Chapter 2066 - full harvest

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Chapter 2066: Chapter 2066-full harvest

Bro bei! You’re so handsome! He was so handsome! It was true!

Wanwan’s sword attack just now was too cool! It’s a pity that I can’t top-up now. Otherwise, I’d buy 66 ‘heaven-immortal artifacts’ directly!

Bro bei! It was insanely cool!

Qingqing pees without holding onto the wall, she only respects my bro bei!

“Hahaha! Alright! My dear brothers, today’s live broadcast has come to an end! Everyone, go to bed early. Tomorrow is another wonderful day!”

Chen Xiaobei bade farewell to the audience and closed the stream.

After all, there wasn’t much content left for the live broadcast, so the audience went back to their homes to their heart’s content.

Chen Xiaobei released two more streams of ethereal force and took Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang’s earth-god instruments into his hands.

They were two three-star earth-god instruments, perfect for melting down!

[ new believers: 2.9 billion ] The total number of believers was 5.9 billion! (Only ‘100 million’ as the unit, the rest of the numbers are not calculated in detail.)

“Damn! It seems that the two livestreams today have some unexpected gains!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Quot; this way, I’m only missing the last 100 million believers. Then I can choose ten Level 3 cultivation halos. Quot; Once the spiritual aura of heaven and earth is refined, my cultivation will soar!”

[ding! You have eliminated the third generation villain. You have been rewarded with 30000 merit points!]

[your current merit points are 1040300000 (charm: 104030000, luck: 104030000)!

Killing Wang Yijian and Xiao dingguang had earned Chen Xiaobei another wave of merit points.

All in all, Chen Xiaobei had earned the most today!

Four three-star earth-god instruments! Two medium-sized Treasuries! 100 million followers, and the number would increase in the future! In the end, the 60000 merit points could be ignored!

One word was awesome!

“Bro bei! If there’s nothing else, you can leave too!”

At this moment, Ximen Junda said in a low voice, ” “I’m guessing that the higher-ups of heaven dominating faction are already on their way here! They’ve been gathering in the Black Tortoise continent during the day. As long as they use the teleportation array, they’ll be able to quickly arrive!”

Chen Xiaobei did not respond to Ximen Junda. Instead, he looked at the crowd and asked, ” “The higher-ups of heaven dominating faction are here to catch me! Are you all willing to fight with me?”

“Bro bei! You must be joking!”

Quot; what? ” Ximen Junda panicked on the spot, ” the higher-ups of heaven dominating sect are all in the late stage of the spirit forging stage! Quot; And most of them had four or five-star earth-god instruments! If you ask these young disciples to fight, then you’re sending them to their deaths!”

“Beastmen! You must repay a debt of gratitude!”

Who knew that the hundreds of thousands of people around him actually shouted in unison, ” “As long as sect leader Chen gives the word, we are willing to risk our lives to fight! Those who die in battle will glorify our clan’s emblem! The beast God will always be with us!”

Quot; this … Quot; Ximen Junda was instantly stunned.

He did not expect Chen Xiaobei to have such a huge influence! With just one sentence, he could make hundreds of thousands of people willingly die!

Of course, Ximen Junda did not know that Chen Xiaobei’s ability to rally supporters was not only because he was a benefactor to the orcs, but also because of his charm!

At this moment, Chen Xiaobei could easily win the trust and favor of others. Once he established a friendly relationship, no matter what he said, he could easily move others!

To these orcs, whose faith was above everything else, they were willing to give up their lives with just one word from Chen Xiaobei!

Of course, Chen Xiaobei would never do that!

“Everyone has misunderstood!”

Quot; what I mean by ‘fight with me’ is for everyone to follow me and destroy this White Tiger branch! Quot; Chen Xiaobei grinned.

“What? It’s … It’s that simple?” Everyone’s expression froze, very surprised.

“Right! It’s that simple!”

“Everyone’s life is precious!” Chen Xiaobei said. I will not let everyone fight an impossible battle! Just like how I won’t let innocent people die under the demonic sect’s schemes! Let’s Move! Tear down this damn place, and then we’ll go back to our own homes!”

“As you command! Everyone, get moving! Hurry, hurry, hurry …”

The 100,000 people immediately took action, and within a few minutes, The White Tiger branch was reduced to ruins.

At this point, The White Tiger continent’s situation was exactly the same as the Black Tortoise continent!

Nbsp; 100000 disciples broke off from heaven dominating sect!

Nbsp; the next step was for all the middle and upper class factions to break off from heaven dominating sect!

As long as Chen Xiaobei was elected as the new white Tiger King, he would be able to combine the power of the Black Tortoise and white Tiger!

Chen Xiaobei occupied two of the four continents in apocalypse Starfield, which meant that he had split the world with heaven dominating faction!

After that, Chen Xiaobei left The White Tiger branch.

With the mask on, Chen Xiaobei had completely hidden his identity!

It was not that Chen Xiaobei did not dare to fight, but he was worried that if he did, it would affect the selection of The White Tiger King. That would affect Chen Xiaobei’s chances of obtaining the sunflower water King blade!

Because of that, Chen Xiaobei decided not to go head to head with heaven dominating faction for the time being. He put The White Tiger contest as his top priority!

Once he became the new white Tiger King, Chen Xiaobei would be able to obtain the kui water killing King Sword and split the world with heaven dominating faction! Just thinking about it made him feel great!

Chen Xiaobei and Liu xuanxin made a call.

Liu xuanxin said that she was watching Chen Xiaobei’s livestream in the inn while having supper.

Chen Xiaobei told her that the weather was getting colder and asked her to eat something warm, but not too much, or she would gain weight.

It was just the most ordinary chit-chat, but a warm and sweet feeling was gradually brewing between the two.

Chen Xiaobei even felt that he and Liu xuanxin were like a couple in a long-distance relationship.

It was obviously nothing important, but he was always willing to talk to the other party for a long time. If the call didn’t go through, it was as if something was missing, and his heart would be empty the entire day.

Of course, this was not the time for him to enjoy his life. Chen Xiaobei still had many important things to do.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Xiaobei rushed to Idina’s house.

As soon as she entered, Idina couldn’t help but exclaim, ” “Childe Chen! I’m really impressed with you today! Your livestream is simply too hot! My blood is boiling!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you so surprised?” Chen Xiaobei smiled.

“You’re so, so, so, so awesome!”

Little stars twinkled in Edina’s eyes,’I thought you were just acting cool when you said you’d empty the treasure vault! I didn’t expect you to not only carry out the treasure vault clearing plan, but also complete the house demolition plan and the personnel transfer plan! Nbsp; he wiped out heaven covering sect’s white Tiger branch! I’m really, really convinced by you! I’m convinced in bold!”

“It’s good that you are convinced.”

“Let’s talk about the election!” Chen Xiaobei smiled. I can’t wait!”