Chapter 12 Wet Hero

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The sunlight passed through the leaves of the great trees, forming beautiful rays of light in the forest.

The birds were singing animatedly that morning.

Near a large lake, there was a clearing, where several animals liked to drink water...

Sounds of metal against metal and hardwood sounded, destroying the beautiful and peaceful morning.

A rough man looking about thirty was having trouble to keep holding his big ax, which seemed heavier every second, while breathing hard.

"You fight well as a dirty dog..."

In front of that bald man was a beautiful young girl with stylish leather clothes, looking like a typical adventurer.

"You are so big, but you fight like a delicate lady."

The man didn't like the insult at all from someone like her. He gave a shout trying to focus all the energy he still had for one last strike.

The young lady knew that she could not compete with the man in strength, but she had the advantage in speed. So instead of trying to block with the sword, she decided to dodge.

The man was easily enraged at being insulted and no longer cared about ending up harming the girl severely.

He brings the ax down in a strong vertical stroke by a wide-angle, aiming at the beautiful young lady without any mercy.

The girl's beautiful big and green eyes sparkled when she saw the clumsy swing coming towards her and had no difficulty to quick step to the side, avoiding the strike altogether.

The bald man hit the ground with his heavy ax, making a loud noise and throwing dust upwards. Then he heard the girl sneer while he felt the cold steel on his neck and understood that it was a loss.

The beautiful girl smiled as she heard the friendly applause from her companions, but it was not over yet. The man insulted and tried to hurt her. Now he must suffer some punishment.

"Who's the dirty dog now?"

The man was not very smart, but even he knew when to be quiet. But then he saw the smile on the girl's face and knew he wouldn't get away with it.

Before he could do anything, the woman kicked him in the stomach, making him turn over and then cut his back with a quick and not too profound sword stroke.

The big man fell to the floor, crying. The strike was not fatal, but it certainly caused a good deal of pain. Plus, the fact that his stomach also received a nice kick.

At that moment, another man, who watched the fight from a distance not too long, approached quickly while raising his hands.

"Hey hey, the deal was without fatal injuries!"

Then a beautiful figure performed a swift somersault in the air and fell in front of the young man.

"And who tried to hurt whom first? That ax blow could have killed Anne!"

The man did not like the tone that the young woman spoke to him. But a part of him couldn't help thinking that she was gorgeous.

She had beautiful short blue hair, and unlike Anne, she is human. The young man did not like peculiar things, not to think well of the other girl, who, despite being very beautiful, had unique characteristics.

He took another quick look at the sexy curves of the blue-haired woman and turned to leave.

"Okay, we're five and five. Let's finish the last fight and decide who will take the mine."

The young man, wearing black metal armor, passed close his companion, the bald man, and after kicking him, both joined the rest of their group, who were on one side of the clearing.

The blue-haired girl gave Anne a friendly hug, who had beautiful light brown hair. Not only her hair, but she had several hairy parts of her body in that light brown color.

"Thank you, Marie. Now, who's going to fight?"

Marie couldn't resist patting Anne's big and cute furry ears.

"It will have to be me, as these two idiots can't take it anymore."

Then Marie and Anne looked at their two companions, who were sitting on the floor nearby, with their bodies full of cuts and bruises.

Then they looked at the group of mercenaries across the clearing. There were about twenty large and strong men, along with the young man in black armor.

The beautiful ladies couldn't help but sigh together.

The two boys on the floor were also very peculiar. They were both handsome and tall young men with blond hair. But there was something more...

The large and thin ears were proof that they are both forest elves.

Each of the elven brothers had already fought strong mercenaries three times and could not take it anymore.

Even though they were a bit weaker than the girls, they still wanted to show their manhood, and one of them stood up.

"I will fight! Just be sure to reward me later, Marie..."

Marie and Anne could only swing their heads. The brothers always flirted with them, even in dangerous situations.

"Moron! You will only miss our chance to complete the mission."

The young elf quietly sat when Marie shouted at him. His brother didn't even think to say anything and continued to apply a healing ointment on his wounds.

Marie told Anne to leave the middle of the clearing and prepared herself for the next and last fight.

But the situation was not good for them as her group's members need to fight more than once while the group of mercenaries sent a new wholesome fighter each round.

Still, with this disadvantage, Marie's group was tied in five points with the mercenary group. Now it was the last fight, and even she with low mana will try her best.

Anne, just like the rest of the group, really wanted to complete this mission, but she was worried about Marie fight more.

"Marie, you fought a silver rank mercenary and won. I think you've done more than anyone else here, so don't try too hard."

Marie continued walking into the middle of the clearing without turning back.

"Don't worry; after all, we agreed to do it without fatal attacks."

Anne had a bad feeling about this, but she still chose to trust Marie, who was a good leader for her group.

The elven brothers only looked at the girls, blaming themselves for not being strong enough to be more useful.

