Chapter 2053 - Live broadcast of beheading

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Chapter 2053: Live broadcast of beheading

Chen Xiaobei did not use the Taiyi life enhancement pill. Instead, he took out the one-star earth-god level healing medicine from the Wuji nine-floor Pagoda.

The Taiyi vitality enhancement pill’s grade was already on the low side. For Xia Longxiang’s and Xia Jinlin’s physical strength, it was already a little hard to control. Even if it was effective, it wouldn’t be effective very quickly.

However, a one-star earth-god level medicine was different. If the level of the essence was higher than the spirit-forging stage, the effect of the medicine could be said to be immediate.

Not long after, Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin’s injuries stabilized.

After that, Chen Xiaobei considerately concocted a kind of scar removal medicine for them. By applying it regularly, the ugly whip marks would be removed and their skin would be as smooth as new.

“Thank you, young master Chen! I’m really, really grateful to you!”

Xia Jinlin loved to look pretty, and when he got the scar removal medicine, it was as if he had gotten a treasure. He even worshipped Chen Xiaobei.

Xia Longxiang was extremely grateful to Chen Xiaobei.

The fact that his younger sister was saved was the greatest comfort to Xia Longxiang!

Justice was eternal, and it further defended Xia Longxiang’s belief that he had defended with his life!

Xia Longxiang had completely opened up his heart to Chen Xiaobei and had become his follower!

Coincidentally, Xia Longxiang had rounded up the number of new believers to a whole number, and a notification immediately came from the netherspirit battlescouter.

[new believers: 2.8 billion!] The total number of believers was 5.8 billion! (Only ‘100 million’ as the unit, the rest of the numbers are not calculated in detail.)

With 200 million followers left, Chen Xiaobei could choose ten Level 3 halos.

By then, all the resources in the heaven and earth furnace would have been refined, and Chen Xiaobei’s cultivation would have soared!

[your current merit points are 1040240000 (charm: 104024000, luck: 104024000)!

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Other than the believers, killing the three of them had also given Chen Xiaobei 50000 merit points.

Although the amount was small, the merit points of the Three Realms could make a mountain out of a molehill. If he accumulated them bit by bit, he might be able to reap some miraculous effects in the future!

“There’s no need for such polite words!”

Chen Xiaobei stopped smiling and said, ” Nbsp; ” heaven covering sect is unreasonable and uses their power to bully people. I will teach them an unforgettable lesson today! Quot;

“Saving the people is more important!”

“From what I know, the 10000 civilians who pleaded for my sister and I have been taken to the execution ground. They will all be live-streamed today!” Xia Longxiang replied.

“A live broadcast?” Quot; what do you mean? ” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Nbsp; ” heaven dominating faction is planning to copy you and do a large-scale live broadcast! Quot;

Xia Longxiang explained,”the live broadcast of the execution of 10000 people is meant to set an example for the others!” Let the entire apocalypse Starfield see heaven dominating faction’s determination to get rid of bei Xuan faction! No one in apocalypse Starfield will dare to get involved with bei Xuan faction anymore!”

The corner of Chen Xiaobei’s lips curled up into a cold, evil smile. Quot; Nbsp; ” I was planning to do a live broadcast, but since heaven dominating faction has done so, I’ll use their live broadcast to smack their faces! Quot;

Heaven dominating faction, Black Tortoise branch, execution ground.

At this moment, the 10000 people were all shackled and crowded, almost filling the entire execution ground.

More than 100000 disciples of the Black Tortoise branch also gathered around.

A small half of them were here to watch the show!

More than half of them were ordered by the branch leader to be there to increase the effect of the live broadcast and let the entire apocalypse Starfield see the power of heaven dominating sect!

At the same time, there was a platform at the front of the execution ground. A chapter leader, two vice chapter leaders, and ten core elders were all sitting on the platform.

Nbsp; heaven covering sect’s Black Tortoise branch could be said to have sent all their members.

