Chapter 2073 - The temple elder

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Chapter 2073: The temple elder

“Pfft … Cough cough cough …”

Jiang zipeng fell to the ground, turned his head and spat out a front tooth!

On his handsome face, there was a swollen palm print. It was as ugly as it could be!

“Heavens … Who’s that guy! What powerful strength! With a single slap, he knocked out Mister purple ROC, who was at the four fires God-refining stage!”

“Strength is not the main point! The main point was why he could make a move on the holy mountain! Looking at his appearance, he should be a Beastman …”

“Not simple! That person’s identity is definitely not simple!”

The group of young people exclaimed, but they didn’t dare to meddle in their business, because the person who beat Jiang zipeng up was someone they couldn’t afford to offend!

The man was thin, but his eyes were as sharp as a Falcon’s, and he exuded a powerful pressure.

The main point was that he was wearing a grey feather coat and his feet were like eagle claws. He was obviously an expert with the blood of the orc race.

[ding Yingluo’s cultivation base: God-refined nine flames, lifespan: 5090 years, physique: 5500000, combat power: 5500000!

Even Chen Xiaobei was shocked by what he saw.

The nine flames God-refining stage was a top-tier cultivation base in the entire apocalypse Starfield. It could even occupy a place on the great heavenly fate ranking!

How could such a powerful man suddenly appear and beat Jiang zipeng? Why would he disregard his faith and attack on the holy mountain? Isn’t this too strange?

“Second … Second elder!”

Jiang zipeng covered his face, not daring to be angry. Instead, he looked respectful and humble.

Edina was stunned for a moment and said in surprise, ” “Could this be The Guardian of the holy mountain? The temple’s second elder! Yi changkong!”

“Holy … Holy mountain Guardian …”

Hearing this, the group of young men also exclaimed, ” “Guardian of the holy mountain, maintain the order of the holy mountain and defend the totem iron rule! On the holy mountain, the only people who can use force are the seven elders of the temple, who are the Guardians!”

Chen Xiaobei was even more shocked. He did not expect the person to be the second elder of the temple!

Elder Bai, on the other hand, looked calm and relaxed, as if everything was within his expectations!

“Jiang zipeng! You idiot!”

Quot; you’re a genius! Quot; Yi changkong said angrily. Quot; I saw that you have the bloodline of the purple ROC. I was planning to help you run for the new king! I didn’t expect you to openly violate the totem pattern! You’re simply stupid!”

“Second elder, I was wrong … I know I was wrong … I won’t do it again …” He said.

Jiang zipeng’s face changed drastically, and he begged in a low voice, ” Quot; I … I only wanted to make a move, I haven’t really made a move yet … I beg second elder to give me a chance … I beg you … Quot;

“Iron rule! It’s an iron-clad rule!”

Quot; you’ve already activated your vital essence and raised your fist, ” Yi changkong said seriously. Quot; if I had been half a second late, you would have made a grave mistake! Quot;

Obviously, Xi changkong was on Jiang zipeng’s side. Although his words were harsh, he left Jiang zipeng a way out!

“Yes, yes, yes … Second elder is right …”

Jiang zipeng nodded desperately. Quot; fortunately, second elder arrived in time. I haven’t made a big mistake yet. It’s not unforgivable! Quot; I swear! He would never dare to violate the totem iron rule again! If I break this oath, I will die a terrible death!”

“Mm, seeing that you’re sincerely admitting your mistake, I’ll give you a chance!”

Yi changkong glanced at elder Bai and said, ” “Apologize to the other party! Get the other party’s forgiveness and this matter can be written off!”

Jiang zipeng was reluctant, but he had no choice. He ran over and apologized, ” “Young master Feng, Idina, old man, it was all a misunderstanding. I hope you can forgive me. I promise that it will never happen again …”

Chen Xiaobei and elder Bai did not mind.

“I won’t forgive you!” Edina said angrily. I will never!”

Jiang zipeng said coldly,”Idina!” The matter between us is a personal grudge! You can’t use your position to take personal revenge!”

Idina said angrily,”I’m not going to talk to you about past grudges!” Just like now! If the second elder had come half a step later! The three of us were all killed by you! Three lives, and you can make it up with just one sentence?”

“Then what do you want?” Jiang zipeng frowned.

“Kneel down! Give the three of us ten kowtows and I’ll let this matter go!”

“Otherwise, I won’t let this matter rest!” Edina said solemnly. Even if the second elder forgives you, I’m going to report this to the temple and let the other elders judge! Let all the candidates for the new king be the judge!”

Quot; this … Quot; zipeng Jiang’s face turned livid and he was extremely depressed.

He was the third Prince of the Azure Dragon Imperial City! He was one of the famous three heroes of the Jiang family! Nbsp; 10th of the top 10 core disciples of heaven dominating faction! He was ranked tenth on the minor heavenly fate ranking!

If he knelt down and kowtowed to someone, where would he put his face? How would he be able to walk in the pugilistic world in the future?

Even if he were to achieve great success in the future, this matter would definitely become a stain that could not be erased and would bring shame to him for the rest of his life!

In his heart, zipeng Jiang absolutely didn’t want to kneel!

However, judging from the actual situation, even if the elder Council didn’t pursue the matter, they would still be dissatisfied with Jiang zipeng’s new life if she made a big deal out of it!

The point was that the other candidates for the new king would definitely take advantage of this to attack Jiang zipeng.

In this way, Jiang zipeng had lost all hope of becoming the new white Tiger King.

Jiang zipeng was still struggling, but the second elder Gong changkong shouted seriously, ” “If you can’t get my forgiveness, I’ll give up on you completely!”

Jiang zipeng’s face twisted, and he felt depressed as if he had just eaten a hot poop.

But he had no choice but to pinch his nose and swallow the poop!

Jiang zipeng kneeled on the ground and kowtowed ten times to each of them.

With each kowtow, Jiang zipeng’s heart felt as if it was being stabbed by needles. He felt that he had been greatly humiliated!

Jiang zipeng swore that he would take revenge in the cruelest and most ruthless way for this humiliation!

“Young master Feng! Today’s weather was especially good! I’m in a particularly good mood! It’s especially satisfying!”

Idina smiled and held Chen Xiaobei’s hand, ” “Let’s go to another place. I’ll eat your noodles! I want to eat five bowls!”

Quot; uh … As long As You Like It … Quot; Chen Xiaobei was confused. This silly girl still did not understand the multiple meanings of ‘below’.

“I want to eat three bowls! No! I want to eat five bowls too!” Elder Bai chased after him happily.

“Detestable! This grudge! I’ll definitely take revenge!”

Jiang zipeng stood up with anger in his eyes.

“You will have your chance!”

Quot; on the life and death Ring … Quot; Jiang zipeng grinned, ” “I want them to die without an intact corpse!”