Unlike the girls, they fought against the weakest mercenaries of the group, and even though they fought three times, they didn't really do well.

Marie reached the center in the clearing and moved her hands gracefully. Then with a "puff" sound, a wooden staff ornamented with silver silk lines and with a crystal on the top appeared in her hands after a blue light flashed.

The leader of the mercenaries, the young man in black armor, looked at Marie with a lustful but also envious look.

Despite being in a low-rank adventurer group, she is an excellent wizard, and he would love to have her in his group... and his bed.

He turned to his subordinates and gave them a motivational shout.

"I will fuck that bitch myself, and we will gain a lot from the mine!"

The mercenaries raised their weapons and made many noises to encourage their leader as they thought about the rewards that the gemstone mine would bring.

Marie could only roll her eyes. She was very disgusted by men like that guy and just wanted to burn him to death.

But with the difference between their equipment, it would be very challenging. And even if she won, she couldn't kill him because they agreed to a fight without fatal attacks.

The mercenary leader wasted no time and ran towards Marie with his big sword already in hand. He made no formalities and approached her thrusting a horizontal strike.

Marie knew that a frontal magic attack would not affect the black armor. She knew well that this armor is of high level, so she would have to try precise strikes in vulnerable parts of his body.

In a quick movement, Marie aimed the top of her staff down and cast a wind magic, causing her to be launched into the air, avoiding the great horizontal charge strike completely.

Brian, the leader of the mercenary group, did not expect to win the fight in a single blow but thought he could break some barrier of Marie with that attack.

He was surprised when she launched herself into the air in such an incredible way. But he didn't think much and started preparing another attack where she would land.

Marie, still in the air, started to move her hand, making a blue light appear between her fingers. Then she quickly touched the tip of the staff and then aimed it at Brian.

Before she landed on the floor, ice crystals came out of her staff and went towards Brian.

He ignored the ice crystals and followed her with his sword once again in a horizontal drive, which had a very large area of ??effect.

This time the force used seemed even more significant because the sword cut through the air making leaves on the ground move away from him.

The ice crystals came into contact with Brian's sword before his attack reached Marie. He didn't care about that because he trusted that his magic armor would protect him.

But then something surprised him and everyone watching the fight.

The ice crystals obviously broke. But a white fog came out and surrounded Brian completely.

Everyone tried to imagine what this fog would do. But nobody expected what happened next.

Brian stopped his movement at the same time that the white fog deprived him of all vision. He thought it must be some kind of poisonous item and was very angry at Marie for making such a dirty trick.

Marie did not use any additional items. That fog was a magic that she had developed, and it is still experimental. But she tried, and it came out better than she expected.

She wasted no time and ran towards Brian while he was trying to wipe his eyes, and his guard was off.

While running, she once again started to move her hand in different ways. After swift movements, she made the blue light appear in her hand.

Then she moved her hand to the top of the staff, and a light made the staff start to shine as an ice blade formed there. Now her staff looked like a spear with a tip of ice crystal.

All the spectators were impressed by the talents of that beautiful blue-haired wizard lady.

But of course, Marie's group was pleased, while the mercenaries worried about their leader.

Marie ran to Brian, now with her spear aiming at his waist, precisely at the vulnerable parts of the armor. She would restrain herself not to make a fatal attack, but it would undoubtedly hurt him a lot.

But then something unbelievable happened. So fast that many could not understand right.

A hooded figure came out of the group of mercenaries watching the fight on the other side of the clearing. The hooded person's speed was very high, and it quickly reached behind Marie, pressing a small blade behind her neck.

"Drop the staff or your friends die."

Marie was caught off guard, the figure came after her very quickly, and she had to stop her movement.

By the person's voice, everyone concluded that it was a woman. Before she needed to speak again, some mercenaries were already running to surround Marie's group. And she cannot help but demand an explanation.

"He agreed to resolve this issue with this non-fatal challenge. Are you going to cheat like that?"

Marie knew that the woman intervened because she was about to beat Brian, but the answer from the hooded woman scared her.

"I don't mind killing a D Rank Adventurers group. Who cares about trash like you?"

The situation was terrible. Marie feared more for her group and knew she had to surrender.

"It's okay. Just don't hurt them."

But then the situation got worse when Brian, furious, started to recover his vision and shouted.

"I'll kill you all after fucking you so hard that nor will your parents recognize you anymore."

The hooded woman started to laugh while Marie was terrified.

But then another incredible thing happened to make the mercenaries and Marie's group even more surprised.

A strange figure came out of the forest from the direction of the lake. He acted much faster than the hooded woman and reached behind her just as she did with Marie.

But he pressed a wet hand on her back.

"Drop the knife, or you'll regret it."

Of course, such a turnaround surprises everyone just as happened before.

But the situation now seemed much more surreal.

As the mysterious figure, that time was the most handsome man they had ever seen.

And he was completely naked.