“Everyone’s here, let’s start the live broadcast.”

Chapter leader Nangong wenshuo sat on the main seat and waved his hand in an imposing manner.

Following Nangong Wenshou’s order, the people in charge of the live broadcast turned on their cameras.

Then, a big screen on one side of the execution ground played the scene.

As soon as the scene started broadcasting, many comments popped up from the audience. They were densely packed and there were a lot of them.

Nbsp; one had to say that heaven dominating sect’s influence was huge! He had never done a live broadcast before, but today was his first live broadcast, and the number of viewers was off the charts!

From the data displayed in the live broadcast room, it could be seen that the number of viewers continued to surge at a rate of more than one billion per minute.

In less than 10 minutes, the audience had already exceeded 10 billion!

Nangong wenshuo cleared his throat and said to the camera, ” “Yes, heaven shrouding order! I, Nangong wenshuo, led the disciples of heaven dominating faction’s Black Tortoise branch and took down 10000 rebels from North Mystic!”

Quot; today, I’m going to use this live broadcast to show the entire apocalypse Starfield that all the traitors from bei Xuan will be beheaded and that bei Xuan faction will be uprooted! Quot;

“I’m here to tell everyone in apocalypse Starfield! Don’t get involved with bei Xuan faction! Otherwise, you will be the next one to die!”

Obviously, this live broadcast was to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys!

If the live broadcast was successful, everyone in apocalypse Starfield would avoid bei Xuan faction.

Even Chen Xiaobei’s current followers would be afraid of being implicated and would not dare to continue their devout faith in Chen Xiaobei.

Nbsp; as time passed, they would lose a large number of believers and become like normal people, standing on heaven covering sect’s side.

Killing ten thousand, changing a trillion! Nbsp; heaven covering sect was really smart about this deal!

On top of that, heaven dominating faction had also gathered a large number of internet trolls to use the live broadcast to criticize Chen Xiaobei!

Heaven shrouding sect was the number one myriad tribulation! This was an undisputable fact! If bei Xuan faction wanted to fight for first place, they were just daydreaming!

Chen Zhufeng is such a jerk! After acting tough, he went into hiding and caused the death of everyone related to him!

Yingluo was right! Chen Zhufeng was a typical pretentious prick! He kept saying that he wanted to be the number one myriad tribulation! Once the heaven shrouding order was out, he immediately became a coward and didn’t even dare to show his face. What a joke!

Chen Zhufeng is a scum! They should be eradicated! If you have any clues about bei Xuan faction, please inform heaven dominating faction immediately! Get rid of this cancer as soon as possible! Return peace to the world!

Nbsp; it was obvious that these comments were all from the Internet Water Army of heaven dominating sect.

After the live broadcast in the underground devil Kingdom, although people did not think that Chen Xiaobei could defeat the heaven dominating sect, they still had a good impression of Chen Xiaobei.

After all, Chen Xiaobei had saved 8000 children and 1 billion adults. This contribution could not be erased.

The people with a conscience would not support Chen Xiaobei openly because they were afraid of heaven dominating faction, but they would not go against their conscience and defame Chen Xiaobei.

But then again, the fake reviewers ‘comments were not completely wrong!

Back then, Chen Xiaobei had threatened to be the number one of the ten thousand tribulations, and it was true that he had caused these ten thousand people to be captured!

If Chen Xiaobei did not show his face, he would really be a coward! The People’s impression of Chen Xiaobei would plummet!

Nbsp; this was also part of heaven dominating sect’s plan!

It was very sinister! It was very useful!

But it was also very easy to crack!

As long as Chen Xiaobei showed up, he would be able to destroy the fake reputation of the Internet Water Army and destroy the heaven dominating faction’s reputation!

“Idiots! Don’t be so rhythmical!”

An indifferent voice suddenly came from the sky, ” Quot; I’m Chen Zhufeng, the leader of bei Xuan faction! Quot;