Chapter 2063 - immortal level technique

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Chapter 2063: Chapter 2064-immortal level technique

There was a palm-sized jade talisman in the chest!

The Jade talisman was green-blue in color and glistened with spiritual energy. On the front of the talisman were engraved the ancient characters ” star of ten thousand beasts “!

Chen Xiaobei did not know what to say.

Fortunately, there were more than one billion people in the audience, and naturally, a small number of people knew the truth.

Oh my God! Could this be the legendary strongest ‘battle technique’ of the human-beast hybrid clan?

Yingluo was right! The ten thousand beast Star Battle technique was the legendary battle technique created by the beast God!

Wufu must have been pocketed by the chapter leader, Ximen Junda! Nbsp; otherwise, such a rare battle art would have been in the Treasury of heaven dominating faction!

No! A celestial level ‘battle technique’! Even in the headquarters of heaven dominating faction, it would be a top treasure!

Xuanji, Ximen Junda’s guts are too fat! He actually kept “star of ten thousand beasts” for himself and didn’t hand it over! This is great, my bro bei has it easy! Wakaka …

A treasure like the Kasaya, bro bei must have it! Nbsp; I bet that the higher-ups of heaven dominating faction would want to beat Ximen Junda up 10000 times!

“Brothers, take it easy! What exactly is this ‘battle technique’? ”

Chen Xiaobei picked up the Jade talisman and started to communicate with it.

Bro bei doesn’t know about it?” Battle tactics were cultivation techniques that were created for battle!

Under normal circumstances, the cultivation techniques that we come into contact with the most are cultivation-type techniques, which are used to improve cultivation!

When people could not improve their cultivation, they would start to pursue external power! For example, magical treasures, Dharmakaya, secret skills, battle tactics …

To put it simply, in a battle between two people of the same cultivation, the one with the better magical treasure would naturally have a higher chance of winning! If one’s cultivation and magical treasure were the same, then the person who could use the ‘battle technique’ would have a higher chance of winning!

From the audience’s comments and the spiritual communication with the Jade talisman, Chen Xiaobei was certain that the astral beast combat technique was a combat skill that could be learned through learning.

As for the star of ten thousand beasts, it was a battle technique similar to the absolute kick and great shift of bones and muscles!

In other words, battle tactics would not increase one’s cultivation, but they could increase one’s combat strength, giving one a higher chance of winning in a battle of the same level!

“This is what I need the most right now!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up, and he was secretly pleased.

In apocalypse Starfield, a five-star earth-god instrument was the most powerful weapon.

This way, when Chen Xiaobei fought against a strong enemy, it would be a 5-star fight and he would have a 50 – 50 chance of winning.

But if Chen Xiaobei could learn the astral beast combat technique, his combat power would be enhanced, and he would be able to suppress his opponent, increasing his chances of winning!

Chen Xiaobei was now facing heaven dominating faction head-on, and the enemy was getting stronger and stronger. The star of ten thousand beasts was an important gain for Chen Xiaobei!

Without hesitation, Chen Xiaobei kept the Jade talisman.

Bro bei! The treasure vault has been emptied by you again! Is it time to turn off the live broadcast?

Bro bei, please broadcast a little longer! We can’t bear to part with you!

But there’s nothing else for Wanwan to broadcast!

“My brothers! Don’t panic! The show is just beginning!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and said, ” “Have you all forgotten? When the stream started, I declared war on heaven dominating faction!”

Yingluo-yes! We almost forgot! Bro bei had given them an advance warning! Nbsp; at this moment, heaven dominating sect’s people were definitely lying in ambush outside the Treasury!

Did this mean that bro bei was going to start a war as soon as he left? Oh my God! It had to be four times thicker!

Bro bei isn’t even panicking, so why should we? Bro bei led the way. It was safe and cool!

“Sit tight! Let’s start!”

Chen Xiaobei grinned and walked out of the vault.

As expected! At this moment, the Treasury was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of White Tiger branch disciples.

The two chapter leaders and ten core elders stood at the front of the crowd.

All of them had their ethereal force protecting them from Chen Xiaobei’s poison.

Furthermore, the sky shrouding formation had been set up in advance. Once Chen Xiaobei came out, it would immediately trap him.

“Brother Wang, could Chen Zhufeng have already run away? Why didn’t you come out after such a long time?” Xiao dingguang, one of the branch leaders, asked with a frown.

The other branch leader, Wang Yijian, shook his head and said,”He shouldn’t be able to escape. The Treasury is underground, so he can only dig a hole! Moreover, he said it on the live broadcast that he declared war on us. Why would he run away without fighting?”

“Okay, then we’ll wait a little longer!” Xiao dingguang squinted his eyes and said, ” anyway, we’ve already made preparations. We’re not afraid of him poisoning us. We’ve also set up an inescapable net. Once he comes out, he’ll walk right into the trap! Quot;

Quot; of course! Quot; Wang Yijian grinned. Quot; we’re well prepared this time. Chen Zhufeng won’t be able to leave this place! Quot; I’m afraid he won’t dare to come!”

Quot; in my dictionary, there is no such thing as ‘I wouldn’t dare’! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei stepped out of the secret underground tunnel and appeared in front of everyone.

Quot; Chen … Chen Zhufeng!!! Quot;

In an instant, everyone’s pupils, including Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang, contracted, their hearts beat faster, their breaths were short, and their palms were sweating.

Even though they had already made sufficient preparations and thought that they would definitely win.

However, the moment Chen Xiaobei appeared, they could not help but feel fear in their hearts.

After all, everything that Chen Xiaobei had done before was shocking.

Nbsp; especially the people from heaven dominating faction, their expressions had even changed when they talked about Chen Zhufeng! The fear was completely out of instinct.

“Don’t panic! Everyone, don’t panic!”

Wang Yijian composed himself and said seriously, ” “Chen Zhufeng is very strong! But now, he has wormed his way into our trap! Once the “heaven shrouding formation” is activated, he will be killed in an instant!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Everyone, no need to slap!”

Quot; that Chen Zhufeng is so arrogant! He doesn’t know how high the sky is! Today, we will make him pay for his arrogance! Quot; Xiao dingguang quickly chimed in.

All of a sudden, the morale of the entire battlefield was greatly boosted. The fear in the hearts of more than 100000 people was swept away, and their fighting spirit was ignited.

“Can I say something?” Chen Xiaobei’s expression did not change.

“You’re going to die soon anyway, so I’ll give you a chance to say your last words!” Wang Yijian grinned hideously.

Quot; I heard from a friend that … Quot; Chen Xiaobei scanned the room and said, ” “The beastmen will be defeated if they know kindness! What do you all think?”

As soon as he said that, the hundreds of thousands of young men of the beast clan were all stunned.