Chapter 15 Hot / Dangerous Bathe part 1

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Chapter 15 Hot / Dangerous Bathe part 1

"That was so disgusting!"

Marie and Anne could only have thoughts like that about how Brian died. They didn't like him at all to find a suitable ending for someone as jerk as he was.

They were good girls who wouldn't want to take other lives. But they could not deny that they were satisfied with the brutal death of the group of men who tried to do horrible things for them.

It was the nature of people to wish others what they want for them. Still, the girls wanted to hide feelings that they considered evil or selfish.

But they would learn with Lucien to think more about themselves and return bad ten times worse.

Now that everyone was dead, another essential and somewhat frightening question appeared. Marie can't help but have worrying thoughts.

"What will he do to us?"

"He definitely isn't a good guy!"

But then she saw Anne running towards the handsome devil, her eyes sparkling by admiration.

"Big brother! You are soooo amazing!"

"Glad you gave them what they deserved!!"

"I always hate Brian, he was s-"

Anne was very excited to see Lucien kill Brian because she knew horrible things he had already done to good girls. But she got so excited that she forgot essential details about this "big brother."

"Cover it! You don't need to keep showing this big to us all the time!"

Lucien could only sigh and sway his head.

He is not an exhibitionist and did not like fighting naked. He was forced to do so by the urgency of the situation.

The situation that others forced him. And he wouldn't forget to punish the three girls who were guilty of it.

Especially the hooded girl. He couldn't help giving a strange smile when he looked at her, still knocked out on the floor.

Marie and Anne did not know what to think about the cold and direct way he talks. The only time he showed any emotion was when he mocked Brian until death.

Anne, who had turned and put her hands on her face in shame, cannot agree more.

"Okay, I have a nice soap, and I can lend it to you."

While Anne ran to her backpack near a tree, Marie approached him, trying not to stare at the big hard.

"Please don't do anything bad for her."

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"I said I was going to think about your request, and I will not return with my words. I just ask you to give me some time."

Lucien stared at Marie for a while, making her very nervous, but then tried the most friendly smile he had.

"I'm not going to force anything. I just want us to get along!"

Marie could only think that the devil was trying to seduce her. But she didn't hate that smile even though he was still covered in blood.

She blushed a bit and tried to continue the conversation even though her head was full of strange thoughts. After all, he was still hard.

"You can take a bath in the lake while I loot everything good from these corpses."

After Marie spoke, she felt his suspicious look and had to explain.

"We are not going to run away. We couldn't get away from someone as fast as you!"

"Oh, I still don't know your name. Mine is Ma-"

Lucien had heard her and Anne's name during the fight, making Marie even more certain that he had many impressive skills.

"You are Marie, and she is Anne. I am Lucien, and the hooded lady will introduce herself later."

"I am not your enemy, but I want to be your friend."

"I also want you to be mine, I will not deny that, but I can wait for a while, not long."

Marie did not know how to act. Her mind was a mess, and she needed time to rest and calm down.

Anne heard part of the conversation while bringing the soap and could only blush to know that the handsome devil wanted her that much.

She, of course, thought that this was very sudden and everything about him was so strange and mysterious. But her swinging cute tail was proof that she didn't hate the idea.

"Here the soap, just go bathe because you stink of blood."

Lucien took the soap while Anne tried to look away in a way that he only found her more beautiful and cute.

Then he walked towards the hooded woman, still on the floor. But he stopped while giving a strange warning without turning back.

"If you run away, I will have to hunt you. So, don't do it."

Marie and Anne couldn't help but imagine a scene where he ran after them naked and hard. It was very bizarre... But somewhat strangely hot?

They swing their heads to chase away that kind of thought as they watch him go towards the hooded woman, wondering what he would do to her.

Lucien leaned over and took the hooded woman's body. Without any affection or carrying her like a princess, he threw her on his shoulder as if carrying a wooden board.

"She will take a shower with me."

The girls couldn't help but be impressed. Not because of this rude action but because they saw the hooded woman's face.

She had a not very fair olive skin with some cute freckles, which only made her look more charming.

Short black hair that made her look very professional.

Big yellow eyes. A small adorable mouth and a delicate nose, a stunning woman for sure.

But now, what stood out the most was the fact that the woman had a wide smile on her face, which seemed to be having a wonderful dream. She was even drooling.

While the girls saw the naked Lucien left with the happy hooded woman, they thought the same thing.

The feeling of waking up after being knocked out is horrible. No one can help but feel much pain and discomfort in this situation.

The hooded girl known as Shadow heard the noise of water before opening her eyes.

