Chapter 2057 - establishing an Alliance

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Chapter 2057: Chapter 2057-establishing an Alliance

In an instant, all the core upper echelons of the Black Tortoise Imperial City, including the Black Tortoise King, perked up their ears and listened attentively.

It was obvious that this old man was an existence akin to the retired emperor in Black Tortoise capital city! He was the true leader of the Black Tortoise Imperial City!

Every word of this old man was like the truth in everyone’s ears and was extremely important!

“In the ancient war, the highest realm was to subdue the enemy without fighting!”

Quot; Chen Zhufeng! Quot; the old man squinted his eyes and praised, ” today, Chen Zhufeng’s plan is to hurt even more without killing! Quot;

Lord Black Tortoise was taken aback and asked, ” “Grandfather, are you saying that Chen Zhufeng won’t kill the hundreds of thousands of disciples? Obviously, Chen Zhufeng was afraid of angering the crowd, so he didn’t start a massacre! You call this a scheme?”

“That’s why I said you’re really short-sighted!”

“Yes, Chen Zhufeng’s killing will indeed anger the public, but have you thought about it?” Who are the angriest people?”

“Of course, the families of the 100000 disciples are the most furious!” The Black Tortoise King replied.

“Then have you ever thought about what’s behind these hundreds of thousands of disciples?” the old man asked again.

The Black Tortoise honored King thought for a moment and said,”heaven dominating faction’s disciples all have extraordinary identities!” Behind those hundreds of thousands of people, almost all of them are from the upper-middle class family forces of our Black Tortoise continent! Killing those hundreds of thousands of people was equivalent to declaring war on the entire Black Tortoise continent! That’s why Chen Zhufeng didn’t dare to kill those hundreds of thousands of people!”

Quot; no! Quot; the old man shook his head and said, ” it’s not that Chen Zhufeng doesn’t dare to kill! He intentionally didn’t kill them!”

Quot; your grandson doesn’t understand … Quot; the Black Tortoise King’s brows furrowed and his face was filled with doubt.

Everyone in the meeting room was confused and puzzled.

Quot; just as you said, killing those hundreds of thousands of people is equivalent to declaring war on the entire Black Tortoise continent! Quot;

Nbsp; ” of course! Quot; the old man explained, ” Chen Zhufeng didn’t kill these people. He wanted them to break off their relationship with heaven dominating faction! In the long run, this is the same as making the powers behind these people break off from heaven covering sect!”

“In the long run, this means that the entire Xuanwu continent will break off from heaven dominating sect! In other words, this is the same as kicking heaven dominating faction out of the black Tortoise continent!”

Everyone was shocked.

Nbsp; one had to know that heaven dominating faction’s branches had a long history on every continent and were deeply rooted.

Apart from the four royal cities, these branches were the most powerful!

Even the revered King Black Tortoise had to be polite to Nangong wenshuo!

Nbsp; in everyone’s subconsciousness, as long as heaven dominating sect’s headquarters didn’t fall, then the three branches would also stand tall!

However, after hearing the old man’s words, everyone suddenly realized that the Black Tortoise branch was really finished!

Not only would it be eradicated, but it would also be impossible to rebuild it in the future!

If the crowd had not witnessed this with their own eyes, they would not have believed it even if they were beaten to death!

Nbsp; ” Chen Zhufeng’s plan is equivalent to cutting off one of heaven dominating faction’s arms! Quot;

The old man took a deep breath, his face full of admiration. Quot; “This is what I meant by an Army that can subdue the enemy without fighting! If you don’t kill, you’ll hurt more! Chen Zhufeng’s plan is so far-reaching that even I have to admit that I’m not as good!”

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked.

In his memory, he had never heard the old man praise someone like this! And it was a young man who was only twenty-one or twenty-two years old!

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“This young man is indeed extraordinary!”

King Black Tortoise took in a deep breath and sighed, ” Quot; if he continues to do that, I’m afraid the entire apocalypse Starfield will change! Quot;

The old man squinted his eyes and said with anticipation, ” “This dark sky should have changed a long time ago!”

At this moment, the Black Tortoise King’s phone rang.

After the call was connected, the Black Tortoise King nodded his head repeatedly and answered ‘yes’. He quickly hung up the phone.

Nbsp; ” the higher ups of heaven dominating sect called? ” The old man’s eyes were wise and he had already guessed.

Quot; yes! Quot; the Black Tortoise King nodded and said, ” heaven dominating faction ordered me to seal all the teleportation formations in the Black Tortoise Royal City and trap Chen Zhufeng in the city! The Army that captured Chen Zhufeng will be here soon!”

“Do you know what to do?” The old man asked.

“I know!” The Black Tortoise King nodded his head and immediately stood up to leave the conference room with his men.

In the southern part of the city, in the Prince’s Mansion.

Xia Longxiang had come back to retrieve some important things, so Chen Xiaobei accompanied him.

They were still seen as traitors of beixuan, so Chen Xiaobei decided to bring them back to the asteroid to settle down.

Xia Longxiang was tidying up the study when a shadow suddenly rushed in.

Chen Xiaobei was extremely alert. He drew out his flame burst Spirit King Sword and did not show any mercy.

“Young master Chen! Don’t do it!”

“This is my father!” Xia Longxiang quickly stopped him.

Ji Ying stood still and the Black Tortoise King appeared in the study room. He said politely, ” “Young master Chen! Hello! I don’t have any ill intentions, I just want to have a few words with you!”

Quot; I don’t talk to heartless people who abandon their children! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. Quot; if you mean no harm, please leave! Quot; If you have any ill intentions, speak to the sword in my hand!”

“Young master Chen! You’re mistaken!” Xia Longxiang quickly explained,”the Black Tortoise Xia family is a righteous man!” Father didn’t save me and my sister because he was afraid that more people would be implicated!”

Quot; why? ” Chen Xiaobei frowned. Quot; the higher-ups of Black Tortoise Imperial City are colluding with the demonic sect? how do you explain that? ”

Quot; yes! Quot; Xia Longxiang replied hurriedly, ” there are indeed higher-ups in Black Tortoise capital city among the heavenly demon apostles, but they are not from the Xia family! Quot;

Quot; alright, since you’ve said so, I’ll believe you! Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded.

Xia Longxiang had insisted that he was Chen Xiaobei’s friend, so Chen Xiaobei naturally treated him as one of his own.

Furthermore, Xia Longxiang and Xia Jinlin were kind and righteous by nature, and this was inseparable from the Xia family’s upbringing.

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei was willing to believe that the Xia family was not a bad family.

“Thank you for your trust, young master Chen!”

“As the revered King of Black Tortoise, I am here to make an alliance with young master Chen!”

“An Alliance agreement?” “What do you mean?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Quot; I represent the Black Tortoise Imperial City to form an alliance with young master Chen! Quot;

“From now on, the Black Tortoise Imperial City will support young master Chen in secret!” Nbsp; if young master Chen suppressed heaven dominating sect! This King guarantees that the entire Black Tortoise continent will support young master Chen to become the number one person in the myriad tribulations!”

Upon hearing this, Xia Longxiang was extremely excited,’that’s great! Young master Chen! From now on, we’ll be allies who advance and retreat together!”

“It doesn’t matter whether we make an Alliance or not.” Chen Xiaobei was uninterested.