Chapter 2078 - fierce battle

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Chapter 2078: Chapter 2078-fierce battle

Jiang zipeng! The Azure Dragon Imperial city’s third Prince! One of the three heroes of the Jiang family! He had indeed come!

Qianqian Jiang zipeng used the beast blood pill to activate the bloodline of the great purple ROC. In terms of cultivation and talent, he is the strongest among all the young orcs in our myriad tribulation continent!

Yingluo was amazing! Jiang zipeng was backed by the Azure Dragon Imperial City! In the future, he would very likely inherit the position of the revered King Azure Dragon! If he were to choose The White Tiger revered King! Then wouldn’t he be able to rule two continents by himself?

Oh my God! There had never been such a precedent in the billions of years of history of apocalypse Starfield! Jiang zipeng wanted to be the No. 1 immortal in history!

If he could really take the throne of two kings all by himself! He was definitely the first king of all time!

The audience was in an uproar because zipeng Jiang had a very special background!

With the Jiang family of Green Dragon, even if Jiang zipeng couldn’t take the throne of two kings alone, he could easily make the two continents of Green Dragon and white Tiger form an alliance!

When the two continents formed a common interest, it would be enough to suppress apocalypse Starfield. At that time, zipeng Jiang could still be the one standing at the peak of apocalypse Starfield!

Because of this, the audience had high hopes and expectations for Jiang zipeng.

As the second elder of the temple, Yi changkong was willing to support Jiang zipeng because of his family background!

“It’s done,” Jiang zipeng pressed his hands on the two Jade pillars and the spiritual test results appeared immediately.

The White jade pillar lit up with four Balls of Fire! The black jade pillar lit up with nine crystals! There was also the shadow of a large bird!

“Four fires God-refining stage! A nine-star earth-god with the bloodline of the great purple ROC! Jiang zipeng has passed the first round of selection!”

Yi changkong raised his voice on purpose and smiled. He was obviously very satisfied with Jiang zipeng’s result.

The audience exclaimed again, and the number of people who supported Jiang zipeng increased by several times!

Even the 30-odd people who were waiting for the spiritual energy test revealed bitter smiles. They had already thought that they were no match for Jiang zipeng before the spiritual energy test!

“Thanks for letting me win! Thanks for letting me win!”

Jiang zipeng laughed arrogantly and glanced at Idina, provoking her.

Edina was so angry that her eyes widened,’if my family hadn’t discovered the ancient ruins! If he hadn’t cheated her of the beast blood pill! Jiang zipeng is not qualified to stand here today!”

“Good and evil will be rewarded in the end!” “A person like that would never have the last laugh!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Young master Feng is right!” “Don’t forget, the silver Dragon young master Shen yuanbin hasn’t appeared yet!” Elder Bai nodded slightly.

“Shen yuanbin is also a scumbag! But he’s a bit better than Jiang zipeng!”

“If you have to choose one of the two, I hope Shen yuanbin will be The White Tiger King!” Said Idina unhappily. We can’t give it to Jiang zipeng no matter what, or our orc clan will be finished!”

“Why can’t I choose one of the three?” Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and laughed, ” “Isn’t it good to choose me?”

Edina’s expression changed slightly, and she said, ” “It’s a good choice for you to be The White Tiger King, but you don’t have the strength …”

“The next one to have his spirit tested is Shen yuanbin, an earth level deity!” At this moment, Yi changkong’s tone sank, and his expression became unnatural.

The livestream’s viewers exploded in an instant.

Oh my God! A person from the earth-god Realm actually came down to participate in the election! This was amazing!

He was Shen yuanbin! He was the famous Silver Dragon young master, Shen yuanbin!

Yingluo, wow! The silver Dragon Prince is so handsome! I’ve never seen such a handsome boy! I feel like I’m in love!

What’s the use of Yingluo being handsome! Strength was the absolute truth! Let’s see the results of his spirit test!

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were focused on the two Jade pillars in the middle of the hall.

The results of the spirit testing were out!

The White jade pillar lit up with five Balls of Fire! All ten crystals on the black jade pillar lit up! There was also the shadow of a long flood Dragon!

Without needing nie changkong’s announcement, the audience’s comments exploded.

Oh my God! Shen yuanbin’s cultivation had actually reached the five fire spirit-refining realm! With such strength, he could easily be ranked within the top three of the minor heavenly fate ranking!

If there was no comparison, there would be no harm! The silver Dragon Prince was so handsome, his cultivation was so high, and he was so talented! How are we ordinary people supposed to live like this!

From the looks of it, the silver Dragon Prince was the most popular candidate in this election! After all, we beastmen worship the strong!” The beast God contest was also a competition of actual combat strength!

Yingluo, yes! The silver Dragon Prince was definitely the strongest person in this election! The people in the front were all laughing and joking, but the ‘martial competition of the beast God’ was the stage for the silver Dragon Prince!

This is interesting! The two popular candidates, Silver Dragon Prince and purple ROC Prince, would definitely put on a fierce battle!

According to what Yueyue said, the others didn’t have to choose anymore, so why were they still standing there? Wouldn’t it be better to just go home?

Yingluo, what do you know? This screening was being broadcasted live across the entire White Tiger continent! This was an extremely rare opportunity to show his face!

Yingluo was right! Although the remaining 30 or so people had no hope of being elected, they could use this opportunity to show off their strength and bloodline! To become famous in one fell swoop!

Qianqian was right. After all, they were the top young beastmen under the age of 30! Maybe he would be noticed by some big force and get a good opportunity!

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According to what Qianqian said, they would also be participating in the ‘martial competition of the beast God’?

Yingying was really looking forward to it! This would definitely be a super exciting fight meet!

Quot; Shen yuanbin passed the first round of selection! Quot;

Yi changkong announced. The smile on his face disappeared.

The few people in the main show had already completed their spirit tests.

The next test was for the crown prince’s students.

These people didn’t expect themselves to be chosen, and only wanted to use this live broadcast to show their faces in front of the hundreds of millions of viewers. If they could get good results in the ‘beast God martial competition’, they could also become famous in the world and be in the limelight!

The results of these people’s spirit tests were not surprising. They just followed the process.

The audience was also getting tired of watching, and there was not a single comment for a long time.

Quot; the last one to perform the spirit test is Feng Zhu from the Vermillion Bird continent! Quot;

Yi changkong announced the last name indifferently. He looked disinterested and had run out of patience.

“Young master Feng! It’s your turn!”

Edina and elder Bai looked at Chen Xiaobei with a complicated expression. They were worried that Chen Xiaobei would fail, but at the same time, they were also hoping that Chen Xiaobei would surprise everyone.

“Watch me!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and walked out.

“It’s you?” Xi changkong’s eyes narrowed. He had seen Chen Xiaobei in the mountains. Xi changkong did not like Chen Xiaobei at all.

Chen Xiaobei did not mind and asked, ” “Can we start now?”

“Let’s test your cultivation first!” Yi changkong said indifferently.

“Alright!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and reached for the White jade pillar.