Chapter 11 Two Tattoos

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Chapter 11 Two Tattoos

Lucien and Sophia's moans filled the small room while they were both enjoying themselves.

And in the corner of the room, Lust was talking to Sloth while watching the beautiful show. While Lust was unashamed touching herself, Sloth rolled her eyes as she spoke in a very calm tone.

"I have to thank you again, Lust."

"Not only will your boy benefit a lot from this, but she will have a good increase in her mana."

Lust didn't stop playing with her wet pussy while answered to Sloth.

"You never need to thank me because we've been friends for hundreds of years."

All seven great demons were like a family. They have teamed up for a long time to face a common enemy, and since then, they have always been on the same side.

One has always helped the other, and their hosts have always benefited from this good relationship. Even though it was normal, Sloth still liked to show her thanks because she really enjoyed getting help.

"Seriously, even if you say that it is just for yourself, I know you like to help this old sister."

Lust gave a cheeky smile to Sloth as she tried to reach her with the hand full of love juices.

"Are you becoming a naughty milf over the years? Come here..."

Lust started to provoke Sloth, and both could get in spirit form so that Sloth couldn't get rid of Lust so easily.

She pushed Sloth on the floor, and when she was going to attack her, something scared her.

Sloth was the calmest person Lust knew, and even while she was being teased, she remained calm, but then Lust saw her open her eyes as if she had seen something very impressive behind them.

Lust turned to see what could catch Sloth's attention this way just to see Lucien and Sophia having a great orgasm. As everything seemed normal, she turned and looked questioningly at Sloth, who had her mouth wide open.

"What are you seeing?"

Sloth pointed to Lucien and Sophia while explaining why she was surprised.

"Can't you see that?!"

Now, Lust was sure that she did not see something important. But she couldn't see anything unusual about Lucien and Sophia's actions.

Lucien was pushing his cock as deeper as he could into Sophia's pink, who was pulling his body against her trying to accept everything while they had a great orgasm together.

The tattoo Lucien received during the contract with Lust had appeared below his navel and was glowing with purple light. But this is normal for Lust's hosts.

It is using the power she shared with him that allows him to improve his strength and that of his sexual partners.

Lust also saw the tattoo of a green tree that appeared shining on Sophia's shoulder. It was the tattoo she received from Sloth, and it glowed because it was receiving mana in the same way as Lucien's.

But then Sloth said something that made Lust also open her mouth wide by surprise.

"Look in Sophia's belly."

What Lust saw just below Sophia's navel was a new purple tribal tattoo that was very similar to that of Lucien and her.

Sloth and Lust had the same thought seeing Sophia's new tattoo.

"How can she have two tattoos at the same time?!"

These tattoos that Lust and Sloth were talking about were actually "Mystical Tattoos." These tattoos were what empowered the demon race. Each demon could only have one, and the bigger the tattoo, the more power they would have.

But the most powerful demons could make a contract by linking their souls to people of other races, sharing their tattoos. That's how Lust and Sloth shared their tattoos with Lucien and Sophia.

The demons could only have one contract per soul. And after making the contract, the person could never have another tattoo on their body.

After the person died, the demons could share their tattoo with someone else again.

The tattoo served for several things, mainly to activate the powers of the demons. When shared with someone, that person would have the same potential as the demon.

So Lucien could get stronger by doing lustful things. He could also increase the strength of the women who did these luxurious things with him.

When they reached great peaks of pleasure, the tattoo would appear and shine, showing that the mana was flowing and making Lucien and his partner more powerful.

And in the case of Lucien having sex with women who shared a tattoo or women of the demon race, their tattoos would also appear and shine to absorb the mana, making the strengthening process even better.

But what Lust and Sloth saw now was Lucien putting a second tattoo on Sophia's body. And it was Lust's tattoo, which she could only share with Lucien now.

It was something that even great demons as old as Lust and Sloth never thought possible.


Lucien couldn't think of anything but Sophia's wonderful pussy. She couldn't think of anything but his amazing cock. So they continued to make combined movements to reach as much pleasure as they could.

Since Sophia was much less aggressive than Lust, Lucien penetrated her for a little over twenty minutes before feeling like he was about to come.

Sophia had a little more fun. She came four times while he fucked her hard. She held him tight and allowed him to have as much as he wanted from her.

Then he held her waist tightly and thrust into her wet pussy harder and harder while moaning louder than before.

Sophia felt even more pleasure and started to crave his cum, and when it came inside, she couldn't help but have the biggest orgasm so far.

While both enjoyed the pleasant sensation of coming together, a purple and a green light surprised them.

Lucien saw his tribal tattoo appear and knew it was Lust's powers, so he didn't worry, as she had said something like this would happen.

Sophia was in a similar situation because Sloth had also taught a lot about tattoos and even talked about possible relationships with Lucien. After all, Lust and Sloth are good friends.

So they didn't care about the shining tattoos and stared at each other.

Lucien had come a lot inside Sophia, and when he moved his cock a little, her pussy started to leak a lot of cum along with her love juices.

As he didn't have much experience with sex, he can't help but compare Sophia with Lust in his mind.

"Can't she absorb all it like Lust?"

