Chapter 762 - Jiang YU’s Money Seemed to Be Endless

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Chapter 762 Jiang YU’s Money Seemed to Be Endless

He quickly looked at the card in Jiang Yu’s hand and saw the yellow card that read, “Limited offer. 1 yuan for the 10 o’clock cable car. Minimum four people.”

That person even counted the guests slowly. “Just nice, there are four of you. As the saying goes, ‘it’s better to come early than to come at the right time.’ So, it’ll just be the four of you. There’s no need to wait for others. We’ll depart now!”

Nie Kaifeng fell silent. Once again, he began to doubt his life.

Jiang Xingyi fell silent as well.

Why was it another one yuan?

[I’m confused as well. Why is it another one yuan? It’s fine if it’s just one night in the hotel, but now even the fare for the cable car in Forest Park is one yuan? Why do I never encounter such a good thing when I go out on holiday?]

[First of all, you might need Jiang Yu’s face to be selected by the hotel for promotion. Secondly…all right, I can’t go on like this. There’s no need to look at a person’s face for a cable car!)

[So, I only have one question. Why is it so hard for Jiang Yu to spend money? Money is in the palm of their hands and they can’t spend it. It’s no wonder that they took the initiative to pay for Nie Kaifeng and Bu Hanhai’s cab fare. It’s because they have too much money…)

( What the hell? 800 yuan? They are so meticulous. I’m really convinced of Jiang Yu’s luck…)

The doubts of the audience were also the doubts of the program team. If they remembered correctly, the country owned Forest Park. Although some of the attractions and food and beverage concessions were owned by a company, that company… didn’t seem to have anything to do with the Jiang Corporation!

So, they could not suspect Jiang Yu of cheating. So, what was going on?

After Nie Kaifeng and the others boarded the cable car, they received a call from Deng Bochao and the others asking where they were.

Nie Kaifeng sat comfortably in the cable car and looked at the scenery along the way. Then, he looked at the back of Jiang Yu and the others and replied honestly, “We’re on our way to the panda exhibit.”

“Eh? We’re also planning to go to the panda exhibit first. Then, where are you now? Why don’t you stop and wait for us first, then we’ll go together? We shouldn’t be too far away from you. Can you give us your location?”

Nie Kaifeng pondered. If he really gave them his location, Deng Bochao and the others would be able to see him flying forward, right?

“Um…” Nie Kaifeng said, “To tell you the truth, we’re on the cable car. We’re about to reach the panda exhibit.”

“Cable car?” Deng Bochao said in surprise, “You’re on the cable car? Doesn’t it cost money?”

Nie Kaifeng said, “Of course it costs money. It’s just…”

It’s just that he did not need to pay for it…

And it’s only one yuan, so it did not hurt to spend it… Deng Bochao sighed, “You guys are really rich.”

Nie Kaifeng: “We’re…all right…”

He looked at the back of Jiang Yu’s head again. The rich one was Jiang Yu, but it had nothing to do with him…

After Deng Bochao hung up the phone, he reported the situation of Nie Kaifeng and the others and prepared to go up on foot. However, a strange thought suddenly appeared in his mind. Why did it feel like… Jiang Yu and the others’ money seemed to be endless?

The program team did not give them any special treatment, did they?

Jiang Yu and the others arrived at the panda exhibit.

A black and white panda just happened to come out of its cave. It scooped up a stick of bamboo and sat on the ground, leisurely gnawing on it. Its furry body looked exceptionally comical, making people want to go up and touch it.

Nie Kaifeng leaned against the fence. His eyes were actually shining. He sighed and said, “Pandas are so cute!”

Nie Kaifeng found a resonance. “Sister Yu, do you think so too?”

She looked at the panda gnawing on the bamboo and said with a sigh, “It must taste really good.” Nie Kaifeng: ??? Wait, was he imagining things?

Why did he feel that this conversation was not going in the right direction?

Jiang Xingyi let out a snort. After hearing Jiang Yu’s words and looking at the panda munching on the bamboo with relish, he actually felt that it…looked a little like his little sister. They were equally cute and made people feel that life was full of flavor.

However, he could not let Jiang Yu know about his thoughts. Otherwise, if she knew that he was comparing her to a panda…

It was not wrong. After all, his little sister was also a national treasure of the family, right?

Jiang Xingyi clenched his fists and coughed lightly, trying to hide the smile on his face.

[I suspect that Jiang Xingyi and I are thinking the same thing. Does he think that the way a panda gnaws on bamboo is exactly the same as how Jiang Yu eats?]

[And Jiang Yu just said that the bamboo looked delicious. Did she think of herself?) [No, no, no. I think that what Jiang Yu said just now was that she’s envious. She’s envious of the way pandas eat and sleep… Jiang Yu, wake up! You’re a beautiful girl who studies hard! Don’t just hibernate at home! Do you hear me?]

They stayed in the panda exhibit for a while and then prepared to leave.

When they went out, they happened to meet Liu Jiejing and the others.

Liu Jiejing saw that Jiang Yu was still a little hostile, so she turned her face away, not wanting to meet her eyes.

Jiang Yu did not mind.

Deng Bochao originally wanted Nie Kaifeng and the others to wait for him. He really did not want to hang out with Ye Jie and Liu Jiejing. He felt that there were too many restrictions. He did not even have the freedom to speak. Compared to these people, he naturally wanted to go with Nie Kaifeng and the others.

However, Nie Kaifeng and Bu Hanhai were about to leave. It was not appropriate for him to call them to wait for him. Deng Bochao opened his mouth but did not say it in the end. He sighed and thought that even if he was with Jiang Yu and the others, he would not be so tired.

Why was Jiang Yu only 17 years old, yet she was more mature and steady than most women?

After walking around a few more exhibits, it was time for lunch.

The program team and the audience were not looking forward to Jiang Yu’s lunch as much as they did last night. It was probably because they knew that there were not many choices available for her in Forest Park, so there was not much room for her to shine.

However, even though it was a pity, the audience had already formed a habit. Even if they did not have a sumptuous meal to watch, just looking at Jiang Yu’s food made them feel that it was very fragrant.

(Even though there’s no free meal today, I’ve already ordered take-out! No matter what, I’ll definitely synchronize with Jiang Yu!)

(Me too, me too! I want to have lunch with Jiang Yu! Now that everyone is gathered, I want to have lunch with Jiang Yu!)

(That’s enough! So why isn’t my take-out here yet? I specially ordered something a little more extravagant today. It can’t be that I’ll eat better than Jiang Yu, right?]

[Eating better than Jiang Yu is a betrayal to her. You’re going to be expelled! So Sister, what did you order? Share it…]