Chapter 2081 - The Starry Cave

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Chapter 2081: The Starry Cave

As time went by, more and more people started to accept the truth and started to worship Chen Xiaobei, becoming his followers!

The suanni Dragon God bloodline was the Supreme bloodline of the orcs! Even if this young master isn’t the reincarnated Soul Child of the great beast deity, he must be the new God sent by the heavens to lead our beast clan!

Yingluo was right! Compared to this young master, Jiang zipeng had the ‘Chicky bloodline’, while Shen yuanbin had the’ earthworm bloodline’. They couldn’t be compared at all!

Yingluo was right! Of all the candidates, this young master was the most qualified to become the new king! From today onwards! I’m willing to believe in a new god! I will fully support this young master!

The bloodline of this young master bi an was even stronger! His future achievements would definitely be greater! There’s no mistake in us following him!

Qianqian, if this young master becomes the new king, our beast clan will definitely start an unprecedented prosperity! I’m willing to follow you till death!

Yingluo, I’m also willing!

“Damn it! What an unexpected gain!”

Chen Xiaobei was pleased to hear the comments from the audience.”Live streaming is indeed a good thing! The number of my believers has started to rise again, and I’m getting closer and closer to ten Level 3 rewards!”

Evidently, in the past three days, most of the items within the heaven and earth smelt had already been refined into heaven and earth spiritual aura.

Once Chen Xiaobei had three billion new followers, he would be able to choose the level 3 reward ten times!

By then, Chen Xiaobei would be able to maximize the benefits of the spiritual aura of heaven and earth, allowing his cultivation to soar!

Of course, the number of believers had to reach three billion before the beast God fight meet!

“This kid has a bloodline that surpasses the beast God! And there was the support of more and more citizens! Moreover, he has the support of the great elder …”

Wan Jianfeng furrowed his brows and said dejectedly, ” Quot; we don’t even need to choose anymore. He’ll definitely be the new king! Quot;

After being ridiculed by the audience for having the ‘earthworm bloodline’, the silver Dragon young master Shen Yuan bin was already filled with anger.

He could not wait to start the next two stages and eliminate Chen Xiaobei so that he could vent his anger!

Zhu Qiang Qiang immediately agreed,”with his trash cultivation, there’s no way he can pass the next two stages!” He won’t be the one laughing in the end!”

Jiang zipeng sneered,”heh, as far as I know, the beast God competition will be held on the life and death Ring!” You can’t use any Dharma Treasures, and you can only fight with your own strength! Anyone on the scene could have crushed that little trash!”

Ridiculed by the audience as Chicky’s bloodline, Jiang zipeng, a descendant of the great purple ROC, was even more furious.

Jiang zipeng swore that if he met Chen Xiaobei in the beast God competition, he would make sure that Chen Xiaobei’s body would not be left intact!

The result of ‘Chicky slays the true dragon’ was a slap to the faces of the audience!

The four of them were the backbone of all the contestants. Their discussion naturally made all the contestants think of Chen Xiaobei!

Whoever could defeat Chen Xiaobei during the beast God contest would be famous throughout The White Tiger continent! He would make a name for himself and bring glory to his ancestors!

Quot; the first stage of the selection is over! Quot;

At this moment, the first elder announced in a clear voice, ” Quot; all those who have passed the test and are willing to stay can rest for an hour. After that, you will head to The Starry Cave for the second stage of the selection! Quot;

As soon as he finished speaking, the participants gathered in twos and threes, looking for a place to rest while discussing what the second stage of the selection would be like.

In order to avoid suspicion, the great elder only congratulated Chen Xiaobei and then retreated to the side with the elders.

Chen Xiaobei and Idina were completely isolated.

Of course, there were benefits to two people. Many things that could not be known by a third person could be said now!

“Zhufeng! You’re simply too, too, too awesome! I never thought that your bloodline would be so heaven-defying! I won’t dare to underestimate you anymore! From today onwards, I’m your cute little fan!”

There were stars in Edina’s eyes. She looked at Chen Xiaobei as if he was her super idol.

“Um … Cute little fan …”

Chen Xiaobei was speechless.”Gu Liang, you’re not young anymore. Be serious, okay?”

“I’m serious!” Idina composed herself and asked with a smile, ” Quot; do you want to know what the next stage of the selection is? ”

“Of course I do!” Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up and he asked curiously, ” “What kind of place is The Starry Cave?”

Quot; the starry sky Grotto-heaven is a special blessed Grotto-heaven in the beast God mountain! Quot;

Idina explained,”in the heavenly abode, you can see the vast starry sky!” In addition, there’s an ancient magical formation in the cave. After spiritual communication, the stars in the sky will transform into spiritual shadows of thousands of beasts. It’s extremely mysterious!”

Quot; what?! Quot; Chen Xiaobei was stunned. Quot; you won’t let us rest so late at night just to ask us to watch the stars? ” What’s the point of that?”

“Legend has it that the beast deity visualized the ten thousand beast stars in The Starry Cave and created the ten thousand beast Star Battle technique!” It’s the quick jade talisman that you found in the treasure house of The White Tiger branch!”

During the three days of travel, Chen Xiaobei would secretly study the astral battle technique of ten thousand beasts whenever he took a break!

After three days, he had completely assimilated the contents of the Jade talisman into his own knowledge.

However, there was a part that was missing, and Chen Xiaobei did not manage to master it.

Chen Xiaobei had always hoped that his luck would bring him some sort of opportunity to solve his problems.

Chen Xiaobei did not expect to see a ray of hope!

“This is such a coincidence!”

Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Quot; if I can gain some insight from the visualization, I might be able to complete the astral battle technique of ten thousand beasts. That would increase my ability to compete with my peers! Quot; he thought. The beast God contest will be my stage!”

“What are you mumbling to yourself about?” Edina frowned and asked in confusion, ” “I don’t even understand what you’re saying!”

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei made a shushing gesture.

Then, Chen Xiaobei closed his eyes, as if he was listening to something.

“What’s wrong with you?” Idina was completely confused. She could not understand what Chen Xiaobei was trying to do.

Only Chen Xiaobei knew that the mother Gu in his body had just sent him a very important message!

The information came from Qin Wuxin! It was a direct threat to Chen Xiaobei’s safety!