Chapter 2064 - breaking the array

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Chapter 2064: Chapter 2064-breaking the array

Quot; I don’t dare to say that I’m indebted to all of you, but most of you owe me a favor! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei stood there with a confident smile on his face, looking as if he had everything under control.

As soon as he said that, the hundreds of thousands of people at the scene were speechless.

After all, Chen Xiaobei had saved one billion people from the demonic nation. Not to mention the 800 million slaves, the remaining 200 million were all members of the major forces in apocalypse Starfield!

Out of these 200 million people, about a quarter of them came from The White Tiger continent!

Those who had the ability to dig for treasures on the devil earth continent were at least upper-middle tier factions on The White Tiger continent.

Nbsp; these young people who had the right to join The White Tiger Division were all the descendants of The White Tiger continent’s upper-class factions!

This meant that the people that Chen Xiaobei had saved from The White Tiger continent were the relatives of the hundreds of thousands of young disciples!

“That’s right! We all owe sect leader Chen a favor!”

A disciple who was as strong as a lion blushed and said with shame, ” “Faction leader Chen saved 13 male members of our family. My father, elder brother, uncle, and uncle were all among them! I still want to kill Chen Zhufeng … I deserve to die!”

The burly disciple threw away the battleaxe in his hand and knelt down on one knee. He said solemnly, ” “Beastmen! He knew to repay kindness! I’m willing to return my life to sect leader Chen!”

On the other side, a rabbit woman also threw away the long sword in her hand and knelt on one knee,”Sect leader Chen, save nineteen of my family members! Returning kindness with ingratitude was going against the totem pattern! The great beast deity will curse my soul! I will never be at peace! Sect leader Chen! My life is here, if you want it, then take it! I’ll just repay you then!”

“Repaying kindness with enmity! Repaying kindness with enmity! This is a slap to our faces!”

Another young man of the ape clan said with shame, ” “Sect leader Chen, save our family! If we return kindness with ingratitude! How could he still have the face to live in this world! How can you still have the face to go back and see your family!”

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

All of a sudden, tens of thousands of young orcs threw down their weapons and kneeled before Chen Xiaobei.

Without a doubt, the belief of the orcs was above everything else!

Even the aristocrats of The White Tiger Capital city would have their noble status abolished and all their property confiscated after violating the totem iron rule!

One could only imagine how sacred the totem metal laws were in the hearts of the orcs!

Not to mention, there was still the beast God who stood proudly on the top of the ten thousand beast totem!

Almost all of the beastmen on The White Tiger continent were loyal followers of the beast God!

As the spokesperson of the beast God, the Council of Elders could cripple the aristocrats with a single word! This was equivalent to crippling The White Tiger Capital city’s royal authority!

Nbsp; similarly, if heaven dominating faction dared to offend the beast God, the elder Council could make the entire White Tiger continent fight against heaven dominating faction!

Chen Xiaobei was using this unique point of the orcs to make hundreds of thousands of disciples give up the battle in the name of the beast God!

As long as their faith was sincere enough, they would definitely put down their weapons! Even if someone had a knife to their necks, they would not make an enemy out of Chen Xiaobei!

“Get up! All of you, get up!”

Wang Yijian’s face was livid. He stomped his feet and cursed,”You’re disciples of heaven dominating faction! How could he kneel to the enemy! Quickly get up! You bunch of idiots!”

“F * ck! You guys are rebelling!”

“According to the sect rules, those who retreat in the face of battle will be whipped a hundred times!” Xiao dingguang also roared. If you kneel to the enemy, your crime will be doubled, and you will be whipped three hundred times! Whoever still dares to kneel, three hundred whips will be enough to take your life!

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang flew into a rage and threatened to die. However, no one stood up. Instead, more people threw away their weapons and knelt on one knee.

Die-hard believers were believers who could defend their faith with their lives!

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang’s threats were like farts in front of people who were willing to risk their lives. Besides being disgusting, they were useless.

Soon, almost all of the 100000 young men knelt down. The mighty heaven shrouding formation was destroyed without any attack, just like it had been at the Black Tortoise branch!

What the f * ck! Bro bei was so cool! One sentence and he broke the [ heaven shrouding great formation ]! His mouth was invincible!

Xuanji bro bei is really too brilliant! Attacking the heart was a hundred and eight thousand times easier than attacking the formation!

But then again! The beastmen had a backbone!

Yingluo-yes! In apocalypse Starfield, the only ones who dared to fight against heaven dominating faction were the orc tribe!

The young men of the great Qin Dynasty! Good job! I’m also a Beastman! I’m proud of you!

Yingluo, I’m also an orc! My son is at the scene! It is the honor of our family to die to repay our kindness!

The bi ‘an orc race! He knew to repay kindness! The great beast deity is with you!

“A bunch of idiots! I think you won’t shed tears until you see the coffin!”

“Tenth elder, hear my order!” Wang Yijian roared. Everyone who kneels on the ground will be punished according to the crime of a traitor and killed without mercy!”

Obviously, Wang Yijian wanted to kill a few people to make an example of the others. He wanted to kill a small number of people to make the majority yield in fear!

“Clang! Clang! Clang …”

The ten core elders all took out their weapons and were about to attack when something happened!

“Beastmen! You must repay a debt of gratitude!”

Ximen Junda ran away and kneeled beside Chen Xiaobei. Quot; “Tenth elder! You are all the same as me, the people of the beast clan! Are you really going to give up your faith for heaven dominating sect?”

Quot; branch leader Ximen!? Quot;

In an instant, Wang Yijian, Xiao dingguang, the tenth elder, more than a hundred thousand disciples, and more than a billion viewers were all dumbfounded.

“Everyone, put down your weapons! Sect leader Chen is our benefactor!”

Ximen Junda took out his branch leader’s token and raised it high.”As a Beastman! I’d rather not be this lousy branch leader than repay kindness with ingratitude!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ximen Junda activated his vital essence and directly crushed the token.

In an instant, the entire place was deathly silent!

Everyone was stunned. They never dreamed that Ximen Junda would do such a thing.

After a moment of silence, wild cheers erupted in the silence.

“Branch leader Ximen! Well done! Nbsp; heaven dominating sect forced us to repay kindness with enmity! They even want to kill us! We don’t want to be disciples anymore!”

The burly disciple also took out his own token and crushed it!

“Right! Nbsp; heaven dominating sect disciples, we don’t want to be anymore! Our beast clan! He should be this crazy!”

“That’s right! Wang Yijian said we are traitors! We will betray heaven dominating sect!”

“F * ck your heaven shrouding sect! We won’t serve you anymore!”

All of a sudden, almost all the young orcs took out their tokens and crushed them.

“Sect leader Chen! We were wrong! Your life is here, if you want it, you can take it!”

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Even the ten core elders knelt down on one knee and personally crushed the token.

The one billion viewers in the livestream exploded at the sight of this!