chen Xiaobei!

One had to say, Nangong Kang’s plan was very clever and very cooperative.

Unfortunately, no matter how Nangong Kang thought of it, he could not predict that Chen Xiaobei could be stronger than him even without the help of external items!

With a loud sound, the two wind swords in Nangong Kang’s hands were destroyed by Chen Xiaobei’s flaming red whip!

The sword shadow Dharma power was unable to resist and was instantly shattered!

Furthermore, Nangong Kang’s protective Zhen Yuan was also shattered!

Taking another step forward, the red flame long whip suddenly struck the center of Nangong Kang’s face!

With a muffled sound, Nangong Kang’s head exploded like a watermelon.

Blood and brain matter splattered everywhere, and eyeballs wrapped in rotten flesh fell to the ground. They still retained the extreme fear and surprise in their eyes before death!

Nangong Kang didn’t even know how he died!

Quot; how … How is this possible? ”

Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin were both stunned. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

He thought that Chen Xiaobei had fallen into Nangong Kang’s trap, but now he realized that it was all a trap!

If Chen Xiaobei could not even take one hit, it would be suicide!

Quot; Childe Chen … Aren’t you at the one fire spirit-cultivating stage? how did the combat power of that whip reach 1.8 million? this doesn’t make sense … Quot; Xia Longxiang was completely bewildered.

Chen Xiaobei had used the primordial Witch King combat enhancement training manual to kill Nangong Kang in one hit. It had forcefully increased his combat power from 1.5 million!

With the support of a physical strength of 1.86 million, he could unleash his true Yuan to 1.8 million combat power!

He was 300000 combat power higher than Nangong Kang, so it was obvious that he would crush him!

“Young master Chen! You’re so strong!”

Xia Jinlin’s eyes were full of stars, and he was in awe of Chen Xiaobei. Quot; Quot; Nangong Kang is a bad guy. He tortured me and my brother every day. Young master Chen, it’s so satisfying to crack his dog head with one whip! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei dispersed his ethereal force and put on a gentle smile. Quot; “I’ll help you guys heal first. Later, there’ll be something even more satisfying to vent!”