Chapter 2080 - ten crystals exploding

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Chapter 2080: Chapter 2081-ten crystals exploding

“What the f * ck! This kid is too pretentious!”

Zhu Jiancheng gritted his teeth and said,”how dare you say that the level of a celestial grade bloodline pillar is too low!” Who did he think he was? Hierarch Jiutian!”

Wan Jianfeng said in a low voice,”that kid has a friendship with the great elder!” If you offend the great elder, you’ll have to bear the consequences!”

Quot; hiss … Quot; Zhu Qiang-Qiang sucked in a breath of cold air and immediately shut his mouth.

Jiang zipeng and Shen yuanbin were both smart people. Although they hated Chen Xiaobei, they did not say a word out of fear of offending the great elder!

One had to know that the first elder was an earth-god level figure, and his cultivation suppressed The White Tiger continent. No one could compare to him!

The main point was that as the head of the Council of Elders, the head elder was the number one emissary of the beast God and had countless believers in the entire White Tiger continent! He was respected and loved by almost all the orcs!

Nbsp; even the higher-ups of heaven dominating faction had to be polite when discussing matters with the great elder!

It was conceivable that no one in the entire apocalypse Starfield would dare to offend the great elder!

Of course, the audience watching the live broadcast didn’t have real name verification, so they were not afraid of offending the great elder through the virtual network.

The great elder of Xuanji was deliberately biased towards that little waste, right? You clearly don’t have a powerful bloodline, yet you still dare to act tough in front of us!

Yingluo, yes! He was clearly a little trash, but he actually thought that the immortal-level bloodline pillar was too low! I’ve never seen such a thick-skinned person!

The great elder of the Kongtong Sect had not appeared for many years. Could it be that his temperament had changed? According to the totem’s iron rule, the members of the Council of Elders must maintain absolute fairness! Otherwise, they would not be qualified to be the messenger of the great beast deity!

Obviously, a small portion of the audience watching the live broadcast were not the great elder’s believers. They might even be the enemy’s Internet Water Army!

Not only were they criticizing Chen Xiaobei, but they were also trying to frame the great elder! He wanted to make the first elder’s reputation fall in the hearts of the beastmen and reduce the number of followers! He might even lose the position of great elder!

“This old man has never been biased!”

“Back then, the beast deity used the bloodline pillar to test the bloodline! All ten crystals were lit up, but no bloodline Phantom image appeared! This is the same as young master Feng’s situation!”

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked!

Zhu Jianqiang, Wan Jianfeng, Jiang zipeng, Shen yuanbin, Idina, the six elders, and more than thirty participants were all affected by the nuclear explosion!

Their eyes were as wide as a bull’s, and their mouths were so wide open that a fist could fit in!

This was because all of them had read the ancient history of totems that the great elder had mentioned!

The contents of the book were exactly as what first elder had said!

Moreover, it wasn’t just the people present. Nine out of ten real orcs had read this book!

The book recorded the long history of the beastmen race. On The White Tiger continent, it was a textbook-like existence! The contents were approved by all the beastmen!

In an instant, the comments and instigations of the Internet Water Army were directly crushed by the real orc viewers.

Oh my God! If the great elder didn’t mention it, we wouldn’t have thought of the ancient history of totems!

Who would have thought that little trash … Oh no… That young master could actually recreate the miracle of Lord beast deity!

Now, he wanted to see if the 10th crystal of the bloodline pillar would shatter! If it shattered! This young master also had a God-level bloodline!

Oh my God! Could this young master be the reincarnation of the beast deity?

If Yingluo is really like this, our beast clan will definitely return to glory under his leadership!

Yingying was really looking forward to it! Would the tenth crystal shatter?!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the bloodline pillar as they waited in silence with great anticipation!

“Young master Feng! Don’t worry about the bloodline pillar being destroyed!”

The great elder said in a deep voice,”if the miracle of the tenth crystal shattering appears again!” Young master Feng, you will be recorded in history! In the “ancient history of totems,” it is one of the most colorful pages!”

“Alright then!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged and continued to press on the bloodline column.

“Bang! Bang Bang Bang …”

Time passed slowly, and the change finally broke out!

However, to everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t the tenth stone that shattered on the bloodline pillar!

Instead, from the first to the tenth, all of them were shattered!

“This … This, this, this …”

The audience was stunned. Everyone at the scene was stunned.

Even the great elder, who was as calm as a mountain, was shocked. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Their most respected beast God had only dropped the tenth crystal!

Chen Xiaobei had dropped all ten crystals!

‘F * ck!’ It scared people to death!

Then, Chen Xiaobei’s bloodline Phantom appeared.

It was a Dragon-shaped Phantom, its outline extremely blurry and also very special, an ordinary person would not be able to distinguish it at all!

At this moment, even the seven great elders of the elder Council could not tell what kind of Divine Dragon it was.

“That’s strange! There are no records of that kind of bloodline Phantom in the myriad beast illusionary book created by the beast deity. We can’t tell what kind of bloodline it is!”

The second elder nie changkong frowned in surprise.

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“There’s no need to distinguish!”

The great elder said in a deep voice,”ten crystals at once!” Shadow Dragon! This was enough to prove that young master Feng’s bloodline was the bloodline of a Divine Dragon! And it’s a Divine Dragon bloodline that’s of a higher grade than Lord beast God’s!”

Quot; this … Quot; Yi changkong gasped, and his face turned pale.

The entire venue fell into a deathly silence. Even the hundreds of millions of viewers watching the live broadcast fell silent.

Obviously, the Grand elder’s conclusion had caused a nuclear explosion in everyone’s heart!

This directly subverted the three views of all the orcs and even made them doubt their lives and their beliefs!

However, the iron-clad truth was right in front of everyone!

Ten crystals exploded at the same time! Shadow Dragon!

Even if everyone was suspicious, this was still the truth!

It was an undeniable and unchangeable fact!

It was a fact that would be recorded in history!

Even though this fact was not immediately accepted by everyone!

However, there were already a small number of people who chose to believe in him and became his followers!

“I told you, the bloodline pillar doesn’t give you strength. This is all bad!”

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Chen Xiaobei smiled, but his heart was calm.

In terms of bloodline, Chen Xiaobei was not targeting anyone. All those below the 33rd level of heaven were his little brothers!