Chapter 18 The Mine part 1

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Chapter 18 The Mine part 1

It was still morning, but a lot had happened in the forest, which was very peaceful before. Now everything was getting back to normal as Marie and Anne walked towards the mine.

Marie's group had recently been formed in the adventurers' guild of the city Portgreen.

She was a wizard who wanted to live adventures away from her family and traveled to this region. Joining the adventurers guild was very good because she met Anne and they became best friends quickly.

The city of Portgreen is close to the sea, and due to its excellent position is a nice city, which has many non-humans. Anne came from the fox clan to live adventures too, so finding Maire was good for both.

Marie and Anne created a group of adventurers and took a low-ranking mission. It was to clear a mine, which was seen by some travelers, near a clearing.

It all seemed very simple as there should not be very strong creatures in the area. But that region is close to the Light Empire, which was at war.

So the guild staff advised Marie to increase the number of members of her group.

Marie and Anne are stunning beauties, so everyone wanted to join her group even if they were amateurs.

But the girls knew that those guys just wanted to have a chance with them, and it would be unreliable to hang out with people who only think about their bodies and are not really their friends.

But then they met the elven brothers who were very handsome men and would have no problem getting girls.

So when they wanted to join the group, Marie thought it would be okay with them, who were very respectful to them.

Everything was going great, but then all that shit happened. But now Marie and Anne were fine and could check the mine without any problems.

They didn't think there would be any danger there as this area is known to have few resources.

Less than two minutes of walking was enough for Marie and Anne to reach the entrance to the mine, which was about 200 meters away from the clearing.

Anne was a little concerned, looking at the dark entrance to the mine.

Marie moved her fingers, and the blue light appeared, so she reached for the tip of the staff. The light passed to the staff, which was brilliant now, but it's not attack magic. Marie just wanted a tool to light the way.

"It's gonna be okay. Or do you not trust your partner?"

Anne nodded, and both entered the mine. It was cold and dark; they also heard the sounds of popping and stones rolling as if there is some movement inside the mine.

Anne felt a bad feeling but continued to follow Marie, who illuminated the narrow path.

"Are they wild animals?"

Marie was focused on the sounds; it was low and distant. Still, she found it very strange.

"Maybe some wolves..."

Marie and Anne walked a few more before realizing that there were people inside the mine. The noises grew louder and louder, and some were shouts.

"It's hurt. Why can't you find it?"

"It's been hurt for days... it won't be able to last much longer."

"Ahhh... I'm tired of this chase..."

"Find it and the cub so that we can return."

Marie and Anne heard many voices and knew that a large group was in the depths of the mine.

They knew it was dangerous to go on without knowing who they were, so they started to come back quickly to leave the cave.

But then two figures left an alternative path that was very close to the girls.

"Oh!? What do we have here?"

"Young Ladies... hehehe"

Marie prepared to argue with them, but when the men came a little closer, the light from her staff illuminated part of their armor.

They wore silver armor with a large yellow sun emblem in the center.

Marie cannot help being afraid.

Although this region is close to the Light Empire, it still belonged to Portgreen, but here were soldiers of the light.

Marie knew that they are not good people and hate non-humans like the people of Portgreen.

She was more afraid for Anne than for her. Light Empire people were known for doing horrible acts to non-humans. Not only that, but they also used their religion to justify cruel actions to anyone.

After seeing the sun on the men's armor, she didn't think for a second before she started to move her fingers to do magic.

"Run, Anne! Call him!"

Anne was terrified when she saw the men running towards her as Marie starts her magic.

She did not want to leave Marie in a dangerous situation. But when Marie screamed, other men started screaming deeper in the mine as they came to see what was going on.

Marie expected Anne would hesitate to leave her, but the situation was pretty bad, so the only way she could think was calling him...

"You have to go! NOW!!!"

The men noticed Maire doing magic and launched attacks with their weapons at her.

But Marie completed her spell as she lifted the staff with both hands and hit the ground.

A great blue light emerged from the staff and created a large ice wall in front of Marie. As the passage in the mine was narrow, this wall covered the entire space preventing the soldiers from passing.

Anne had been friends with Marie long enough to know that this magic needed to be continually channeled to maintain itself. So she made her decision.

"I'll be quick! Just hold on, Marie!"

Anne ran towards the mine entrance while Marie channeled her ice wall.

The ice wall came up very quickly, and the two soldiers were in the middle of their attacks, so they struck their weapons on the ice, making a loud sound that echoed through the mine.

They did not fail to notice the fox-girl who ran away and already considered the two as enemies.

They tried to hit the ice wall with their weapons, but it only made the loud metallic sound without creating any crack or change in the ice.

Then other soldiers who heard the noises came from the depths of the mine.

