Chapter 2065 - a small test

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Chapter 2065: Chapter 2066-a small test

* ******** Bro bei was going to blow up the sky! First clear the Treasury, then instigate the disciples to defect! This was equivalent to uprooting The White Tiger branch!

Within one day, Xuanji destroyed two of heaven dominating faction’s branches! It was simply insanely cool!

I feel like I’m dreaming! Nbsp; in the eyes of normal people, heaven dominating sect was an unshakeable giant! Nbsp; but in bro bei’s hands, heaven dominating faction was like a paper tiger!

Tao Wu is too awesome! In the beginning, no one was optimistic about bro bei’s chances! Nbsp; but now, bro bei had used the truth to prove that he was not just bragging. He could really do it!

I’m bro bei’s die-hard fan! He was waiting for bei Xuan faction to become the first in the myriad tribulations!

I’ll never regret being a fan of bro bei! The Golden scales transforming into a Dragon wasn’t a dream!

Bro bei is first! Number one in North Mystic!

“This … This, this, this …”

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang were like two pieces of wood, frozen in place. Their faces were green, and their lower abdomens were numb and swollen. They almost peed.

“You two, don’t just stand there!”

“I’ll give you a chance to say your last words!” Hold on tight!”

Quot; sect … Sect leader Chen, please spare me … Please spare me … Quot;

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang knew that they were no match for Chen Xiaobei, so they both surrendered and begged for mercy, ” Nbsp; ” we are also willing to break the token and leave heaven dominating sect … Please, sect leader Chen, let us live … Quot;

“Other people can live, but you two can’t!”

Chen Xiaobei rejected her immediately, his dark eyes empty and emotionless. Quot; Quot; first of all, you two are not from the orc clan. I don’t believe that you two would be so honest! Quot;

“Secondly, you two gave the order to kill all the ordinary disciples! It’s clear that the two of you are ruthless and heartless! I have no reason to spare you!”

The hundreds of thousands of people around him nodded in agreement.

They just did not want to return Chen Xiaobei’s kindness with ingratitude, but Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang wanted to kill them all!

At this moment, Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang were in a dangerous situation. Of course, everyone would only think that they deserved to die!

“Chen Zhufeng! Don’t force us!”

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang both took out their earth-god instruments and said with gritted teeth, ” “Even a rabbit would kick an Eagle when it’s anxious! If you force us, we’ll risk our lives for you!”

“Heh, a rabbit can kick an Eagle, but what can an ant do?” Chen Xiaobei smiled disdainfully, not taking the two of them seriously at all.

“You … You dare to call us ants!”

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang were so angry that they wanted to vomit blood. They clenched their earth-god instruments and roared, ” “Since you’re not willing to let us live, we’ll fight you to the death!”

Before he finished speaking, the earth-god instruments in Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang’s hands were activated at the same time.

Both of them were three-star earth-god instruments and were extremely powerful. As soon as they were activated, the entire space was filled with chaotic fluctuations of true essence.

Strong winds blew in all directions, rolling up thick clouds and blocking the bright moon in the sky. The entire space dimmed as if it was about to be swallowed by darkness!

Wang Yijian’s earth-god instrument conjured a black wind monster with three heads like wolves and a body like a tiger. It came down from the sky and charged at Chen Xiaobei!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh …”

Xiao dingguang’s earth-god instrument conjured a Dharma image of a red flaming tower. The tower was a hundred meters tall, and red flames burst out of it. Like a meteor, it covered the sky and the earth as it flew toward Chen Xiaobei!

“Sect leader Chen! Be careful!”

The hundreds of thousands of people at the scene couldn’t help but exclaim.

The one billion viewers in the livestream were also shocked and worried for Chen Xiaobei.

“Calm down! Look at all of you, you’ve never seen the world!”

Ten billion low-grade spiritual stones poured out of Chen Xiaobei like a waterfall.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang …”

His ethereal force crushed all the spiritual stones, and the ten billion low-grade spiritual Qi exploded like a volcano, filling the space around Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei waved his hand and a three-foot long sword appeared in his hand. Ten billion spiritual Qi was injected into the sword!

Swish … Swish … Quot;

In the next moment, a pale yellow lightning appeared on the sword, circling around the sword and twisting!

Quot; die! Quot; Chen Xiaobei roared. Ten billion worth of spiritual Qi was used up, and the power of a five-star earth-god was activated.

The tiny lightning bolts suddenly expanded and condensed into a Thunder Dragon that soared three hundred meters high!

In an instant, the lightning transformed and gradually evolved into the Dharma form of an extremely violent Demon King!

The Demon King’s body was covered in Rolling Thunder. His eyes were like lightning balls, his wings were like a lightning net, and his four arms and four legs had claws comparable to that of a fierce beast!

This was the Dharma idol of the limitless demon nation’s wildthunder King!

The sword in Chen Xiaobei’s hand was the five-star earth-god level Raging Thunder King Sword!

“My God … What … What the hell is that …”

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang screamed at the same time. Their hearts trembled, their pupils contracted uncontrollably, and cold sweat poured down their faces. Their hands went soft, and they couldn’t even hold the earth-god instrument firmly.

Obviously, the Furious Thunder King Sword was like using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken to deal with Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang!

However, Chen Xiaobei had just obtained the demonic sword. He wanted to feel its power, and at the same time, he wanted to end the battle as soon as possible!

The Thunder King Dharma power flapped its wings, and two huge balls of Thunder burst out, crushing toward the black wind troll and the red flaming Pagoda!

The wildthunder King was 300m tall, while the other two were only 100m tall!

The two Thunder slices came crashing down like two huge fists, smashing at two babies!

With two loud bangs, the black wind troll and the red flaming Pagoda were both shattered!

In the face of absolute power, they didn’t even have the slightest resistance!

Quot; mercy … Faction leader Chen … Please spare me … Quot;

Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang screamed hysterically at the same time when they saw the scene in front of them.

Their apparitions had already been shattered, but the power of the thunderballs didn’t decrease at all! He had no other choice but to beg for mercy!

However, Chen Xiaobei had already sentenced them to death. Even if they screamed their lungs out, they would not be able to get their lives back!

The Thunderball, with its terrifying power and speed, descended directly on the heads of Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang!

The violent Thunder directly shattered Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang’s protective Zhen Yuan!

Their bodies exploded the moment they were touched by the lightning like firecrackers!

In the blink of an eye, Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang, the two vice-leaders of White Tiger branch, were turned into charred bones and rotten flesh on the ground. They were completely dead without an intact corpse!

“It’s indeed a violent and domineering killing weapon! Good! Very good!”

Chen Xiaobei was very satisfied with the berserk Thunder King sword’s destructive power. He grinned at the screen. Quot; “My dear brothers, did my sword strike make you guys handsome?”

In an instant, the audience exploded again.