Chapter 16 Hot / Dangerous Bathe part 2

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Chapter 16 Hot / Dangerous Bathe part 2

Shadow couldn't understand why the handsome devil was helping her to threaten himself.

Not only did he bring her hand with the dagger to his neck, but he was also pressing his body against hers as the dagger was cutting him.

But then she thought about his words about not being her enemy.

In fact, it didn't seem absurd because he only tried to defend the wizard, and even when she not accepted his warning and tried to attack, he only knocked her out without causing injury, and so far, he hasn't really done her any harm.

Then she thought about the fact that he said he wanted to fuck her.

"Is he like other men? Horny assholes?"

She didn't think he would just hurt her. But what if she didn't give her body to him?

"He said he wouldn't force me into anything..."

Shadow had many conflicting thoughts. Part of her didn't want to be his enemy, but part of her was afraid of him.

Then Lucien continued to slowly press his body against hers as she moved back the dagger so as not to pierce him anymore.

"Go ahead. Do it. So you don't have to fear me anymore."

"A good enemy is a dead enemy."

Shadow was getting more and more confused. Was he encouraging her to kill him to avoid problems?

What kind of rascal would do something like that? So she concluded that he shouldn't be dangerous for her. Not without any reason.

Shadow put the dagger down quickly while breathing hard. She was very tense with this bizarre situation.

"So we're not enemies!"

Lucien completely changed from a serious expression to a charming smile as he wiped off the bit of blood from the small cut on his neck.

"I said we were not enemies."

Shadow didn't want to fight him, but she still hadn't completely surrendered.

"What if I don't want to have sex with you?"

Lucien continued to wash with the soap and sponge he received from Anne.

"It will be good for both of us, I promise."

Shadow did not understand why he wanted to have sex with her so badly. She was pretty, but he's so sexy that he could easily have other women more beautiful than her.

"What if I try to run away?"

Then Lucien stopped washing and looked at her with the usual serious expression. Shadow was impressed with his ability to change so quickly as if he's an experienced actor.

"I'll pat your head to make you get some sleep."

Shadow was furious and couldn't help screaming.


Lucien washed again while smiling.

"Why to talk about it if you're not going to try to run away, right?"

Shadow no longer saw Lucien as dangerous to her, but she couldn't help but be angry that he acted in this bizarre way.

She was going to talk about his manners when he made a swift move surprising her.

Lucien took the knife from her hand and threw it over the edge of the lake while holding her arm and bringing their body closer enough to his cock rub her soft thigh.

"You don't need the dagger right now."

Shadow blushed. Lucien held her arm firmly but also affectionately and spoke in a serious but also sexy tone.

That was too much for an innocent young lady as Shadow. She's at the age of wanting to date and things like that, so she was easily affected by Lucien's charm.

"You are flirting with me, but I don't even know your name."

Lucien answered his name, and when she introduced herself as Shadow, he couldn't help but laugh.

"Tell me your real name."

Then he started to get closer to Shadow, she tried to get away, but he brought their bodies closer until they look like one person.

His cock had already entirely entered between her legs and was rubbing her panties.

It felt so good that Lucien's cock had gotten super hard again.

Shadow couldn't help but blush even more and start breathing hard. She felt an excellent feeling from Lucien's hard cock, even through her panties.

It got even hotter when he started kissing her neck.

"M-my name i-is Mia..."

Then he squeezed one of her breasts. The sensation was fantastic, even through her bra. Mia couldn't stop moaning.

"Just stop it... ahh... please..."

Lucien can't help thinking that he's changed a lot in the last hours. He never imagined doing something so bold before, but now he had to work hard to becomes stronger.

"I can stop, but you have to do something for me..."

"See how I got because of you..."

Lucien pressed his cock up as he spoke in the most sensual way he could.

"W-w-what you m-meam?!"

"I s-still c-can't it... pleeease."

While Mia pleaded, Lucien began to kiss her other breast right over the bra. So he had the idea to try something new. He was sure the sensation in her breasts would be incredible.

"It's not what you think..."

Mia could only be confused. She really wanted to run away, but he didn't stop holding her firmly for a second.

"I love your boobs... you can try to use them.. you know, a massage and nothing more..."

She thought he could do anything with her right there in the water. And she was not able to react, so if she could just do a massage, it would be better than other things...

But with her breasts? She didn't think her breasts, which weren't too big, would catch his attention that much.

Mia had heard things from other girls about men like having a breast massage on their backs. But she was really wrong about Lucien's intention.

He pressed her shoulders, making her kneel, and the water almost covered her breasts, but it was still possible to follow the plan.

"Just don't move, and I'll do it."

