Chapter 2069 - stunning the audience

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Chapter 2069: Chapter 2070-stunning the audience

It was obvious that the old beggar was not lying.

The half-opened kitchen allowed everyone to clearly see that the ramen, which should have been the most ordinary ramen, were like white jade Dragon whiskers in Chen Xiaobei’s hands. They moved and glowed, like gods!

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot;

Zhu Qiang Qiang panicked on the spot and shouted angrily, ” “You stinky beggar! What the hell do you know! Delicious food was about color, fragrance, and taste! It doesn’t matter if it’s good looking or not.”

The old beggar swallowed his saliva and quickly shut his mouth, not daring to say anything more.

“Brother Zhu, don’t panic!”

Not far away, Wan Jianfeng elegantly said, ” “Just as you said, good food should have both color, smell, and taste! In this small noodle restaurant, there were very few types of seasonings and they were all very low-grade! It’s impossible to make a top-notch fragrance and taste!”

“Young master Wan is right!”

Zhu Qiang Qiang let out a sigh of relief and praised, ” long time no see! Young master Wan is still so elegant and graceful. You still know how to talk! Quot;

“Brother Zhu, you’re too polite!”

Wan Jianfeng proudly smiled and said,”I’m just telling the truth!” Without seasoning, it’s like a clever housewife can’t cook without rice. Even the best Chef can’t do anything!”

Idina’s heart skipped a beat. If Chen Xiaobei really lost, he would have to eat the thick phlegm noodles on the ground!

Everyone had already made an oath to the beast God, and the one who lost would never go back on his word!

Looking at the extremely disgusting spittle noodles, Idina couldn’t help but feel her scalp go numb. She felt nauseated just by looking at it, let alone eating it.

“That might not be the case …”

At that moment, the old beggar couldn’t help but say weakly, ” “It’s not a skill to make expensive ingredients and seasonings into delicious food! To be able to turn ordinary things into extraordinary flavors! This is what a truly amazing chef is!”

“What the f * ck! You filthy beggar! Did this young master give you face?!” “I’ll beat you to death if you dare to put in a good word for that kid again!” Zhu Qiang-Qiang shouted angrily.

“Waa! It smells so good!”

The old beggar didn’t dare to say anything. Instead, the crowd around him started to exclaim.

“It’s so fragrant! What kind of delicious food are you making?”

“Heavens! I’ve just had my fill, and I’m hungry again after smelling this fragrance!”

“What is it that smells so good? I can smell it from far away! I’m almost drooling!”

As the fragrance spread, more and more people began to exclaim and gather around.

“It smells so good! I’ve never smelled such an alluring aroma before! I can’t wait!” Edina’s beautiful eyes lit up, and her cheeks became rosy. She pouted, afraid that she would drool.

Quot; it … It smells so good … Quot; Wan Jianfeng’s face turned red. He had just said that Chen Xiaobei could not make the best aroma, and now he had been slapped in the face.

“This incense should only exist in the heavens! How many times can it be heard in the human world?” Ji Anmin twirled his beard, his expression intoxicated.

“This … This is impossible! How could the seasoning of a small and broken noodle restaurant produce such a stunning fragrance?” Zhu Qiang Qiang’s face was red and green, and his Adam’s apple was constantly rolling. He was obviously swallowing his saliva.

“Of course it’s possible!”

“There are countless spices in the world!” The old beggar said. In fact, there was no difference between them! The same seasoning, mixed in different proportions, can produce a huge difference in taste!”

“As long as you understand the essence of the seasoning and have a good grasp of the proportion and amount, you can use ordinary seasoning to create a top-grade fragrance! And this is the difference between an ordinary chef and a Top Chef!”

The old beggar paused and continued, ” Quot; according to my observation, this young master is not familiar with spices. He tried almost every kind of spice himself before adding them into the noodles according to the specific ratio! Quot;

“However, his control over the smell of spices has reached the peak! How much of each seasoning was added? When would he release it? He controlled them with great precision! In this regard, no chef in the world can be compared with him!”

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked.

However, these words came from an old beggar after all, so most people were skeptical. After the shock, they would not take it too seriously.

But in fact, the old beggar’s analysis was completely correct!

Chen Xiaobei’s control over the smell of spices was unparalleled in this world!

This was because Chen Xiaobei had received a God of Cookery mystical pill in the Three Realms red envelope group’s food competition!

Back then, Chen Xiaobei had taken a heavenly essence sublimation pill. He was able to distinguish the ingredients of the pill from the smell and the exact proportion of each ingredient!

After that, Chen Xiaobei made a copy of the recipe and asked Jiang Ziya to make a large number of skybreaking cultivation pills, which helped the bei Xuan disciples ‘cultivation to soar!

It was the same now. Chen Xiaobei had used the special ability of the elixir to test out the special spices found on The White Tiger continent. Then, he used the super-computing function of the scholar heart to create the most perfect fragrance!

After putting it into practice, the ordinary spices in the noodle shop really gave off a heavenly fragrance that shocked the orcs!

Chen brought out three bowls of noodles on a tray.

Its appearance and fragrance were absolutely impeccable!

Once he missed these three bowls of noodles, he would never have the chance to eat a delicacy of the same grade again!

“Beautiful and fragrant! The only thing missing now is the taste!”

Quot; if the taste is not to be picky, this young master is definitely qualified to be the best Chef in the world of cooking! Quot; the old beggar swallowed his saliva.

At first, when Chen Xiaobei said that all chefs below heaven realm were his younger brothers, everyone thought that he was just acting cool!

Now, it seemed that this sentence was not a pretentious statement, but a fact that was only one step away from being confirmed!

He was only one step away!

The three judges-Idina, Ji Anmin, and the old beggar-could not wait any longer. They picked up their chopsticks and bowls, and began to taste Chen Xiaobei’s ramen under the envious and jealous gazes of countless people!

“How is it? How’s the taste?”

Zhu Jianqiang had already stretched out his neck, swallowing his saliva as he waited for the three to make their stance clear.

The surrounding crowd was the same, looking on with eager eyes.

After all, the most important thing about good food was the taste! If it didn’t taste good, everything that had happened before would be meaningless!

“Oh my God … This noodle is so, so, so delicious …”

The old beggar was the first to scream and immediately announced, ” “This bowl of noodles is definitely the best in the world! I’ve never eaten such delicious noodles in my life!”

“You filthy beggar!” Zhu Qiang angrily said. What good food have you eaten? If you faint from hunger, you’ll say it’s delicious when I give you a lump of poop! There were still two judges! They’re the ones with the real taste!”