Chapter 1214 - Preparation

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Chapter 1214: Preparation

Chu Li frowned. “Liang Yinge?”

“You should know of Liang Yinge from the Mysterious Pavilion of Zheng Dynasty. You’ve fought him before when you were protecting the Prince.”

Chu Li nodded. “Yes, he’s a very powerful man. I can’t kill him.”

“The Mysterious Pavilion of Zheng Dynasty is the equivalent of the Holy Church of Light of Li Dynasty.” Sun Mingyue nodded. “Although the Mysterious Pavilion is not a martial arts sect, they’re the best in Zheng Dynasty.”

“It seems like the Mysterious Pavilion is obstructing them from something.” Chu Li pondered before he shook his head. “I thought Saint was preparing revenge for the Twelve Princes.”

“It isn’t because of that.” Sun Mingyue shook her head. “The truth is that the Mysterious Pavilion is an extreme threat to the Holy Church of Light.”

“I see…” Chu Li nodded. “We can’t just kill everything that is a threat to the Church, right? There’s too many of them to kill off.”

“He’s exceptionally strong,” Sun Mingyue said, “so he needs to be eliminated.”

“Alright, I’ll look for him. But I might not be able to kill him since I’m weaker than him.” Chu Li nodded without any hesitation.

“Are you going?” Sun Mingyue asked.

She did not expect Chu Li to respond obediently. Sun Mingyue had expected Chu Li to bargain for quite a bit, and even argue with her.

Chu Li said, “As long as I’m not helping Deng Datong, I don’t mind doing it.”

“Good. Everything will be settled if you can kill Liang Yinge and I won’t trouble you for the rest of the year. Feel free to live your life in Gale City.”

“Alright, no problem!” Chu Li said.

“I’ll send you the information regarding Liang Yinge,” Sun Mingyue said. “We still need a little bit more time to collect our intel. You should isolate yourself and train further to the next level so that the chances of you killing Liang Yinge will be higher.”

“Yes.” Chu Li nodded.

Sun Mingyue looked at him satisfactorily. This was how he should behave — just like a loyal servant — instead of the bold and rebellious behavior he had in the past.

Chu Li asked, “What about Senior Brother Deng’s problem?”

“You can ignore that,” Sun Mingyue said coldly.

Chu Li smiled. “His injury can’t be treated that easily.”

Sun Mingyue asked, “What did you do to him?”

“Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture. Its mystery is endless and it’s powerful even when I’ve only mastered the basics. He may think that he has eliminated that inner energy but all he did was convert it into his own inner energy. It would soon revert to what it used to be.” Chu Li shook his head. “And it will never stop its conversion.”

Sun MIngyue muttered, “The Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture…”

Chu Li said, “It will become stronger every time it’s converted and his injury will worsen as well. It’s going to snowball until he can’t take it any longer, to the point where he would need someone else to remove the inner energy from him. However, I believe that this has to be done by a top-notch master and Saint will have to do the honor.”

“What a preposterous claim!” Sun Mingyue scoffed. “You’ve underestimated our Church’s masters. Any master will be able to treat this injury.”

Chu Li smiled. “Feel free to try, Saint.”

“Don’t you worry, you’ll get to see it soon,” Sun Mingyue claimed.

Chu Li replied, “If you’re not careful, he might just lose his life. Although he won’t die immediately, the side effects will worsen over time. By then, it’ll be too late if you want to treat him.”

Sun Mingyue shook her head. “You’re really cruel!”

“Haha…” Chu Li laughed happily. “Since he tried to harm me, I have no reason to be kind to him. Nobody dares to set me up except the Saint!”

“You can leave now.” Sun MIngyue scoffed.

Chu Li gave a fist salute before he turned around and left.

Du Ying discreetly let out a sigh of relief. She was worried that Chu Li would be too stubborn and would try to go against Saint. It would be devastating if that were to happen.

“Du Ying, please wait for a moment.” Sun Mingyue called out to Du Ying who wanted to leave as well.