She put her hand on her head, which hurts a lot and can't help but moan. Then she slowly opened her eyes, just for the sunlight to cause her even more pain.

It took her a few seconds to get used to the light and gradually find out where she was and what had happened to her.

But then she was welcomed with the view of the back of a man who was bathing in the lake right in front of her.

The man's entire body was still covered by blood as he tried to wash his back. It was so much blood that she didn't know if his long hair was naturally red or if it was by the blood.

As she was still confused by the pain in her head, the woman tried to think about who this man was and why she was watching him washing.

The more she looked at that back, the more she found him attractive. Even that lot of blood didn't make him any less hot.

Shadow stopped trying to find out what happened to her and focused on enjoying that vision, but then the mysterious man suddenly turned around.

"Are you enjoying the view?"

When Shadow saw the man's face, her heart beat faster. She couldn't believe how handsome he was, but then...

The man's face was beautiful, but she couldn't help but notice something else. She would never forget that part of his body even though it was less hard and looking calmer now as if it was sleeping.

Before she is knocked out, the cock she saw was not only the first, but it would also be the only one that she will think of in her entire life.

Then Shadow remembered being knocked out by this man and now understood that he just brought her here while he is taking a shower.

"What happened to the others?"

"I killed everyone except the two girls and their two idiot friends who ran away."

Shadow can't help but be sad. She really needed the money she would receive to protect Brian. Now she would receive nothing and could even suffer retaliation from his family.

But there was a more important question. She looked at the handsome devil with a concerned look.

"Why didn't you kill me?"

"Because I want to fuck you."

The mysterious man's answer was worse than she expected. He spoke quickly and sincerely as if it meant nothing, scaring Shadow too much.

Lucien saw the same expression on Marie's face and understood that he was doing something wrong. Maybe he shouldn't be so straightforward and honest?

He really wanted to become stronger, so scaring his potential partners wouldn't be good. He tried to think of how to ease the tension, but he wasn't really good with words or people.

"Don't get it wrong. I will not force anything, but you will want it yourself."

Shadow didn't know what to think. She was in a very complicated situation. She couldn't just try to escape as she already knew he was faster.

As he seemed to desire her, so maybe she could use that to gain some advantage. When she thought about it, she also saw her dagger on top of the stone near her.

Lucien had brought the dagger with him thinking of returning it when she woke up. And he didn't miss it when she looked at the dagger.

"Okay, I will trust you."

Shadow didn't think she was just going to fall in love with him like that out of the blue. But since she didn't have much choice here, she would have to try what she could do.

Lucien could already imagine what she would try, but he had to find a way to conquer her without use force, or he could end up losing his chances.

"Just come and help me wash my back."

When he saw her pleading look, he had to make his point clearer.

"I'm not going to r.a.p.e you! Just help me in the bath."

Shadow couldn't deny as much he insisted. Then she started to take off her cape slowly, showing a cute shyness.

Lucien started to get excited, seeing her magnificent body.

She had a slim and slightly athletic body with very sexy curves. Breasts still small, but as she looked very young, they could even develop a lot more.

And her ass was sooo hot. It wasn't that big, but the shape was simply perfect.

It took her a long time to remove her cloak and other clothes until she was only wearing underwear. But it seemed as too swift for Lucien as he observed and enjoyed every second.

"I'm not going to be naked, please."

Lucien did not like it, but he would try a more relaxed approach as he had complete confidence in conquering her over quickly.

He turned to the middle of the lake and told her to come.

Shadow focused all her speed and stealth on making a single precise move.

She ran and picked up the dagger, thinking he hadn't noticed. But Lucien heard every muscle and bone in her body, and he would just let her try.

Shadow walked towards Lucien. He was about ten meters away from the lake's border.

He kept on washing as she approached and acted like nothing was wrong. When he lowered his head to wet his hair, she moved quickly and put the dagger behind his neck.

Shadow used all the speed she had, but it was not enough.

Lucien turned his body swift and took her wrist before the dagger touched his skin.

Shadow couldn't release Lucien's grip because he was so much stronger than she. She thought he would kill her or worse, so she closed her eyes in fear.

But what followed was something she never imagined.

Lucien raised her hand until the tip of the dagger touched the front of his neck.

"I am not your enemy! If you can't believe my words, believe in my actions!"

Shadow was perplexed and opened her eyes when she realized he had released his hand. Now she was pressing the dagger to his neck, and any small movement would cut his throat.

She looked at him just to see his serious face without changing his expression. Then he pressed his body against her causing the dagger to pierce his skin a bit, and a little of blood dripped.