Sophia was very happy now, she had realized her big dream of being with Lucien, and he had given her so much pleasure that everything felt like a dream.

But then she heard Lucien's murmur and couldn't help but be a little upset by the comparison. She wouldn't say anything so as not to destroy the pleasant atmosphere that was between them, but mentally she cursed.

"Do you think this is my fault? Stupid brother!"

Lucien knew he did shit and couldn't help cursing mentally too.

"How could I think that out loud?! I'm really stupid!"

Sophia was going to curse again in her mind when she realized something was wrong. She looked confusedly at the confused Lucien too.

So they both realized that they had not moved their lips for a moment while arguing. And you cannot stop thinking at the same time.

But then four voices thought at the same time "How," and that was super weird.

Lucien continued to stare at Sophia, but then Lust and Sloth appeared between them looking at Sophia's belly.

Lucien and Sophia also looked, and only now, noticed the small tribal tattoo that appeared below her navel.

Lucien was the first to speak.

Then Lust and Sloth spoke together.

"That never happened."

Then Sophia asked something that everyone was curious about.

"Can I read Lucien's thoughts? So like Sloth?"

Then Lucien thought the same thing about her, and everyone heard her thoughts again.

Sloth was the oldest among them and tried to come to some conclusion.

"The tattoo allows the demon to speak mentally to the host. Since Lucien somehow put Lust's tattoo on Sophia, he must have allowed us to communicate telepathically."

Then Lust and Sloth gave a more detailed explanation of the tattoos making Lucien and Sophia understand why the situation was so strange and peculiar.

But they were still in doubt because they couldn't control their thoughts by making everyone hear at random. So Sloth tried to contain her thoughts, and no one heard.

"Since only the demons and their host are supposed to be able to communicate, the fact that we can do this now in four must be more difficult, and our bodies need to get used to it."

Lust also agreed with Sloth's idea. She tried to enter Sophia's body as she would with Lucien but failed. Sloth was also unable to enter Lucien.

They tried several experiments for almost an hour, but besides being able to communicate telepathically, there was nothing else out of the ordinary.

Lust did not influence Sophia or her tattoo. And Lucien couldn't do anything about her tattoo either.

The situation was bizarre, and Lust wanted to keep trying to find out more about the fact that Sophia had two tattoos now, but Sloth warned her in a solemn tone.

"We have stayed much longer than we agreed in this world. More can be dangerous..."

Lust looked at her in the most serious way that Lucien saw her acting so far.

"Do you think she will do anything against us?"

Lucien and Sophia could only be confused without knowing what they were talking about. Then Sloth turned into a spirit form and entered Sophia's body while speaking to Lust only on her mind.

"Do you want to risk it? We are already fortunate that she gave us a day, but I don't want to wait to see. We better get going before her patience runs out."

Lust just nodded and went inside Lucien. Then she told him that they had to go to the portal chamber to travel to another world.

Lucien and his sisters never quite understood that part of the plan because their father, the Evil King, only said that they had to follow the deal with the great demons and go with them to some specific worlds.

Lust did not give Lucien any further details about that, just as Sloth did not speak to Sophia. They just went together to tell Evil King that they were ready to leave this world.

The Evil King was sitting on a bench in front of the portal chamber. He had his head down and looked nothing like a king, but a kid, who had been scolded by his parents.

He saw Lucien and Sophia arriving hand in hand but did not find it unusual as it should have been family affection.

Lust and Sloth couldn't help thinking about how he would feel if he knew that Lucien's cock was just inside his sister. But they didn't want to stay in that world any longer and take unnecessary risks.

So they started the procedures to open the portal.

Evil King spent many years planning everything and gathering the materials so that they would have no trouble opening the portal to send Lucien and Sophia to another world.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Only one person could pass through this type of portal. And it was made to leave them randomly to three different inferior worlds.

Sophia did not like this fact because she wanted to be sure to go to the same world as Lucien. But Sloth said they couldn't do anything about it right now.

Then Sophia gave her father a formal farewell and went towards Lucien. They hugged each other tenderly while Lucien comforted her.

"Don't worry. We'll be together even if it takes a while now."

"Lust said that after we stabilize in one of the inferior worlds, I can create a portal and go to another. So even if we don't go to the same world at first, I can still follow you."

Sophia had also heard from Sloth that she could create a portal in the other world, but her man's words sounded better.

"Do you promise to look for me?"

Lucien tightened the hug. He had already accepted his feelings for her but was not yet ready to show that kind of affection in front of their father. He could only think that it would be bizarre.

"Of course! You can only be mine, and I already miss you."

After they exchanged romantic whispers, the King's servants activated a circle-shaped mechanism with several shiny stones, and the portal was summoned.

It looked like a big round mirror made of water. There was only possible to see blobs on the other side, and they did not know where they would leave after entering that portal. It was dangerous but necessary.

Sloth entered Sophia, and she passed through the portal before giving Lucien one last caring look. Then the portal closed, separating the siblings briefly.

The servants started to prepare the last resources for one more portal, which would leave Lucien to a new world.

A world where he would have to conquer a harem to becomes strong enough to protect those dear to him, and return to save his mother.