Chapter 2062 - third treasure chest

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Chapter 2062: Chapter 2063-third treasure chest

On the sofa, Ximen Junda was a little tired. He stretched lazily, got up, walked to the side of the bed, and lay down.

Chen Xiaobei had been hiding for a long time, waiting for this opportunity.

Chen Xiaobei walked slowly to the coffee table and made sure that Ximen Junda was resting with his eyes closed.

Chen Xiaobei opened the small box on the coffee table, and with a wave of his hand, all the energy recovery pills in the box were stored into his infinite space ring.

After that, Chen Xiaobei took out a similar amount of low-level heavenly dog biscuit and placed them back into the small box.

Because of its different appearance, Chen Xiaobei took out a prosperous monkey fur and blew on it. The box of dog food instantly became exactly the same as the energy recovery pill.

“Hehe! Everything was in place! We’re only lacking the eastern wind!”

Chen Xiaobei chuckled to himself, closed the box, and quietly stepped aside.

“Hmm … My true Qi is being consumed so quickly …”

After a while, Ximen Junda got out of bed again. He walked to the coffee table and picked up the small box.

“This is a special period! Caution is the parent of safety!”

Ximen Junda took out a pill from the box and put it into his mouth. He said proudly, ” “With these Qi regeneration pills, no matter how powerful Chen Zhufeng’s poison is, he won’t be able to hurt me! I really have great foresight! Hehe … Eh? Hmm …”

Before he could finish his words, Ximen Junda’s protective true origin completely disappeared!

Then, Ximen Junda’s eyes became dull and lifeless. His expression was completely stiff as he shouted mechanically, ” “Master … Master …”

“Good dog! I am your master!” Chen Xiaobei took off his grimacing mask and revealed his true form, smiling evilly.

“Ximen Junda greets the master!”

Very quickly, the master recognition was completed and Ximen Junda regained his consciousness. But now, he had become Chen Xiaobei’s loyal dog.

Quot; yes, wait at the side. I’m going to start the livestream. Quot; Chen Xiaobei waved his hand and took out his phone.

He turned on his phone.

He entered the live streaming software and sent a group message.

Anyone who had followed Chen Xiaobei could receive the message and come to support him.

Bro bei is live streaming! I’ll grab the sofa! Wakaka …

Bro bei! What are you planning to broadcast to us today? I’m looking forward to it!

Bro bei’s livestream must be the best!

“My brothers! Good evening! I’m your friend! I’m your friend!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned and said, ” “My current location is The White Tiger continent! Guys, make a guess. Let’s see if you can guess the content of today’s live broadcast!”

Bro bei! Are you trying to fool us? You were still on the Black Tortoise continent during the day, and now you’re going to The White Tiger continent? This didn’t make sense!

Bro bei wasn’t lying! I heard that on The White Tiger continent, all the Chambers of Commerce that worked with bei Xuan faction have been seized! Bro bei was definitely going to get even with heaven dominating faction!

Yingluo-this is impossible! Judging from bro bei’s expression, he had not made a move yet! Nbsp; wouldn’t the live broadcast make heaven covering sect more prepared?

Yingluo, yes! Bro bei was not stupid. He would not let the enemy know his plan in advance!

My bro bei is so smart! He would never make such a stupid mistake!

Nbsp; ” you’re half right. I am indeed livestreaming heaven dominating faction! Quot;

“But, you’re half right!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. Nbsp; I will tell everyone now, I will clear out the Treasury of heaven dominating faction’s white Tiger branch! Nbsp; if there were people from heaven dominating faction watching the live broadcast, then they had better be prepared! I’m going to take action!”

What the f * ck! Bro bei! You’re too arrogant! Nbsp; this was a complete provocation to heaven dominating sect! This was a blatant challenge!

Yingying peed without holding onto the wall! I only respect my bro bei! Quot; if heaven dominating sect closes down their Chamber of Commerce in the day, my bro bei will come back for revenge at night!

Bro bei is-real man! A slap in the face doesn’t come overnight! Nbsp; heaven covering sect dared to block the Chamber of Commerce, causing us to be unable to top up and buy gifts! Bro bei could smash their faces in minutes!

Nbsp; seeing bro bei destroy Black Tortoise’s branch in the day, he had already slapped heaven dominating faction in the face! [ now you want to continue? so cruel, so heartless. I’ll mourn for heaven dominating faction for three minutes! ]

“My brothers! No more nonsense! Everyone, sit tight! It’s time to start!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his brows and smiled evilly. Quot; Quot; next, let me lead everyone to start the exciting treasure-clearing operation! Quot;

The operation to clear the treasure vault! Bro bei! He knew how to play! 666

I beg for the shadow in the heart of heaven dominating sect’s higher-ups! Hahaha … Nbsp;

Xuanji bro bei, you’re so bad! But I love it! ‘Hurry, hurry … Ah … Don’t stop …’

Chen Xiaobei gave Ximen Junda look, and Ximen Junda immediately took the hint and led the way.

Ximen Junda was very clear about the location of the treasure vault. The key to the door was also in his hands.

His journey was unimpeded all the way until the treasure vault was opened. He did not encounter any obstacles and everything was extremely smooth.

Bro bei! You’re cheating! How could he open the Treasury so easily?

Bro bei! Who was the person who opened the door? His back looked a little familiar!

What’s going on with Yingluo? Bro bei! Who helped you open the door? Let him turn around for us to see!

Quot; the person who opened the door is the mystery guest of today’s livestream. Everyone, don’t ask about his identity yet. The answer will be revealed later! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei strode into the vault and grinned. Quot; Quot; the operation to clear the treasure vault has officially begun! Quot;

The resources in this Treasury were similar to the Treasury of the Black Tortoise branch.

They had just broadcasted the emptying of the treasure house during the day. Now that they were broadcasting it again, the audience’s enthusiasm had obviously dropped. There was not much fresh feeling.

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei increased the speed of clearing the area.

Medicinal herbs, pills, earth-god items, earth-god instruments … All of these were things that the Black Tortoise’s branch had. Chen Xiaobei took a quick look at them and then kept them.

“Next up is the main event!”

Chen Xiaobei pointed the camera forward and said excitedly, ” “What Do You See? That’s right! It was a mountain range made of spirit stones! There are spirit stones from both heaven dominating faction and Bei Xuan faction! Isn’t the continuous mountain range a magnificent sight?”

What the f * ck! How many spirit stones were there? My eyes are playing tricks on me!

There were at least 100 million middle-grade spirit stones in the Kasaya! There were more than a trillion low-grade spiritual stones! It really formed a mountain range!

Yingluo was so f * cking cool! Nbsp; I really want to see the expressions of the heaven dominating sect’s higher ups when they found out that the Treasury was cleared!

If I was a higher-up in heaven dominating faction, I would definitely vomit blood!

Bro bei had beaten the face of heaven dominating faction to a pulp! His illustrious reputation had completely collapsed! Even vomiting blood out of anger was considered light! Nbsp; heaven dominating faction’s ancestor’s coffin couldn’t even be pressed down!

With a wave of his hand, Chen Xiaobei collected all the spiritual stones and continued to walk forward, ” “There are three more treasure chests! Let’s open it together and see what’s inside!”

The first treasure chest was a two-star earth-god medicine, but Chen Xiaobei and the audience did not care much about it.

The second treasure chest contained a pill. Ximen Junda whispered that it could increase one’s lifespan. Chen Xiaobei noted it down and accepted it. The audience was not very excited either!

The moment the third treasure chest was opened!

Chen Xiaobei and many of the audience members were shocked!