Chapter 2076 - The election begins

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Chapter 2076: The election begins

Nothing special happened in the following journey.

Even though Chen Xiaobei had made a few enemies, they could not do anything to him on the holy mountain.

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei and the other two did not face any resistance. They walked and stopped, eating noodles and having a good time.

Of course, Chen Xiaobei’s biggest goal was to increase his cultivation!

To Chen Xiaobei, wasting three days was a luxury!

Although he could not cultivate, Chen Xiaobei would study the astral battle technique of ten thousand beasts every day during his break!

This battle art came from the treasure house of The White Tiger branch. It was said to be an immortal level battle art!

To Chen Xiaobei, this was an important trump card.

So, whenever he had time, Chen Xiaobei would always hold the Jade talisman that recorded the astral Beast Battle technique in his hand.

After the spiritual connection, the incantation of the battle tactics was transferred into Chen Xiaobei’s mind!

Chen Xiaobei had the scholar heart, and his learning ability was off the charts!

Even though he did not spend much time studying, Chen Xiaobei had already completely mastered the contents of the Jade talisman and turned them into his own knowledge!

However, Chen Xiaobei noticed a problem. Part of the astral Beast Battle tactics recorded in the talisman was missing!

According to the incantation of the mental cultivation method, there would always be a huge obstacle at the last moment when circulating true essence, and it would not be able to display the true power of the battle art!

Of course, this was not strange!

If the Jade talisman had recorded the complete battle technique, The White Tiger branch’s leader, Ximen Junda, would have already cultivated it himself!

Why would he keep the Jade talismans in the treasure vault?

“It seems that I’m happy too early …”

Chen Xiaobei frowned,’I’m afraid I’ll need other opportunities to use the astral Beast Battle technique! Fortunately, this battle technique was created by the beast God. Perhaps we can find the missing part of the battle technique in the temple on the mountain!”

Now that Chen Xiaobei was wearing the human-skinned mask and using the alias young master Feng, all the questions in his mind could only be solved in silence.

The live broadcast at The White Tiger branch had let the world know that the astral Beast Battle technique had fallen into the hands of the leader of bei Xuan faction, Chen Zhufeng!

Therefore, Chen Xiaobei could not ask elder Bai for help or his identity would be exposed.

Of course, the beast God temple was right in front of them! With his off-the-charts luck, perhaps he didn’t need to consult anyone, and the opportunity would automatically come to him!

“We’ve finally arrived!”

Edina looked forward with a pious expression, her eyes shining brightly. She was like a Pilgrim who had just seen the God in their heart, and she was sincerely excited.

“It’s been seven years! I entered the void from here and finally came back here! Thank you, great beast deity, for your great guidance and bestowing me with a sacred reincarnation!”

Elder Bai kneeled on the ground and bowed to the temple!

“Majestic and magnificent! Extraordinary spirit!”

Chen Xiaobei looked ahead and sighed in his heart.

He saw a huge temple on the top of the mountain!

The embossed of ten thousand beasts were like stars surrounding the moon, ancient and vicissitude seeping through the growth rings of time!

Against the setting sun, the roof was golden! It was like a temple of God, sacred and inviolable!

“F * ck! Those three idiots had finally arrived! He was walking too slowly! You made us wait so long!”

At this moment, a series of ear-piercing sounds came from not far away.

The few people who did not like Chen Xiaobei were among them.

Zhu Qiang Qiang, who was as fat as a ball, said disdainfully,”Why did Idina and that kid bring that beggar here? This is the temple, not a beggar’s den!”

The red-robed Wan Jianfeng’s eyes were cold as he said, ” “That brat is here too! If he dares to participate in the election, I will definitely crush him to death during the ‘beast God martial competition’! ”

In the distance, Jiang zipeng’s eyes were even more ruthless. He gritted his teeth and said, ” “Edina! And that damned little beast!” I will make sure you die without an intact corpse on the life and death arena of the beast God contest!”

On the other side, the extremely handsome Shen yuanbin also squinted his eyes and said in disdain, ” “When I become The White Tiger King, the first thing I’m going to do is crush these three ants!”

“Are we late?” Quot; what’s going on? ” Chen Xiaobei asked, frowning as he listened to the noise in the square.

Quot; it’s all my fault. My body is too weak. I’ve slowed down … Quot; elder Bai said with self-blame.

“Elder Bai, don’t blame yourself. We’re not late!”

“According to the rules of the elders Guild, we only need to arrive before sunset on the third day,” said Edina indifferently. Look at how beautiful the sunset is, how could I be late?”

“There’s no one else in the mountains! The selection ceremony for the new king! We can start now!”

At this moment, nie changkong’s voice came from the void.

No one knew where he was, or how he was monitoring the entire beast God mountain.

However, one thing was for sure. As The Guardian of the holy mountain and the second elder of the temple, nie changkong’s words were very effective.

Soon, Yi changkong and the other five elders came out of the temple in their best clothes.

All of a sudden, everyone at the scene fell silent.

Quot; since the great elder is not here, I will be the host of today’s King selection ceremony! Quot;

Yi changkong stepped forward and announced, ” “All the young people of our race who are participating in the election, please gather at the square! The ceremony is about to begin!”

As soon as he said that, not only did everyone quiet down, but they also lined up in an orderly manner. Their expressions were solemn and their backs were straight!

Chen Xiaobei and Idina were at the end of the line. Elder Bai did not leave but stood beside Chen Xiaobei.

“A toast! The great beast God!”

Yi changkong shouted and began to give his speech.

After a long speech of insignificance and a large ceremony unique to the orc race, the sky was completely dark!

Chen Xiaobei almost dozed off in the last row.

Fortunately, after the ceremony, the selection of the new king could enter the main topic!

“In order to ensure the fairness of this ceremony,” said nie changkong. Justice! Public! We’ll be using the live broadcast method so that the entire White Tiger continent’s citizens can watch the live broadcast at any time!”

Quot; only those who are recognized by the people are qualified to receive the blessing of the beast God and become the new king of the orcs in apocalypse Starfield! Quot;

As soon as he said that, everyone exclaimed in shock.

After careful observation, there were indeed cameras installed in many corners of the temple to ensure that the entire ceremony was live-streamed!

Quot; next, we will begin the first stage of the election! Quot;

Quot; all candidates, ” Yi changkong announced. Quot; head to the spirit testing hall to test your cultivation and bloodline! Quot;