Then to Mia's surprise, Lucien thrust his hard cock between her breasts. The bra held her breasts tightly together and allowed his dick to slide in the middle of them.

Mia didn't know how to act. Lucien was rubbing his cock over her breasts. And she thought it would be awful and strange, but then she realized that she didn't hate the feeling.

Her breasts were getting hotter and hotter, and that heat was starting to spread through her body.

Then she saw a slight purple light appear on a tattoo below Lucian's navel. Then a sweet smell started assaulting his nose. It was so good that she couldn't help but breathe hard.

Lucien continued rubbing his cock on her breasts while her body got very hot, and she started to feel an itch in her vagina, making her close the legs tightly together.

Her body became dizzy, and she had to hold on Lucien's thighs as he continued to rub his dick in her boobs faster and harder.

Lucien was pleased that he had this brilliant idea. The feeling of having his cock between her breasts was wonderful. The bra helped a lot to tighten his cock even more.

He started to feel better and better and increased the intensity of the thrusts. It didn't take too long for him to start feeling like he was about to come.

He came at the same moment that Mia looked down, causing some cum splashes in her face.

She thought she would be disgusted, but the smell of that strange white liquid was very similar to the sweet smell she was sniffing just ago.

Her body acted on instinct, and she couldn't help but lick some of the cum that was close to her mouth.

"How can it be so good?"

The taste of that cum was so good that she without realizing it began to run the tongue around her mouth, trying to lick everything she could.

While Mia licked her new favorite drug, Lucien was not finished his orgasm and still had cum coming out of his cock while he continued to rub her breasts.

She realized that and involuntarily put her mouth on his cock. She couldn't help being surprised because that sweet fragrance was much stronger and intoxicating on his cock.

Lucien had already finished cumming, but Mia was still sucking on his cock. He loved to hear that "slurp" sound as she swallows his dick deep.

"You can drink it all... I can always give you more. Just ask."

Mia woke up from her wild state by Lucien's voice. She thought she had lost control and blamed that sweet smell that seemed to have drugged her.

But now that she had done something so naughty, it was unreasonable to complain or blame Lucien. She didn't stop sucking his dick while she thought. It felt so good that she never got enough of it.

"Your dick is soooo good..."

"But you are still an idiot."

Lucien could only smile and start patting Mia's head while she continued to suck his cock and sweetly complain.

"I said that you would want it. So why resist that much?"

Mia was very angry with Lucien. He molested her and even made her addicted to his dick. This was very cruel, and she could only complain.

"I will suck as much as I want. But I'm not giving it to you!!!"

Lucien took her chin and made her look at him while giving her a very seductive and confident look.

"Yes, you're going to give it to me, and also everything. Maybe not now, but it won't be long either."

Mia stared at Lucien's handsome face. Those big blue eyes and that fantastic red hair...

He's strong and sexy. He acts so confident and has such a delicious cock...

She didn't respond because she was very upset with him, but she wanted to scream her feelings.


She could feel it wouldn't be easy to deny him anything from now on. She got up because she wanted to run away before they did something she might regret.

But Lucien acted quickly and took her in a passionate hug.

"It was amazing for me, and I am satisfied now."

Mia was silent as she heard his sweet words.

"You are so beautiful, Mia. Thank you for doing it with me."

Lucien was stroking Mia's back while he sniffed and kissed her neck in a very kind way.

She felt so protected in that powerful embrace. It was so good that Mia forgot all the negative feelings she had about him and just wanted to be in his arms now.

She thought it all happened so fast. She couldn't handle so many feelings like that, after all, she had just met him.

"I don't hate you, idiot."

Lucien was enjoying how things were progressing. He had to do more luxurious things to wake up the sleeping Lust. But if things kept going fast like that, it wouldn't take long.

He placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Mia had already accepted that Lucien would probably be her man, but she still needed time to get to know him better.

"I'm not ready to take the next step yet. Please give me some more time to get to know you better, and then..."

"Fine, Mia. We'll be together from now on, so you don't have to worry about anything."

Mia liked Lucien's confident way more and more. Everything about him was so good that she was even afraid of losing him.

She knew he desired her and liked it very much. When he accepted her request, she was happy and started to think of other ways to reward him until she was ready for the big step.

Then she took his hand and started walking out of the lake.

"I'm still not giving it to you... but..."

Lucien couldn't help being a little confused.

But Mia was murmuring too low, and Lucien couldn't hear.

"You... know... it.. my... if... you... just..."

He could hear only a few words. Mia looked very embarrassed and couldn't speak properly.

Mia became tenser because she couldn't speak louder, and Lucien didn't understand. So she struggled to lose her shyness but ended up exaggerating.


"I can give you my ass... if you want to use it..."