Chapter 2067 - Small town by the mountain

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Chapter 2067: Small town by the mountain

“If you really want to participate in the selection, we’ll leave for the beast God mountain range tomorrow morning!”

Quot; the elder Council hasn’t announced the details yet, ” said Edina. Quot; but we have to reach the beast God temple at the peak of the beast God mountain within three days! Quot;

“Is that place very far away? Why are we leaving three days in advance?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“The beast God mountain range isn’t far. It’s to the North of The White Tiger continent.”

“However, that’s the holy mountain of our beastmen race!” Out of respect for the beast God, we can only enter the mountain on foot, so it will take a longer time!”

Quot; I understand … Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded.

The orcs ‘faith was above all else. If Chen Xiaobei wanted to participate in the election, he had to follow the rules of the orcs.

“Alright, then it’s settled!” “I’ll prepare some extra food for you. We’ll leave tomorrow morning!” Said Edina, nodding.

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. Quot; Quot; at the spirit-refining realm, the body is basically fasting. What’s the point of bringing food? ”

“I almost forgot that you’re not a true orc …” Edina frowned.

“What’s the Difference?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Idina said,”we orcs have the innate abilities of wild beasts. This is a special treatment given to us by the heavens!” However, we have a weakness, and that is we don’t know how to abstain from eating …”

“Every orc is a natural foodie! We have to eat and drink to our fill every day. Otherwise, we will be like ordinary people, hungry, weak, or even starved to death!”

“It seems that the heavens are quite fair!” Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei laughed. Quot; I’m giving you a beast’s talent, and also a beast’s appetite! Quot;

“Don’t make fun of me!”

Quot; it’s fine if you don’t want the food, ” said Idina. Quot; just watch me eat. Don’t drool! Quot;

“Who said I don’t want it?”

“Get me some food too!” Chen Xiaobei said with a smile. I’m really curious, what does the food of the human-beast hybrid clan look like?”

“You’ll know when the time comes!” Idina smiled smugly. She was very confident in the food of the orc race.

It was a quiet night.

The next morning, Chen Xiaobei put on the human-skinned mask and followed Idina through the portal to a small town closest to the beast God mountain range.

Since this was the last stop before entering the mountain, many young beastmen who came to participate in the selection would rest in the small town before setting off into the mountain.

Quot; do you see that guy in the red robe over there? ”

As they walked down the street, Idina purposely slowed down her pace and analyzed the situation for Chen Xiaobei. Quot; “That’s the Azure Dragon continent’s thousand beast city’s young lord! Ten thousand swords seal! He’s at the three-fire god-refining stage, and he’s ranked fourteenth on the minor heavenly fate ranking!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged. Quot; there are 36 heavenly stars and 72 earthly fiends. There are 108 people on the minor heavenly fate ranking. He’s only ranked 50th. What’s the big deal about that? ”

Dina angrily retorted,”my ranking is behind the ten thousand sealing swords!” If you look down on him, it means you look down on me!”

Quot; uh … That’s a little awkward … Quot; Chen Xiaobei laughed and quickly changed the topic.”Don’t mind the details. Who’s that big fat guy over there? How arrogant!”

In front of him, a fat guy in a gorgeous robe was sitting in a small noodle shop and eating noodles!

There were more than ten big bowls on the small table, and they were all eaten by this fatty alone!

The reason he said the fatty was arrogant was because he was the only one in the shop.

It wasn’t that no one visited, but the door was blocked by the Fatty’s attendants. The people in the small city didn’t dare to get close and took a detour.

He’s making such a big scene just to eat noodles. He’s a typical arrogant pretentious criminal!

“That’s the young master of the number one sect on The White Tiger continent! Zhu Qiang Qiang!”

Idina said with a look of disgust,”this guy is lecherous and has a bad character!” Every time he appears, he does something that deserves a beating!”

“Then why didn’t you beat him up?” Chen Xiaobei asked with a smile.

“Because I’m not strong enough …” He said.

“Zhu zhuangqiang is also at the three-fire god-refining stage, and he has perfected the” battle technique of the wild,”so he’s even more powerful than ten thousand swords!” He is ranked forty-fourth on the minor heavenly fate ranking!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” Quot; yet another minor character. It’s not challenging at all. Quot;

“You stinky fellow! You’re acting tough!”

Quot; you’re only at the one fire god-refining stage, ” Idina said unhappily. Quot; if it wasn’t for your powerful trump card, you wouldn’t even be able to beat me! Quot; And he actually despised Wan Jianfeng and Zhu Jianqiang? You’re too thick-skinned!”

Quot; that’s right, I’m a one fire god-refining now. But if I want to, I can become a three fire god-refining in three days, or even higher! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“You … Don’t you even need to draft a draft before you act cool?” Edina was so angry that she felt dizzy, and she said angrily, ” “Three days? Three fires to refine the spirit? If cultivation was that simple, you would have already ascended to the heavens!”

At this moment, a wail came from the direction of the small noodle restaurant.

Looking toward the source of the voice, they saw an old man with white hair and a white beard in tattered clothes being pushed down by a Zhu family attendant at the entrance of the noodle shop.

“Stinky beggar! Can’t you see that our master is having breakfast? Even ordinary people can’t go in, let alone you!” The leader of the followers shouted angrily.

“Isn’t it just a bowl of noodles? You’re having breakfast?” Chen Xiaobei frowned.

“I told you,” said Idina angrily,”Zhu zhuangqiang is really asking for a beating!” None of his evil slaves are good either!”

“Let’s go and take a look!” Chen Xiaobei walked over.

“Don’t go! If you mess with Zhu Jianqiang, you’ll be in endless trouble!” Edina tried to stop him, but it was too late.

Quot; I … I haven’t eaten anything for many days … Please do me a favor … Give me some food … Quot; the old beggar said pitifully.

His thin body and Haggard face proved that he was really famished.

“What the f * ck! You stinky beggar, you actually dare to make such a request! I’m giving you face, right?” The leader of the followers was full of disdain. He raised his palm and was about to slap.

At this moment, Zhu Jianqiang walked out of the noodle restaurant with half a bowl of noodles in his hand. The noodles fell to the ground and he said indifferently, ” “Eat!”

Quot; I … I’ll eat … Quot; the old beggar hesitated for a moment and was about to reach out to grab the noodles on the ground.

Quot; burp, burp, burp, burp … Quot; Zhu Jianqiang suddenly burped in a super disgusting manner.

The old beggar’s expression froze. He was so disgusted that he couldn’t do anything for a moment.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like me? Then stop eating!”

Zhu Jianqiang’s face was filled with displeasure. He mumbled something for a while, then spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm on the pile of noodles.

Quot; this … Quot; the old beggar’s face was full of heartache, and his stomach was growling.

“Old man, follow me!”

Chen Xiaobei walked over and said, ” “I’ll treat you to a bowl of the most delicious noodles in the world!”