The group of five was led by a man who did not look very old. He wore the same armor with the sun as the other soldiers but had more ornaments, showing that he should have a higher rank within the others.

The blond man looked at the ice wall with a severe look.

"Stop hitting, you idiots."

"It is a powerful ice spell, but it requires a lot of mana. The wizard cannot stop channeling, so he cannot escape and will not last more than two minutes."

The two soldiers stopped hitting the ice wall and bowed slightly to the blond man, as one reported.

"Captain Gerard! The wizard is a human girl, and there was another, a non-human who ran away."

Gerard's eyes sparkled when he heard the soldier report about a non-human girl.

"This Portgreen shit has so many non-humans..."

"We have to complete the mission and leave this place soon, or these dirty animals will contaminate us."

"When the wizard's mana runs out, you go and hunt down the dirty non-human."

Like their captain, the soldiers were also disgusted by non-humans.

"Yes sir, what about the wizard?"

The captain gave a sinister smile that the soldiers could see by the light of the torches they held.

"A woman hasn't warmed my bed in a long time... hehe..."

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

The soldiers had been hunting for a long time and came from afar, so everyone felt that way. But as a captain, he would have fun first, but they could have her later, and they couldn't help but look forward to it.

"She is pretty beautiful, and sir will enjoy it, hehehe..."

As the captain and his men stared at the ice wall with lustful smiles, another thirty soldiers explored the depths of the mine.

All they with torches and spears in hand while seeking the target of their mission, which had already given them a lot of stress and killed many of them.

As the men searched, even deeper into the mine, an animal limped with a small version of itself on its back.

It was a white tigress, which was severely wounded with cuts and perforations all over its body. Blood dripped from its wounds, making a trail on the floor.

But the tigress kept walking. Its body had been on the limit for a long time, but it couldn't stop because its chaser didn't stop either.

The tigress is a very intelligent mystic beast. It had its honor and would rather die fighting than fleeing. But it was not alone because its cub was on the back.

It couldn't stand for its cub in danger and was trying to escape to hide the cub from the chasers.

As the tigress continued to limp, the cub looked at the mother with its eyes fully with tears.

The cub knew that its mother was in great pain but continued to draw strength from the will to protect it.

The cub was intelligent like other White Tigers, but it didn't understand why they had to suffer that much.


Anne ran as fast as she can. She couldn't believe they were going through such a dangerous situation for the second time in less than an hour.

She again feared a lot for Marie's safety and remembered how it was the first time.

"He appeared out of nowhere and saved us... he is so..."

"But he would be able to save us again..."

Anne knew what Marie had to promise the handsome devil to save them the first time, and she would not hesitate to go any further to get Marie out of danger.

She could only think of getting Marie away from those disgusting men, and can't help comparing Lucien to the soldiers.

"They are worse than garbage..."

"But he even strange... naked in the forest..."

"But he looks so reliable.... and confident..."

Anne ran for her savior at full speed. As the mine was close to the clearing, it was also close to the lake, and it didn't take long for her to see the water.

She saw Lucien on the sand, hugging the girl who was supposed to be the hooded woman while they were doing naughty things. But now she didn't care about anything but the safety of her best friend.

Lucien, who felt his senses better and better, soon noticed Anne running towards them. He saw her worried expression as she screamed wildly at him.

"Marie is in danger!"

"I give you my body, everything! Just save her now, please!"

Lucien was hugging Mia while they caressed each other, but when he heard Anne, his body reacted very quickly, and he jumped to get up.

The first thing that came to his mind was Lust.

All his desire to save his mother would have no use without Lust to make him strong, but now she was sleeping even after he fucked Mia's ass so hard.

He needed women to recover Lust's mana and powers. And not only Mia, but Anne, Marie, and others...

If Marie is in trouble, he would have to do anything to help her quickly because he couldn't lose her.

Lucien didn't think for more than a second before picking up Mia's dagger from the floor and running towards Anne.

He didn't even realize he was still naked and would probably fight naked again. But he wouldn't care about that kind of thing as his main priority is keeping his girls safe.

"Lead the way, Anne!"

Sweat dripped down Marie's beautiful face.

She was already at the end of her mana even after taking the last potion in her pocket.

She hoped that Anne would bring Lucien, and she also had confidence that he would save her. Although well-trained soldiers were powerful enemies, she had strange faith in the handsome devil.

But when the ice wall broke, and she saw the soldiers' lascivious smile, she couldn't help feeling very afraid.

One of the soldiers who tried to hit the ice wall was very angry with Marie. He really wanted to see what she would look like after the captain broke her, so he ran towards her with a sinister smile.

That smile didn't last long as a red dagger spiked deep into his skull, sending him into the afterlife immediately.

Everyone was startled when the soldier suddenly fell, but Marie couldn't help but smile when a deep voice echoed through the mine.