Chapter 2077 - Spirit testing screening

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Chapter 2077: Spirit testing screening

“The selection for the revered King position this time is of great importance. After the Elders ‘Council’s discussion, the candidates’ cultivation and bloodline must be strictly checked!”

“The bloodline is at least at the earth-god level!” Yi changkong said. His cultivation base was at least three fires refining the spirit! If you meet one of these two conditions, you will pass the first stage of the selection!”

As soon as he said that, the young men in the square immediately became restless, and a wave of wailing came one after another.

It was obvious that many people were unable to meet these two conditions!

This was equivalent to announcing that they had already been eliminated and had completely lost the right to participate in the selection!

Of course, although wailing sounds were heard, no one objected to the two conditions!

One must know that The White Tiger honorable King was the ruler of The White Tiger continent! In addition to getting the approval of the elders and the people, he also needed to have extremely powerful strength and talent to have the ability to protect The White Tiger continent!

Cultivation was power! Bloodline was talent!

There was nothing wrong with these two tests, so they should indeed be strictly checked!

In just three minutes, more than 60 young orcs had left the stage!

In apocalypse Starfield! Countless young orcs! There were only thirty-odd people left!

One could only imagine how strict the selection of The White Tiger revered King was!

Only the youths who stood at the top of the pyramid had a chance to participate!

Then, the remaining 30-odd people were led by the six elders to the spirit testing hall in the West of the temple!

As the location for the first stage of the selection, there were a few large screens in addition to many cameras.

The situation of the participants was broadcasted live, and the audience’s words could be seen at the same time.

In the middle of the hall, there were two Jade pillars, one black and one white, that were several meters tall!

The front of the White jade pillar was embedded with nine flame-shaped crystals, representing the God-refining realm of one to nine flames!

On the front of the black jade pillar, there were ten crystals. They were arranged in a straight line, rising up in order. The higher one went, the bigger the crystals were, and the higher the level of the bloodline!

“Young master Feng …”

Edina tugged at Chen Xiaobei’s sleeve and said, ” Quot; you’re only at one fire spirit-refining, so you’re obviously not up to the standard. If your cultivation is not up to the standard, don’t go for the spirit test … Otherwise, those bad guys will definitely mock you! Quot;

“Young master Feng, although your state of mind is extraordinary, and your confidence and dominance are far beyond those of your age, you’re still too young!” However, this test only looked at the results. No one would care about your other strengths! Trying to be brave would only invite ridicule! The main point is that the entire continent is broadcasting this live. This is not good for your future!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, ” “I’m not trying to act cool! If I can’t pass this test! No one here can pass!”

Quot; this … Quot; Edina and master Bai were stunned at the same time, and their faces were filled with disbelief.

This kid’s tone was too big!

However, elder Bai and Edina did not try to persuade him anymore. When Chen Xiaobei said that he wanted to be the best in the world, no one believed him!

But Chen Xiaobei had done it!

It was the same at this moment. Although elder Bai and Idina could not believe it, they were willing to wait quietly for Chen Xiaobei to perform! They were waiting for Chen Xiaobei to amaze the crowd again!

“I declare! The first phase of the spirit testing has officially begun!”

At nie changkong’s command, all the young men perked up and prepared to go forward for the spirit testing.

Quot; the first one to have her soul measured is morning and evening Starfield’s Idina! Quot; Yi changkong read out a long list of names.

Edina was stunned for a moment. She quickly tidied up her appearance and ran forward.

“Please test your cultivation level first!” Yi changkong said.

“Yes!” Edina nodded and placed her palm on the White jade pillar.

Soon, two flame-shaped crystals began to shine on the White jade pillar.

Yingluo-this girl isn’t good enough! He’s only at the second fire god-refining stage!

Yingluo, yes! The second elder had said that one had to be at least in the three fires God-refining realm to meet the requirements!

Yingluo, don’t be anxious! There was still a bloodline that had not been tested! Perhaps she could use her bloodline to counterattack!

During the live broadcast of the selection, the audience could speak and discuss. The participation rate was very high, and it was very open and transparent.

“Please test your bloodline again!” Yi changkong said.

“Yes!” Edina immediately placed her hand on the black jade pillar.

Five out of the ten crystals on the black jade pillar lit up!

At the same time, a shadow that looked like a cheetah appeared in front of the black pillar!

The Shadow’s outline was very special. It was difficult for ordinary people to distinguish it, but nie changkong could recognize it at a glance!

“This is a five-star earth-god! Night Shadow leopard bloodline!”

“Morning and evening Starfield, Idina, has passed the first round of selection!” Yi changkong announced loudly.

Yingluo is amazing! This girl had really used her bloodline to counterattack!

What a high-grade bloodline! She shouldn’t be an ordinary person, right? I really envy her!

Yingluo, I remember! She was the daughter of Emperor Chen hun! Princess Edina! Night Shadow leopards were the bloodline of their family!

“Continue with the spirit testing! The second spiritual test is the Azure Dragon continent’s ten thousand sealing swords!” Yi changkong continued to read the list.

Wan Jianfeng was very confident. He gracefully walked over and directly stretched out his hands, pressing on the two Jade pillars.

Three Balls of Fire lit up on the White jade pillar! The black jade pillar lit up with five crystals! There was also the shadow of a bird!

“Three fires God-refining stage! It’s a five-star earth-god level beast with the bloodline of the fierce Skylark!”

“Azure Dragon continent, Wan Jianfeng, has passed the first round of selection!” Yi changkong announced loudly.

I know the ten thousand sword seal! Nbsp; he was a core disciple of heaven dominating faction! He was also an expert on the minor heavenly fate ranking!

Yingluo is amazing! The young men on the minor heavenly fate ranking were all the cream of the crop!

Yingluo, of course! Only a top-tier genius could become The White Tiger King! Only then can he lead our beast clan to prosperity!

Quot; the third spirit test is from The White Tiger continent, Zhu Jianqiang! Quot; Yi changkong continued.

“Hello, everyone! I’m Zhu Jianqiang! The young master of the number one sect on The White Tiger continent! I believe everyone knows me! With our family’s strength …”

As soon as Zhu Qiang came up, he began to show off in front of the camera.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was stopped by Yi changkong.”Cut the crap! Directly test the spirit!”

Quot; yes … Quot; Zhu Jianqiang nodded in embarrassment. He also extended his hands.

Three Balls of Fire lit up on the White jade pillar! The black jade pillar only lit up one crystal! There was also a pig-like shadow!

“Three fires God-refining stage! One-star earth-god level, bronze-skinned wild boar bloodline!”

Quot; great! Quot; Yi changkong announced loudly, ” White Tiger continent, Zhu Jianqiang, has passed the first round of selection! Quot;

A bronze-skinned wild boar? Hahaha … There’s such a bloodline? Isn’t this too funny?

Yingluo, stop laughing! Zhu Jianqiang was not a kind person. The consequences of laughing at him were very serious!

Qianqian is right … Although Zhu Jianqiang’s bloodline is ordinary, he has cultivated a battle technique. In terms of battle power, he is even above the ten thousand sword seal!

Quot; the next person to be tested is Jiang zipeng from the Azure Dragon Capital city! Quot; Yi changkong deliberately dragged out his tone to attract more attention!

As soon as he said that, the audience instantly boiled over!