Chapter 2054 - Heaven shadowing array

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Chapter 2054: Heaven shadowing array

All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes, as well as the ten billion viewers watching the livestream, all focused their attention on him.

They saw a huge black shadow in the sky coming at them at high speed!

As they got closer and closer, the black shadow expanded rapidly in everyone’s eyes. It was like a thick dark cloud that covered the sky, but also like a Black Flame that burned the sky.

“Blacktide! It was Chen Zhufeng’s Blacktide Raven! Chen Zhufeng is really here!”

Someone immediately started screaming.

Nbsp; shock and fear spread like a disease to every heaven dominating faction disciple, causing them to tremble and fear to their bones!

Those who had watched the demonic nation’s live stream knew that Chen Xiaobei controlled 10000 Black Tide demonic crows! Killing thousands of demonic cultists was as easy as harvesting straw!

There was even a King of demonic crows among them, which even killed Nangong Kurong in one hit! There was no need to say more about how terrifying his cultivation base was!

That was why the crowd gasped when they heard that Chen Xiaobei had arrived!

Nbsp; in the eyes of the heaven dominating sect disciples, this was a bloody disaster! He was a world-destroying demonic god!

Everyone felt fear from the deepest part of their souls!

“It’s young master Chen! Young master Chen has come to save us!”

At the same time, the 10000 people who were locked up in shackles and waiting to be beheaded started to celebrate.

Nbsp; in contrast to the heaven dominating faction disciples, when the people heard Chen Zhufeng’s name, it was like they had heard the name of their Savior!

The infinite despair instantly turned into infinite hope!

To these 10000 people, as long as Chen Xiaobei was there, they would be saved!

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

As expected, tens of thousands of Black Tide demonic crows were like ten thousand arrows that were shot at the same time. They rushed to the execution ground, and each demonic Crow saved a commoner before flying back to the sky.

“Not good! The 10,000 rebels were saved by Chen Zhufeng!”

Nbsp; everything had happened too quickly, and the heaven dominating faction members were still in shock and fear.

Before they could come back to their senses, the 10000 people had already flown into the sky and could not be caught back.

Seeing this, the neutral audience started to speak.

Chen Zhufeng was indeed a Big Shot! He actually dared to raid the execution ground! He was bold!

Bi an had protected the safety of tens of thousands of people with his own strength! This Chen Zhufeng was both brave and smart. No wonder he could foil the demonic sect’s shocking plot!

Eh? Where were the people who said Chen Zhufeng was a coward? Why was there no sound?

Those guys from Qin Zhuan studio had been slapped in the face and had already become clowns. How could they still have the face to speak up?

Nbsp; it was obvious that these people were heaven dominating sect’s Internet Water Army.

Every word that they had said to Chen Xiaobei was now like an invisible slap to their own faces!

Nbsp; at the same time, because the viewers did not have real names, the registered names were all made up. So, a lot of bold people appeared and started to laugh at heaven dominating faction.

Heaven dominating faction’s live broadcast of killing! Chen Zhufeng had saved her! Nbsp; this was also a slap to heaven dominating faction’s face!

The most ironic thing was that this live broadcast was organized by heaven dominating faction. They were simply shooting themselves in the foot!

The heaven dominating faction was really funny this time. They wanted to ruin Chen Zhufeng’s reputation, but not only did Chen Zhufeng not bear the curse of being a coward, but he also became famous in front of the billions of viewers!

Wasn’t Yingluo the same? Quot; I bet that after this livestream, many people who originally didn’t think Chen Zhufeng would win will now have extra points for him!

Qianqian was right. There might even be many people who would worship Chen Zhufeng!

A brave hero, saving the people! To be honest, I’m starting to admire Chen Zhufeng!

The audience’s eyes were bright. Everyone knew that Chen Zhufeng had already won against heaven dominating faction!

“Chen Zhufeng! You’re such a coward!”

At this moment, Nangong wenshuo suddenly roared, ” “If you have the guts, then come down from the heavens! I’ll definitely fight you for 800 rounds! If you run away, I’ll look down on you for the rest of my life!”

Nbsp; it was obvious that Nangong wenshuo knew that heaven dominating faction had already lost one round and had lost face in front of the world!

The only way to save his face was to defeat Chen Xiaobei!

Chen Zhufeng was not stupid! How could he have come down from the sky?

Although Nangong wenshuo didn’t have a five-star earth-god instrument, he had more than 100000 people from the Black Tortoise branch. Their battle formation was enough to trap Chen Zhufeng!

Unless Chen Zhufeng was an idiot, Qianqian would never come down to die!

On the screen, the audience’s comments were almost the same. They were certain that Chen Xiaobei would not dare to come down and fight.

“Chen Zhufeng! Are you really going to be a turtle hiding in its shell?”

Naturally, Nangong wenshuo wouldn’t give up. He looked up and roared,”If you were still a man! If you still have a little bit of courage! Come down and fight with this Lord! If he fled! You’re a turtle! For a lifetime!”

Just when everyone thought that Chen Xiaobei would not accept the challenge, Chen Xiaobei jumped off the demonic Crow King’s back and landed in the middle of the execution ground!

“Young master Chen! Don’t go!”

On the back of the devil Crow King, Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin both cried out in alarm.

She thought that Chen Xiaobei would leave after he saved her! He did not expect Chen Xiaobei to be so unsatisfied with this victory! He wanted to play an even bigger round!

All of a sudden, Chen Xiaobei was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people from the Black Tortoise branch!

Looking down from the sky, Chen Xiaobei was like a grain of sand in a sea of people, insignificant.

“Chen Zhufeng! You’re really a fool! Hahaha …”

Nangong wenshuo laughed excitedly,”All disciples, hear my order! They formed the “heaven shrouding formation”! Kill Chen Zhufeng!”

Did Chen Zhufeng’s brain get rusty? He actually dared to come down from the sky!

Yingluo is dead! Chen Zhufeng is dead! The “heaven shadowing array” was a nine-star earth-god array! Although these people were not strong enough to exert the power of a nine-star earth-god, they could definitely exert the power of a five-or six-star earth-god!

Yingluo, yes! Even if Chen Zhufeng had a five-star earth-god instrument, he would still die in the sky shrouding formation!

I was just praising Chen Zhufeng for his courage and intelligence! Did I make a mistake? He was just a reckless man with courage but no brains!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

Soon, the hundred thousand people released their true Yuan.

Following a mysterious pattern, their true Qis connected, resonated, and complemented each other, quickly forming a terrifying and unparalleled giant battle formation!

Chen Xiaobei was completely trapped in the formation, like an ant that could be annihilated at any moment.

“Chen Zhufeng! You can say your last words!”

Quot; Chen Zhufeng! Quot; Nangong wenshuo grinned. Quot; as long as I give the order, there will be no more Chen Zhufeng in this world! Quot;

“I’ll only say one thing!”

Chen Xiaobei did not change his expression and said, ” “Those who leave heaven dominating sect can live! Otherwise, die!”