Chapter 2079 - too low

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Chapter 2079: Chapter 2080-too low

Unsurprisingly, only a small flame lit up on the White jade pillar.

This was a fact that could not be changed. Right now, Chen Xiaobei was only at the one fire god-refining level.

The result had been guessed by Edina and elder Bai.

The audience was no longer interested in watching, and they were too lazy to complain.

However, there were Chen Xiaobei’s enemies in the crowd!

Those annoying guys would not let go of the chance to beat Chen Xiaobei down.

“What the f * ck! Only one fire to refine the spirit! That kid is really a piece of trash!” Zhu Qiang Qiang’s face was full of disdain as he grinned and shouted.

Wan Jianfeng also immediately said in a strange tone,”Just one fire to refine the spirit! Out of all the participants this time, this little trash was the most trashy! It’s so weak!”

“Yo! Who was this? Isn’t that the awesome young master Feng?”

Jiang zipeng sneered, ” “You dare to challenge me on the mountain with such trash strength! Was there a hole in his brain? Or is he just courting death?”

Shen yuanbin was even more rude, and even mocked elder Bai, ” “Heh, you’re really the trash of trash! No wonder he was hanging out with an old beggar! A beggar picking up trash, what a match made in heaven!”

These four fellows could be said to be the ones with the highest strength, the greatest background, and the best talent among the participants this time.

The four of them were criticizing Chen Xiaobei so much that the other participants looked down on Chen Xiaobei. They all looked at Chen Xiaobei with contempt and disdain.

Naturally, the audience also saw Chen Xiaobei as a dispensable salted fish, and did not even bother to make a comment.

Chen Xiaobei was not affected by the mockery and contempt of the crowd. He asked, ” “It’s time to test your bloodline, right?”

“Is there still a need for that?” Yi changkong asked in disdain.

In other words, Chen Xiaobei’s strength was too weak, and his bloodline must be trash. There was no need to test him again!

“I’m already here, of course I have to finish the test!” A confident smile appeared on Chen Xiaobei’s face. His tone was calm, but it was as if he had everything under control.

“As you wish.” “Hurry up!” Yi changkong urged impatiently. Don’t waste everyone’s time!”

Chen Xiaobei reached for the black jade pillar.

With a burst of strong spiritual fluctuations, the crystals on the black jade pillar began to shine one by one.

One star … Two stars … Five stars … Nine stars … Ten stars!

Soon, the ten crystals on the black jade pillar all lit up. This result immediately caused an uproar in the audience.

The audience watching the live broadcast, who had already been silent, suddenly became excited. As if they had been injected with chicken blood, they began to flood the channel like crazy!

His cultivation was trash, but his talent could be compared to Shen yuanbin’s. As long as he was trained well, he would definitely be a first-class expert in the future!

Yingluo, yes! This kid was only twenty-one or twenty-two years old! He still had a lot of room for growth! In the future, he could even surpass Shen yuanbin!

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Qianqian had never expected this! The last person to do a spirit test could bring such a huge surprise!

Elder Bai and Idina looked at each other, and they were both excited.

Chen Xiaobei’s image in their hearts had become much higher.

Quot; how … How is this possible?! Quot;

Zhu Jianqiang, Wan Jianfeng, Jiang zipeng, and Shen yuanbin were all dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

The ten glittering crystals on the black jade pillar were like ten loud slaps on their faces!

They slapped their faces so hard that their cheeks were burning! They were shocked to the extreme! He had even slapped them so hard that they lost all their face and were unable to show their faces!

“Something’s wrong! There must be a problem! How could this little trash possess a heaven immortal bloodline?”

Yi changkong furrowed his brows. After careful observation, he suddenly made a discovery.”The bloodline pillar must be broken! Everyone had a bloodline Phantom! Only this little trash doesn’t have one!”

Upon hearing this, all eyes were focused on him!

As expected, the black jade pillar did not have the image of a beast like the others!

“F * ck! You scared me!”

“I knew it!” Zhu Qiang-Qiang said unhappily,”that little trash can’t possibly have a celestial grade bloodline!” So the bloodline pillar is broken!”

Quot; hehe! Quot; Wan Jianfeng also laughed in disdain, ” if that little trash really has a celestial immortal bloodline, I’ll live-stream myself eating sh * t! Quot;

Jiang zipeng said with even more disdain,”I’ll live stream eating shit at my grave!”

What the f * ck! We were excited for nothing! After all this time, it was the bloodline pillar that was broken!

Did Yingluo have bad luck? He broke the bloodline pillar as soon as he came!

Zhenzhen, let that kid get lost! Don’t waste our time!

Quot; no way … How could this be … Quot; Edina was completely stunned. She felt as if her mood had suddenly fallen from heaven to the abyss. The contrast was too great.

“The bloodline pillar is not broken!”

However, at this moment, elder Bai suddenly spoke in a serious tone, ” “Wait a little longer! The bloodline Phantom will definitely appear!”

“You stinky beggar! What do you know!” Zhu Qiang Qiang shouted angrily.

Shen yuanbin roared even more arrogantly, ” “You’re just an old beggar, who are you to speak here? Get out of the spirit testing hall!”

“Quickly get lost! Stinky beggar! Quickly get out of our sight …”

All of a sudden, Shen yuanbin’s brainless fans started to shout and drive away elder Bai.

“The void ascetic has been completed. It’s time for me to restore my identity!”

Elder Bai’s expression did not change. He took a step forward and his genuine vitality burst out. He looked like he was enshrouded in pure white smoke!

Elder Bai’s eyes focused as he took two steps forward. The pure white smoke was like magic, causing his entire appearance to change!

Elder Bai let out a long breath and took three steps forward. His thin face suddenly became handsome, and his weak body became tall and strong. Even his old clothes turned into a white robe!

His gaze was deep and wise! His aura was deep and steady!

With just three steps, elder Bai had turned from a poor old beggar into a great immortal!

“We wish the great elder the best in completing the void ascetic journey! Welcome back to the holy mountain, great elder!”

At the same time, nie changkong and the other five elders cupped their hands and bowed deeply to elder Bai.

Quot; first … First elder??? ”

All the audience and participants, including Chen Xiaobei and Idina, were stunned by what they saw!

Zhu Jianqiang and Shen yuanbin looked down on elder Bai the most. They were shocked like two stone sculptures, as if they had been struck by lightning. Their expressions and bodies were stiff!

Elder Bai ignored everyone and said indifferently, ” “Young master Feng, be patient. Your bloodline Phantom will definitely appear!”

Quot; I’m afraid I can’t. Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head. Quot; the bloodline pillar is not strong enough. Quot;

Quot; it’s not low … Quot; Chen Xiaobei sighed.”It’s too low! I’m afraid that if this continues, the bloodline pillar will really break!”

As soon as he said that, the entire place exploded.