Chapter 2068 - heavy gambling

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Chapter 2068: Chapter 2068-heavy gambling

“Thank you … Thank you …” He said.

The old beggar was famished. When he heard that someone was treating him to noodles, he was overjoyed and grateful.

At this moment, Zhu Qiang-Qiang shouted arrogantly, ” “Who allowed you to leave! Stand still obediently! You’re not allowed to leave with that kid!”

The old beggar swallowed his saliva and did not dare to move.

Chen Xiaobei glared at Zhu Jianqiang coldly. Quot; that’s strange. You don’t do good, but you don’t allow others to do good? ”

Zhu Qiang Qiang squinted his eyes, leaving only two slits between his eyes on his chubby face.”This young master just can’t stand a pretentious criminal like you!”

“Where do you get the pressure from? How come I didn’t know about it?” Chen Xiaobei frowned.

“Hmph! We beastmen are all born to eat!”

“Hmph!” Zhu Jianqiang snorted coldly and said,”I’ve eaten all the delicacies in the world and have seen at least eight hundred top chefs! No one dared to say that they could make the most delicious food in the world! You said you have the best noodles in the world! If this isn’t posturing, what is it?”

“Ha, you’re too ignorant!”

Quot; I’m not picking on anyone. In terms of cooking, all chefs below the heavenly realm are my brothers! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

Zhu Qiang Qiang heard this and cursed,”f * ck!” And you still say you’re not acting cool! You’re f * cking acting up to the heavens!”

The loud curses and shouts quickly attracted a large crowd of onlookers.

Everyone knew what had happened, but no one believed Chen Xiaobei.

“That kid is really a poser! All of us beastmen are food experts! He’s just asking to be snubbed by acting tough in front of us!”

“Isn’t it? He didn’t even make a draft before bragging! It’s just a bowl of noodles, how good can it be?”

“You’ll be struck by lightning if you act tough! Offending young master Zhu, that brat would definitely not be able to bear the consequences! Let’s just wait for a good show!”

The crowd was abuzz with discussion, most of them mocking and gloating.

Among them, there were also some big shots, such as the Azure Dragon continent’s city of beastmen’s young lord, Wan Jianfeng! Another example would be the city Lord of this mountain, Ji Anmin! They were also waiting to watch the show!

Of course, Idina was also in the crowd, but she also thought that Chen Xiaobei was just acting cool. She knew that she would only embarrass herself if she went to meet him! Hence, he shrank into the crowd and did not make a sound!

“Since you don’t believe me, do you dare to bet with me?”

Chen Xiaobei faced the crowd’s mockery and said calmly, ” “Give me twenty minutes! I’ll make three bowls of noodles and invite three people to judge! As long as one of them thinks that he is not the best in the world, I will lose!”

“What the f * ck! You’re too bold!”

Zhu Qiang Qiang felt that he had been seriously provoked, and he couldn’t back down no matter what.”This young master will bet with you! You can name your bet! Whoever’s a coward!”

“My bet isn’t big.” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and pointed to the ground. Quot; “Whoever loses will have to eat all the noodles on the ground. We can’t waste food, right?”

“What the f * ck! Your taste is really weird!” “Since you want to eat this young master’s noodles mixed with thick phlegm, how can this young master not fulfill your wish!” Zhu Qiang laughed nastily. The bet was established! With so many people watching, I’m not afraid you’ll deny it!”

“Hehe, you can go and choose the judges now!” Quot; you pick two and I’ll pick one. Is that okay? ” Chen Xiaobei said.

Quot; you’ll have to choose three people to judge. As long as one of them doesn’t admit to being the best in the world, you’ll lose. That’s not a problem at all! Quot; Zhu Jianqiang said with a smile.

“Alright, then I’ll choose this old man!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and chose the old beggar beside him.

Zhu Jianqiang walked towards the crowd and said,”first, I choose City Lord Ji Anmin!” This was an old glutton! His mouth is even bigger than mine! It’s as hard as ascending to the heavens for him to acknowledge that he’s the best in the world!”

As soon as he said that, the white-haired city Lord, Ji Anmin, walked out with an awkward expression.

It was really embarrassing for the city Lord to be called an old glutton!

However, he was helpless. Zhu Qiang’s status was extraordinary and he could not afford to offend him. Ji Anmin could only awkwardly squeeze out a smile and cooperate obediently.

Zhu Qiang Qiang walked to the other side. He originally wanted to choose the ten thousand sword seal, but his lecherous eyes soon fell on another person.

Quot; for the second judge, I choose the princess of the morning and evening Starfield, Idina! Quot; “This beauty is the princess!” Zhu Qiang laughed boisterously. Naturally, he had eaten many good things! It’s impossible for him to be knocked down by a bowl of noodles!”

“I … I’m willing to!” She hesitated for a moment, but then she thought that if she were to be a judge, she might be able to vote for Chen Xiaobei.

“Good! Now we’re all here!”

“To ensure the fairness of the bet!” Zhu Jianqiang said loudly. Everyone had to swear to the beast God that they would never lie! Every word you say must be worthy of your conscience!”

The moment he said that, it was equivalent to raising the bet to the level of faith!

Their absolute loyalty to the beast deity ensured that no one would be biased and would speak their true feelings!

The old beggar was no exception. If the noodles did not taste good, he would not lie about it just because Chen Xiaobei had helped him!

This was the power of faith!

Sure enough, when it came to the beast God, Idina, Ji Anmin, and the old beggar didn’t dare to be negligent. They all faced the highest peak of the beast God mountain range and piously made an oath!

“The two of us also have to swear an oath!” “Those who refuse to admit defeat will not be able to leave this place alive!” Zhu Dachang grinned.

“No problem!” Chen Xiaobei was not moved at all. In fact, he even wanted to laugh.

Soon, the oath was completed, and Chen Xiaobei walked into the kitchen of the noodle shop under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

The noodle restaurant was not big, and the kitchen was semi-open, so everyone could see Chen Xiaobei’s every move.

Kneading, kneading, and pulling were the most basic operations.

Although Chen Xiaobei had never operated it before, he had seen it hundreds of times on earth.

With the scholar heart, Chen Xiaobei’s learning ability was off the charts. He had already mastered all the skills and turned them into his own!

“You don’t say, this kid is quite decent!” Ji Anmin squinted his eyes and praised.

“PAH!” “Isn’t it just a bowl of noodles?” Zhu Jianqiang said disdainfully. The ramen on the street could easily grab a handful of them! What’s so amazing about it!”

“No! An ordinary ramen can’t compare to this young master!”

“Look carefully!” The old beggar said with a serious face. This young master’s proportion of water in the dough was extremely exquisite! The strength and technique of kneading were extremely delicate! The speed and angle of the ramen are even more precise!”

As soon as he said that, everyone was stunned.

“What does this mean?” Edina’s beautiful eyes widened in confusion.

“The answer is right in front of us!”

The old beggar said excitedly,”this young master’s noodles are white and shiny, like fine jade!” It was very elastic, as if it had a mind of its own! Each strand was as thin as a Dragon’s beard! Let’s not talk about the taste, just the taste alone is enough to be called the best in the world!”

Everyone was shocked.