Chapter 2074 - young master Yin Jiao

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Chapter 2074: Chapter 2074-young master Yin Jiao

Quot; I feel like Jiang zipeng is too kind! Quot;

Idina was holding a big bowl of noodles and eating it with great pleasure. At the same time, she didn’t forget to complain.

“There’s nothing we can do about it. After all, Jiang zipeng didn’t really attack! Moreover, even a fool could see that the second elder of the temple was in cahoots with Jiang zipeng! It’s already good enough to make him kowtow and apologize!”

Chen Xiaobei paused and asked, ” “What’s the matter with Jiang zipeng? He’s clearly a descendant of the Jiang family of Green Dragon, so why does he have the bloodline of the purple ROC?”

As soon as he said that, even elder Bai perked up his ears, feeling very curious.

“Jiang zipeng’s mother is from the beast clan, and the first ancestor of their clan is the immortal beast great purple ROC! However, after generations, the purple ROC’s bloodline has become very weak, and it’s almost impossible to activate the special ability!”

“Three years ago, our family discovered the remains of the orcs,” said Idina.”At the core, there was a ‘beast blood pill’ that could strengthen the bloodline of the orcs!”

“At that time, Jiang zipeng approached me on purpose, deceived my feelings, and became a couple with me! We’ll go one step further and gain the trust of my father and brother so that we can enter the ruins together to search for treasure!”

“At the last moment, my father and brother, as well as many dawn and dusk Warriors, were all trapped in the great formation of the ruins!”

“Jiang zipeng brought a powerful earth-god instrument, but he deliberately didn’t help! Instead, he stole the beast blood pill and left alone!”

“My Imperial father and Imperial brother had no choice but to risk their lives to break the formation! In the end, Imperial brother died in battle and Imperial father was also seriously injured. Even now, he still has an old illness and often coughed up blood in unbearable pain!”

Chen Xiaobei and elder Bai furrowed their brows.

“Jiang zipeng, you animal! You’re despicable!”

Chen Xiaobei did not hide his anger, ” “It’s too easy on him to make him kowtow and apologize! If this isn’t the holy mountain, I’ll definitely go back and cut off his dog head!”

“Young master Feng, calm down!”

Elder Bai said calmly,”good and evil will be rewarded in the end!” Jiang zipeng will pay for what he has done!”

“Elder Bai is right! Good will be rewarded! Evil will be rewarded!” “I believe that evil people will never have a good end!” Edina nodded heavily.

Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” “It’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge! I will go to the Azure Dragon continent sooner or later. At that time, I will naturally be able to take revenge!”

As soon as he said that, Edina’s face changed slightly, and she swallowed her saliva.

At this rate, the Vermilion Bird and green Dragon continents would also face Chen Xiaobei’s challenges!

Especially the Azure Dragon continent!

That was the headquarters of heaven dominating faction, the base of the Jiang family of Green Dragon, and the continent closest to the earth-god Realm!

If Chen Xiaobei wanted to conquer apocalypse Starfield, the biggest battlefield would be the Green Dragon continent!

As long as he could dominate the Green Dragon continent, Chen Xiaobei would be the most powerful man in the myriad tribulations! Bei Xuan faction was the number one faction in the myriad tribulations!

Of course, for the time being, only Idina knew all this.

Elder Bai couldn’t understand and asked, ” “Young master Feng, I can see that you’re quite young, and your cultivation base isn’t top-notch. But why is it that you always exude such a powerful aura?”

“Aura?” Chen Xiaobei was a little surprised and asked, ” “What kind of aura?”

Quot; I’m not sure, ” elder Bai said seriously. Quot; your aura is like a calm old man, but you also look like a tyrant who controls everything! However, your age is not enough for you to experience the vicissitudes of life! Your cultivation is not enough for you to act so tyrannically!”

“I understand!” “Elder Bai, you think I’m being too arrogant, don’t you?” Chen Xiaobei smiled.

“I’ve seen many people, but this is the first time I’ve seen a young man like you who dares to declare that he’ll go to the Azure Dragon Imperial City for revenge!” Elder Bai nodded.

“It’s hard to explain in a few words, but time will tell!” Chen Xiaobei said with a smile. Elder Bai only needs to watch!”

“Can you tell this old man what you’re relying on?” Old Bai was really curious.

In elder Bai’s eyes, Chen Xiaobei was not outstanding in terms of age, experience, and cultivation. But the confidence and domineering aura that Chen Xiaobei exuded proved that Chen Xiaobei was not lying!

Elder Bai was really curious about what Chen Xiaobei was relying on to be so confident! So domineering!

Even Idina perked up her ears. She knew that Chen Xiaobei was very powerful, but she did not know why Chen Xiaobei was so powerful!

Quot; of course! Quot; Chen Xiaobei smiled. Quot; I’m relying on the mysterious force behind me! Quot;

“A mysterious force?”

Elder Bai and Idina were stunned. They were trying to figure out what kind of powerful force was behind Chen Xiaobei.

However, they would never have thought that Chen Xiaobei was backed by a force called the Three Realms red envelope group!

The reason why Chen Xiaobei was able to achieve what he had today was because he had joined the Three Realms red envelope group!

There were Chen Xiaobei’s master, brothers, women, and friends in the group. They had all helped Chen Xiaobei tremendously!

Of course, there were also enemies in the group. They were always making things difficult for Chen Xiaobei, setting up obstacles for him, and even trying to take his life! But every time Chen Xiaobei defeated them, he would get a point of improvement!

From another point of view, the existence of the enemy was also pushing Chen Xiaobei to improve, forcing him to improve himself!

It was because of the Three Realms red envelope group that Chen Xiaobei became who he was today!

Calm as an ancient well, strong mental state! This was because Chen Xiaobei was used to seeing all kinds of things in the group!

Domineering, accompanied by confidence! This was because Chen Xiaobei had obtained a lot of trump cards in the group!

The Three Realms red envelope group was Chen Xiaobei’s biggest trump card! Coupled with Chen Xiaobei’s own hard work, he could look down on the world!

Quot; Lord Silver Dragon … Ah … It’s really Lord Silver Dragon … I didn’t expect him to be so handsome … He actually came down from the earth-god Realm … It seems that this time, we don’t have to choose The White Tiger King … Quot;

At this moment, the screams of a young man and woman came from afar. They were extremely excited as if they had been injected with chicken blood.

“Heavens! The silver Dragon Prince was here! He’s my idol!”

Edina put down the half bowl of noodles in her hand and ran over to him like a lovestruck girl.

“Who’s that Silver Dragon Prince?” Chen Xiaobei frowned.

Quot; he’s a very powerful young man. Let’s go and have a look. I’ll introduce him to you! Quot; elder Bai smiled.