Chapter 2056 - far-reaching scheme

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Chapter 2056: Chapter 2056-far-reaching scheme

What the f * ck! There was even a live broadcast of opening the treasure vault! He knew how to play! 666

Yingluo’s live stream is getting more and more exciting. If I don’t top up and buy gifts, I’ll be letting the streamer down!

All the Chambers of Commerce related to bei Xuan faction must have been targeted. They couldn’t top-up their money, so they could only owe him money!

Bro bei! Let’s do a live broadcast first! We owe you a gift!

Hurry up! I can’t wait to see the Treasury of the Black Tortoise branch!

“No problem! The live broadcast continues!”

Chen Xiaobei released his ethereal force and took Nangong wenshuo’s storage bracelet. The key to the vault was in it.

There were also hundreds of millions of low-grade spiritual stones and two three-star earth-god instruments. The rest of the resources were basically recycled.

“The two of you, one of you carry the camera, and the other one, lead the way!”

Soon, Chen Xiaobei was in front of the vault.

Chen Xiaobei opened the door under the camera’s view and walked in.

“My brothers! Let’s start the tour!”

With a devilish smile on his face, Chen Xiaobei said, ” Quot; first of all, we saw a large number of one-star earth-god grade materials. Together, they can be sold for a lot of spiritual stones! Quot;

I’ve never seen so many earth-god materials in my life!

If Yingluo can give me one of these things, I’ll wake up laughing!

With a wave of his hand, Chen Xiaobei stored all the earth-god grade materials into his infinite space ring!

* ******** Bro bei! You can’t play like this! All of them! Do you want us to die of envy?

“Come on! Let’s continue the tour!”

“What we’re seeing is a huge amount of medicine!” Chen Xiaobei said with a smirk. Most of them were high-grade spirit herbs, and a small portion of them were earth-god herbs! The rest are all medicinal pills, so their grades are definitely not low. I’ll take them!”

Ahhhhhh! Bro bei! You’re too stimulating! Our hearts can’t take it anymore!

“Brothers, sit tight! The more exciting part is coming!”

Chen Xiaobei strode forward. What was that glittering Hill in front of them? Right! You guys didn’t see wrong! It was a small mountain of middle-grade spirit stones! Roughly, there should be 100 million medium spiritual stones, which was equivalent to one trillion low-grade spiritual stones! I’ll take more!”

Wuwuwuwuwuwu … I can’t live like this anymore! Bro bei! You’re just trying to provoke our young hearts!

With a wave of his hand, Qianqian took away the wealth that we couldn’t save up even if we didn’t eat or drink for generations! He was so envious that he could explode!

“My brothers! Steady! I can still do it!”

“Look at that!” Chen Xiaobei smiled. Sabers, Spears, swords, halberds, axes, hooks! You can make a full set of the eighteen weapons!”

What the f * ck! That was 18 earth-god instruments! Bro bei! You take it easy! Our hearts can’t take it anymore!

“I accept!” Without hesitation, Chen Xiaobei took all 18 earth-god instruments.

Yingluo, my God! There would be no harm without comparison! When I can reach one percent of bro bei’s level, I will have no more regrets in my life!

Yingluo, you’re too greedy! I’ll be satisfied if I can reach one ten-thousandth of bro bei’s level!

“Alright! It’s finally time for the most exciting moment!”

Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes and quickly walked over.”There are three treasure chests left! Let’s go and open the prizes together!”

In the first chest was a two-star earth-god instrument, and in the second chest was a three-star earth-god spiritual herb!

Naturally, Chen Xiaobei accepted all of them, causing the audience to scream in envy.

The last treasure chest, however, gave Chen Xiaobei a shock.

It was a gray jade stone, and its surface emitted a cloud of Yin Qi that would not dissipate. It looked like a ghost spirit.

“This is a two-star earth-god material!”

Chen Xiaobei did not show any emotion on his face, but he was thinking, ” “The aura inside is very similar to that of the infinite soul ring. If I’m not wrong, this material can make up for the infinite soul ring and restore it to the two-star earth-god level!”

The infinite soul ring was the devil nation’s sacred artifact. At its peak, it was a peak earth-god instrument with extremely shocking power.

Unfortunately, the infinite soul ring was destroyed in the war back then. Chen Xiaobei had to use some of the heaven and earth’s spiritual aura to restore it to its one-star earth-god level.

The yin Qi gray Jade could be used to repair the infinite soul ring, and it was exactly what Chen Xiaobei needed!

The recent increase in his luck had brought Chen Xiaobei an unexpected harvest!

Chen Xiaobei kept the gray Jade and turned to the camera. Quot; “Alright! My dear brothers! I’ve already cleared out the Treasury. Today’s livestream has come to an end. We’ll meet again!”

Yingluo-we don’t want to leave! Bro bei, continue with the live broadcast!

Yingluo, forget it! The entire treasure vault had been cleared out. There was nothing left for bro bei to stream anymore!

Bro bei is really ruthless! The sect could be rebuilt, but emptying the Treasury would completely destroy the foundation of the Black Tortoise branch!

He had to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots! Ruthless enough! My bro bei is definitely someone who will do great things!

It’s good that everyone is clear about this in their hearts! Disperse! Nbsp; if heaven covering sect targeted us, we would be in trouble!

Whoosh! Whoosh! I’m looking forward to bro bei’s live stream!

After chatting for a while, the audience reluctantly left the live broadcast room.

There was no doubt that the ten billion viewers would share the exciting content they saw with those who were not watching the live broadcast.

In less than half a day, the news would spread to every corner of apocalypse Starfield.

Nbsp; the world would know that heaven dominating sect’s Black Tortoise branch had left.

Broken Token! Burning clothes! Tear down the sect! Clear the Treasury!

Such a cool result was enough to slap heaven dominating faction in the face!

Nbsp; heaven dominating faction wanted to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys so that everyone would avoid bei Xuan faction!

However, after the live broadcast, Chen Xiaobei had not only attracted a large number of fans, but he had also completely destroyed the entire Black Tortoise branch of heaven dominating faction!

This was no longer a face-smacking! Nbsp; instead, he stepped on heaven dominating sect’s face and rubbed it on the ground!

Black Tortoise capital city, the highest level meeting room.

As soon as the live broadcast on the big screen was cut off, the room full of core upper echelons of the capital could not help but exclaim.

One of the old men with white hair and a white beard asked in a deep voice, ” “Your Majesty, what do you think of Chen Zhufeng?”

Revered King Black Tortoise was a middle-aged man. After some thought, he replied, Quot; Chen Zhufeng saved long Xiang and Jin Lin. He’s a good person. I’m grateful to him! Quot;

Nbsp; ” in addition, Chen Zhufeng was also courageous and intelligent to have eliminated heaven dominating faction’s branch! Quot;

Nbsp; ” of course! Quot; the Black Tortoise King said, ” but Chen Zhufeng’s actions will only anger heaven dominating faction and invite even more intense revenge! In the long run, Chen Zhufeng will definitely be in trouble!”

The old man sighed and said, ” “You’re the one who’s short-sighted! Chen Zhufeng’s plan is so far-reaching that it’s terrifying!”

Lord Black Tortoise was taken aback as he replied awkwardly, ” “Your grandson doesn’t understand, grandfather, please give me some pointers!”