Chapter 2059 - White Tiger continent

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Chapter 2059: White Tiger continent

“What’s the matter? Take your time, don’t rush!”

Chen Xiaobei frowned. He could already guess that Jin Fei’s trouble must have something to do with heaven dominating faction.

Quot; I just arrived at The White Tiger continent today to collect my debt. I found out that everyone was trying to catch the beixuan rebellion! Quot; Jin Fei said. Besides, the few Chambers of Commerce that were working with bei Xuan faction have all been seized!”

Nbsp; ” if those Chambers of Commerce want to live, they have to hand over all of bei Xuan faction’s money to heaven dominating faction. They also have to publicly announce that they have broken off relations with bei Xuan faction and will never work with us again! Quot;

Nbsp; ” as expected, it is heaven dominating faction! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said coldly, ” “Wait for me there, I’ll rush over as soon as possible!”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Xiaobei explained the situation to elder Xia and asked him to protect the Chamber of Commerce that was working with bei Xuan faction.

After all, they were still the ‘traitors of beixuan’.

After saying goodbye to elder Xia, Chen Xiaobei activated the returning bracelet and returned to bei Xuan faction.

One must know that the income from live broadcasting was not a small amount.

All in all, bei Xuan faction needed to collect five trillion lower spiritual stones from the live broadcast.

Chen Xiaobei only had 31 trillion low-grade spiritual stones in his own vault.

The five trillion Yuan was equivalent to one-sixth of Chen Xiaobei’s total assets. He could not give up on it no matter what!

Furthermore, if Chen Xiaobei did not take back the spiritual stones, heaven dominating faction would benefit from it! Chen Xiaobei would never accept this!

This five trillion had to be taken back!

Even if it had already been taken by heaven dominating faction, Chen Xiaobei would take it back and make them pay interest!

On The White Tiger continent.

Chen Xiaobei was wearing the human-skinned mask as he walked through the majestic white Tiger Royal City.

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Before this, Chen Xiaobei did not know much about The White Tiger continent. Only after he arrived did he realize that the people of The White Tiger continent were all orcs!

There was a cute rabbit girl with long ears, a strong Tauren, a clever monkey Boy, a demonic half-snake person …

There were all kinds of things, only things that one couldn’t think of, but there was nothing that one couldn’t see!

“My little fox … Have you been born yet?”

As he walked on the street, Chen Xiaobei thought of someone. It was the reincarnated Daji, little fox.

Chen Xiaobei had never forgotten the woman who had died for him.

Chen Xiaobei wanted to get her back all the time.

However, goddess nüwa had already made it clear that the opportunity to find little fox was in the earth immortal world, in the weapon Mystic sect!

And the secret of the weapon Mystic sect could only be unraveled by nine pieces of the weapon Mystic token!

Right now, Chen Xiaobei only had two Mystic weapon tokens. He still had a long way to go before he could unlock the secret and find little fox.

“This is not the time to miss the little fox!”

Chen Xiaobei cleared his mind and said, ” Quot; this White Tiger Capital city seems to have undergone some great changes. I have to find Jin Fei first! Quot;

Just as Chen Xiaobei had said, something big had happened in White Tiger Royal City!

The people on the streets were all in a hurry, their eyes filled with panic.

Apart from the civilians, teams of Beastman Warriors could be seen everywhere.

These Warriors were all wearing heavy armor and holding war blades. They looked like they were ready to fight at any moment.

The main point was that in some of the better areas, many luxurious courtyards had been sealed, and there were orc Warriors guarding the doors.

“Jin Fei only said that the Chamber of Commerce has been seized … What’s up with these manors?”

‘These manors are all located in the best parts of the Imperial City, and they are extremely luxurious! Some of the houses are even more beautiful than Xia Longxiang’s Prince’s residence. How can the people of the Chamber of Commerce live in such houses?”

“Other than working with the Chamber of Commerce, there shouldn’t be anyone on The White Tiger continent who has any relationship with my bei Xuan faction. Furthermore, the ones guarding the door are the beastmen soldiers, not heaven dominating faction disciples!”

“In other words, these houses weren’t sealed by heaven dominating faction, but by the beastmen themselves! And the owners of these manors must have committed some heinous crime to have their houses sealed and seized!”

Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows and said, ” “Forget it, I can’t be a busybody. Finding Jin Fei is more important!”

Chen Xiaobei dispelled his thoughts and headed to the address that Jin Fei had given him.

It was a small Tavern. On the surface, it looked very unremarkable. There were all kinds of guests inside, so it was quite safe to meet here.

However, just as Chen Xiaobei was about to enter the restaurant, he heard the growls of beasts all around him.

A few orc Warriors with wolf heads and human bodies were staring at Chen Xiaobei. They clenched their sabers and surrounded him.

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. He was wearing a human skin mask and he did not do anything wrong. Why were these Wolf-headed people targeting him?

Chen Xiaobei scanned them with his netherspirit battlescouter. These Wolf-headed people were not that strong. Chen Xiaobei could take care of them easily.

But on this busy street, if things got out of hand, it would definitely bring Chen Xiaobei endless trouble.

Chen Xiaobei did not know whether to fight or not. He was in a dilemma.

“Brothers of the Mad Wolf Army, it’s been hard on you patrolling! Did you find anything?”

Just as Chen Xiaobei was feeling troubled, a woman’s voice came from not too far away.

He looked toward the source of the voice and saw a young woman with wheat-colored skin and a cheetah’s tail walking over with a smile.

Her facial features were very delicate, and her figure was perfect. Her wheat-colored skin made her look very sunny and healthy.

“So it’s Princess Edina!”

The wolf-headed people cupped their hands and saluted. The captain said in a low voice, ” Quot; we felt that the kid’s aura was very similar to Chen Zhufeng’s. We were planning to go and confirm it! Quot;

“What’s there to confirm?”

Quot; look at that kid, ” Idina laughed. Quot; he’s so silly. He’s scared by you! Quot; If it really was Chen Zhufeng, you guys would be lying on the ground!”

The werewolf Captain nodded and said, ” “What the princess said makes sense, but there’s nothing wrong with confirming it.”

Edina shook her head and said in a low voice, ” “There’s no need to confirm. You’ve all been working very hard these days! When he could be lazy, he would be! Capturing Chen Zhufeng is heaven dominating faction’s mission. We don’t have to put in so much effort!”

“The princess is right! Chen Zhufeng is not our enemy anyway! Let heaven dominating sect have their own headache!” The Wolfman Warriors grinned and left.

With a bright smile on her face, she walked towards Chen Xiaobei and said, ” Quot; Childe Chen, long time no see! Quot;