Du Ying turned her head around unwillingly before she turned her head back to see that Chu Li had already left Divine Light Basilica.

Sun Mingyue said, “I need you to head to Gale City again a few days later and deliver the documents to her.”

“Alright.” Du Ying smiled.

Sun Mingyue was rather curious as she watched Du Ying’s silhouette when she left.

Zhao Dahe was such an ugly guy. Although he looked much better than he was due to his cultivation, he was still uglier than the average joe. She did not expect Du Ying to be willing to get closer to him instead of being disgusted.

There were all types of disciples in the Holy Church of Light. Li Ruolan only got close to Zhao Dahe because it was an order given to her. Yet she did not mind after she had gotten close to him and understood him further.

Chu Li returned to the High Duke’s Public House’s small island once again. Li Hanyan was waving her longsword as she was busy practicing what Chu Li taught her.

The evening lights lit up the island as bright as day. The reflection of the moon could be clearly seen in the pond, merging into one as the ripple spread across the water.

Under the light, Li Hanyan’s jade white face was extremely beautiful.

Chu Li smiled. “Have you decided?”

Li Hanyan shook her head. “Am I too dumb?”

“Oh?” Chu Li smiled. “Why do you think so?”

“I’ve always believed that I’m dumb because even after so long, I haven’t figured it out.”

“If you could understand it in a day, I’ll be the one who’ll think that I’m stupid.” Chu Li shook his head and laughed. “Continue your training.”

“Yes.” Li Hanyan smiled.

With those few words, she had regained her confidence as she stopped doubting herself.

When she could not figure it out even after thinking about it for the entire day, she was hurt. All she hoped for was a hint or some sort but nothing came across her mind at all.

Five days later, Chu Li met up with Du Ying at Gale City. She was carrying two huge bags that were fully filled with scrolls.

He had always wanted to kill Liang Yinge but he could not find his weakness at all. As he did not know Liang Yinge’s origin, that was why he could not find a way to deal with him. However, now that he had this intel, his hopes of killing off Liang Yinge might finally come true.

If he still could not kill Liang Yinge, then he had no choice but to continue his training and become stronger before he would attempt to kill him again.

Du Ying smiled. “Junior Brother Zhao, I’ll be staying here for two days. If you have something you don’t understand or you want to understand something further, I’ll note it down and pass it to Saint.”

“You don’t have to stay for that long. I’ll have a look now.” Chu Li nodded.

He had vaguely guessed Sun Mingyue’s intention as Du Ying arrived once again. Sun Mingyue probably wanted Du Ying to become the second Li Ruolan so that Sun Mingyue could control Zhao Dahe.

He shook his head in his mind. The Holy Church of Light was asking for trouble. Although Du Ying was a good woman, he could not get too close to her.

Soon, he started to read through the scrolls.

Du Ying did not speak further as she sat at the side, looking at Chu Li read through the scrolls at great speed. His speed was comparable to Sun Mingyue’s, such that he could finish a scroll in a blink of an eye before going to the next one. It only took him a short while before he eventually finished the two huge bags of scrolls.

After looking through Liang Yinge’s intel, Chu Li frowned.

Liang Yinge’s background was a mystery — even his master was unknown. Although Crescent Cryptic’s Nine Kills Trial was also an antique study lost in history and its strength was incredibly powerful, the training requirement was incredibly tough. Liang Yinge was definitely a genius for him to be able to learn it. A person like this was obviously God’s favorite and it would be extremely hard to kill him off.

There were a lot of scrolls, but none of them had mentioned where he came from because nobody was able to find out. All of them had only mentioned what he had done and Chu Li could only tell his personality from here.

Du Ying looked at Chu Li hastily and asked, “Junior Brother Zhao, are these not good enough?”

Chu Li shook his head. “There’s nothing useful here.”

“What should we do then?” Du Ying frowned. “Will you still able to finish the quest given by Saint?”

Chu Li frowned. “I can’t guarantee.”