Chapter 2070 - must eat

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Chapter 2070: Chapter 2071-must eat

Quot; wow! The noodles are so delicious! I feel like I’m floating! Quot;

Edina moaned, her face full of happiness. Quot; “This is the world’s number one side in my heart! I want to eat it for a lifetime! I won’t eat anything else!”

A few seconds ago, she was still worried that Chen Xiaobei would lose. But now, she had fallen in love with Chen Xiaobei from the bottom of her heart!

Oh no! She had fallen in love with Chen Xiaobei’s noodles! The first in the world!

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot;

Zhu Jianqiang panicked. Only one of the three judges was left: “Ji Anmin! You’re the last one! You can’t talk nonsense! I can’t lose! Do you know that?”

“Young master Zhu, I also want to stand on your side …”

Ji Anmin held his bowl and gobbled down the food as he mumbled, ” “But, you made me swear to the beast God, I can’t lie … This noodles are the best in the world! If I panic, the great beast deity will curse me!”

Quot; you … Y-y-you … Quot; Zhu Qiang’s face turned green.

They had originally asked them to swear because they were afraid that Chen Xiaobei would go back on his word. But now, after swearing to the beast God, they could only tell the truth!

Zhu Qiang-Qiang was simply lifting a big stone and smashing his own foot.

Quot; young master Zhu lost … I didn’t expect that the one who would suffer in the end would be young master Zhu … Quot;

“Those three bowls of noodles look super cool! Princess Edina and city Lord Ji ‘Anmin have always acknowledged this. I believe that no one is unconvinced!”

“In the name of the beast God! That’s the first in the world!”

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. The belief in their hearts made them all agree with the result of the bet.

And this result was exactly what Zhu Qiang-Qiang didn’t want to see the most.

“Noodles with thick phlegm! Oh … Young master Zhu! You’re digging a hole for yourself! Beast God above, you must eat it all!”

“My own noodles! His own phlegm! It should have a familiar taste! Young master Zhu, are you despising yourself? Hurry up and eat!”

“Young master Zhu! You swore an oath to the beast God! If he didn’t admit it, he wouldn’t be able to leave alive! Quickly finish it! Hurry up!”

The surrounding crowd began to make a ruckus. They were not ambiguous about their faith!

Even if Chen Xiaobei let Zhu Jianqiang go, the crowd would not let him go!

“Everyone, don’t be anxious!”

At this moment, Wan Jianfeng stood up and said elegantly, ” “That old beggar has never eaten any good food, so he can’t be considered a judge! I’ve eaten a lot of top-class food before, so let me try this!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Young master Wan is right! Only the qualified judges can decide the final result!” Zhu Qiang-Qiang seemed to have grabbed onto a life-saving straw and nodded desperately.

“You guys are cheating!” “The result has been decided!” Said Edina unhappily. How can they change the judges!”

“Heh, if you’re truly the number one expert in the world, you should be able to withstand the tests of the world!”

Wan Jianfeng smiled indifferently and said with a profound expression, ” Quot; of course, if this young master is afraid that I’ll point out the flaws in his face, he can also refuse to change the judges. I don’t mind, but I’m afraid that the results are not real enough! Quot;

Obviously, this Wan Jianfeng was very smart. He always had the appearance of an elegant and graceful young master, and his words easily stirred the emotions of the crowd.

Now that he had put it that way, it seemed like Chen Xiaobei’s unrivaled in the world still had a flaw and did not live up to his name!

“If you want to have a taste, of course, no problem!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and smiled, ” “There’s still some ingredients left in the pot, you can take it out and eat it yourself!”

Quot; you … Quot; Wan Jianfeng’s mouth twitched. He was very upset. He was the young master of the thousand beast city, and Chen Xiaobei had asked him to eat the leftovers from the bottom of the pot. This was too much!

“Good! I’ll take it out and eat it myself!” Wan Jianfeng suppressed his anger and maintained his gentlemanly demeanor, but deep down, he hated Chen Xiaobei. He swore that he would find a fault in Chen Xiaobei’s face and make him lose the bet!

Wan Jianfeng walked over and took out the noodles from the bottom of the pot. He picked up some with his chopsticks and slowly put it into his mouth.

The next moment, Wan Jianfeng’s eyes suddenly widened, his whole body frozen in place.

“How is it? Young master Wan?”

“Have you already discovered the bad taste of this noodle?” Zhu Jianqiang asked with a face full of anticipation. Quickly say it! I will remember this favor!”

Quot; this noodle … Is really … Too delicious … I’m going to kneel and finish it! Quot; Wan Jianfeng couldn’t care less about his elegant demeanor as he gobbled up the food.

Not satisfied after finishing the soup in the bowl, she drank the rest of the soup in the pot.

Quot; this … This, this, this … Quot; Zhu Qiang’s face darkened. His little heart felt cold, and tears began to fall.

He had thought that Wan Jianfeng would be able to help, but he was defeated by Chen Xiaobei’s face.

Not only did he not help, but he also added salt to Zhu Qiang Qiang’s wound!

“Zhu Jianqiang! You have nothing to say now, right?”

Idina seized the opportunity and immediately took the lead in jeering, ” “If you have nothing to say, then hurry up and honor the bet!”

“Zhu Jianqiang! Hurry up and eat! You’re not allowed to deny it!”

“Eat, eat, eat! You swore an oath to the beast deity!”

“We are all witnesses! If you don’t eat it, you’ll be blaspheming the beast God. Don’t even think about leaving today!”

The surrounding crowd also began to shout. No one would let Zhu Qiang go since this matter concerned the Supreme beast God in their hearts.

“I … I’ll eat it, okay …”

Zhu Qiang Qiang also knew that he couldn’t go back on his word. He could only squat down and pick up the spittle noodles from the ground.

Quot; blargh … Blargh … Quot; Zhu Qiang-Qiang had not eaten yet, but he was already retching repeatedly. He was extremely disgusted.

However, the surrounding crowd did not sympathize with Zhu Jianqiang. The jeers rose and fell, not giving him a chance to deny it.

Quot; I’ll risk it … Quot; Zhu Qiang-Qiang pinched his nose with one hand and put the noodles into his mouth with the other.

The smell of the thick phlegm, the dust on the ground, and the noodles that had already cooled down, that sourness, whoever ate it would know!

“Oh! Quot; blargh … Quot; Zhu Jianqiang was so disgusted that he vomited everything out after chewing a few times.

“Young master! Young master, you can’t vomit!”

Seeing this, the leader of the followers who had bullied the old beggar ran over and said with concern, ” “They’ll make you eat back what you vomited!”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding people, who had not expected this, began to shout, ” “Right! That’s right! He had to eat back what he had spat out! We have to eat it all!”

Quot; f * ck … Quot; Zhu Qiang-Qiang’s expression froze, and he cursed in his heart. He then slapped the leader of the followers on the face.”Numbed! You have an extra mouth!”

Quot; pfft … Quot; the leader of the followers was sent flying backward, and his teeth and blood spurted all over the ground.

Under the shouts of the crowd, Zhu Jianqiang almost used up half his life before he finally finished the mixed noodles on the ground.

By then, Chen Xiaobei and Idina had already sneaked out of the crowd.

“Young master! Young master, please wait …”

The old beggar caught up and said with an earnest face, ” “I want to go with you, young master!”

Quot; what? ” Chen Xiaobei was taken aback. Quot; why? ”