Chapter 2071 - void asceticism

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Chapter 2071: Chapter 2071-void asceticism

Quot; young master is a kind person. We have the same destination. If I go with young master, at least I won’t starve … Quot;

The old beggar paused and said embarrassedly, ” “Of course, if young master doesn’t like me and feels that I’m a hindrance, then I won’t disturb you.”

“I don’t mind you, but how do you know where I’m going?” Chen Xiaobei retorted.

“Young master is underestimating me!”

“I may look like a beggar, but I’m not!” The old beggar laughed. I still know about such a big event like the election of The White Tiger King!”

“You’re right, I’m going to the beast God temple at the peak of the beast God mountain to participate in the election!” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked, ” “But you? Why are we going there?”

Quot; I’m an ascetic. I’m going to the temple for a pilgrimage! Quot; “In order to worship the Supreme beast deity, I’ve been working hard for seven years!” The old man said with a pious expression.

“Ascetic? What’s that?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Edina suddenly screamed and looked at the old beggar in disbelief. Quot; “You … You’ve been doing ascetic work for seven years? Are you the legendary void ascetic?”

“Right! I’m a void ascetic!” The old beggar nodded.

“What is going on?” Chen Xiaobei did not understand what she meant.

Quot; the beast God temple at the peak of the beast God mountain is the Holy Land in the hearts of our human-beast hybrid clan. Every year, many people come here for a pilgrimage! Quot;

Idina said,”ordinary believers walk up the mountain to pay their respects to the beast God!” The more devout believers would kowtow every three steps. From the foot of the mountain to the top, they would have to kowtow 129333 times!”

Chen Xiaobei was shocked, but he could understand why. On earth, there was a similar pilgrimage.

Quot; and the most devout believers will choose the ascetic way to come here for a pilgrimage! Quot;

Quot; the ascetics will first use a secret technique to seal their cultivation and physical body, ” continued Idina. Quot; they will then abandon their storage bracelets and their original identity. They will only use their mortal bodies to come from distant places for a pilgrimage! Quot;

Chen Xiaobei was shocked. Quot; “I’ve sealed my cultivation and body, and I can’t use my storage bracelet, nor can I use my identity and connections! I’m afraid it’s as difficult as ascending to the heavens to walk in apocalypse Starfield!”

[ ding Yingying’s cultivation: none; lifespan: 9823; health: 5, combat power: 5!

With a sweep of his netherspirit battlescouter, he could tell that the old man had lived for a long time. He was no ordinary man! However, his physical body and combat power were only at the level of a weakling!

This proved that the old man was really an ascetic who used a secret technique to seal his cultivation and body!

Quot; yes! Quot; Edina nodded and said, ” on the road, the ascetics have to endure hunger, illness, and injuries. They have to face wind, frost, rain, and snow. They also have to guard against wild beasts and evil people! Most of the ascetics would die on the way! This is the meaning of ‘asceticism’! ”

“This is too pious!” Quot; yes! Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” for the faith in my heart, I’m willing to put my life on the line for the pilgrimage! Quot;

“Of course! Every ascetic was a loyal believer! He’s also a true warrior!”

Quot; yes! Quot; Edina said in admiration, ” face the beast deity. Only death can stop the ascetics! Quot; And death is the utmost glory for the ascetics to be received by Lord beast deity and be with Lord beast God!”

“It’s indeed not easy!” Chen Xiaobei nodded and looked at the old monk with respect.

Even if he didn’t believe in the beliefs of others, he should still be in awe!

Quot; you just said ‘void ascetic’. What do you mean by’ void’? ” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“In the temple, there is a space turbulence! The ascetic used a secret technique to seal his own cultivation and body before jumping into the turbulent flow of space!”

Edina said,”then, the ascetic will be sent to a completely unknown place by the spatial turbulence.” From there, he would begin his ascetic training, return to apocalypse Starfield, return to White Tiger continent, return to the temple, and complete his pilgrimage! This is called void asceticism!”

Chen Xiaobei felt as if his three views had been refreshed.”Ordinary asceticism is already as difficult as ascending to the heavens! The difficulty of the void asceticism would be multiplied! In addition to absolute devout faith, you must completely abandon life and death. Otherwise, you will never dare to try to cultivate in the void!”

“That’s right! The ascetic practice in the void was extremely difficult! It’s hard to find someone who can complete it in ten thousand years!”

“Old Sir, there’s only one more path to complete the void ascetic journey!” Edina said with great excitement. To be able to travel with him, I feel extremely honored! I can boast about this for a lifetime!”

“May I ask for old Sir’s name?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Before I complete my asceticism, I will be a nameless person! If you don’t mind, you can just call me old white.” The old bitter cultivator smiled faintly and was very easy-going.

Just now, Idina had said that the ascetics had to abandon their original identity and could not use their existing connections.

“I’m willing to travel with you for the rest of the journey!” Chen Xiaobei said respectfully. Elder Bai, please give me your guidance!”

“Young master is too polite!” “May I know your name, young master?” elder Bai asked.

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. Quot; “My name can not be revealed for the time being. Elder Bai, you can just call me little Feng!”

Chen Xiaobei was wearing a human-skinned mask, so the names Chen Xiaobei and Chen Zhufeng were no longer safe. He could only call himself ‘little Feng’.

Elder Bai smiled and said,”I asked young master to call me old Bai, but young master calls me elder Bai!” Young master asked me to call you little Feng, so I won’t dare to be arrogant, I’ll just call you young master Feng!”

“That’s fine.” Chen Xiaobei nodded.’Zhufeng’ or ‘Master Feng’ was a suitable name for him.

“Elder Bai! Why didn’t you ask for my name?” Edina pouted and asked sourly.

Lao Bai laughed and said,”you are the morning and evening Starfield’s Princess Idina!” I’ve already memorized it!”

“Ya! You actually remembered my name! This is my honor!” Upon hearing this, Idina was overjoyed.

Then, the three of them left the city and entered the beast God mountain range.

This mountain range was very huge, but it was also very special. There were no magical beasts in the mountain, and it was as peaceful as a paradise.

Along the way, he felt like he was on a scenic tour and was very relaxed.

However, they couldn’t fly or use their true core strength along the way. They could only walk up the mountain, so it would take them at least three days to reach the top!

After walking for half a day, the three of them stopped to rest on a patch of grass.

Idina immediately pestered Chen Xiaobei, ” “I’m hungry! I’ll eat your noodles! Can you let me eat your noodles?”

This female foodie had really brought flour, and even pots, bowls, ladles, and all kinds of seasonings!

Chen Xiaobei could only fulfill her request!

However, at this moment!

A group of young men and women surrounded him!

The leader was an extremely handsome young man. He looked like a talented person, but the moment he spoke, he made people feel disgusted!

“Edina! You are indeed here! I could hear your voice from far away! You want to eat noodles? Come and eat mine!”

The handsome young man’s face was full of smiles. He was simply a dirty Demon King.