Chapter 27 Best Camp

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Lucien took the firewood and returned to the camp. Mia and Anne cooked dried meat, which they had in their storage treasures.

It was typical adventurers' food and not very tasty, but Mia prepared with all the care she had, and the final result pleased Lucien very much.

Oya and Ko also really liked the large amount of meat that Lucien gave them. After all, he wouldn't mistreat his loyal feline companions.

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Marie set up two tents for her and Anne. Camping tents are one of the main tools of adventurers and mercenaries, so they always carried at least one.

Mia also set up her tent, but even after saying that there were some, which she looted from the soldiers inside Lucien's storage ring, he still wasn't setting up his tent.

"Aren't you going to set up your tent? It's effortless. I can help you if you don't know."

Lucien gave Mia a loving smile. "Why should I sleep in some smelly man's tent, which I killed, and not with my woman?"

Mia blushed a little but still kept her point. "Why should I let you sleep with me?"

He approached her quickly, not letting Mia escape his tight embrace. "Why wouldn't you? Have I done anything you didn't want to do?"

Mia couldn't deny Lucien's argument. She still wanted to argue, but he started to kiss her neck and ear. He found her weaknesses so quickly that she couldn't deny him anything...

"I don't... you... don't... wait... not here... Okay! You can sleep with me, idiot."

The camp was small, and as everyone was close to the fire, Marie and Anne could see the whole scene. Maria didn't look, but Anne couldn't help but enjoy the nice show and comment.

"You are such a cute couple... Even though you met so recently..."

Lucien did not stop kissing Mia's body in front of everyone without feeling any shame. Mia didn't want to do that kind of thing in front of the others, but she couldn't get out of his embrace... Her body wouldn't accept turning away from him...

Still caressing Mia, Lucien spoke to Anne in his usual calm tone. "You and Marie promised me your bodies in exchange for my help... But the only good girl here is Mia..."

Marie can't help but bow her head in shame. When she and Anne were in critical danger, Lucien saved them, but it was not free, and now she was not living up to her promise.

She was going to beg for more time to get ready, but Lucien spoke before not only to her but also Anne. "I will not force you. But if in a week you don't serve me correctly, we will never be allies again..."

Marie did not feel any threat in Lucien's tone but disappointment, which made her feel even worse. She felt that not having his respect could be very bad and promised to herself think seriously about serve him.

Anne had different thoughts. She wanted to be with Lucien because just seeing how happy Mia was being treated so lovingly, she wished to receive the same treatment too.

But she was still a shy fox-girl and didn't know how to approach him. She thought about saying she would serve him, but it seemed like she didn't want to be with him, and only was because he saved them.

She was also unsure of her own feelings. Maybe she didn't like him that much and was just jealous of Mia?

Anne thought about trying to approach him more slowly to get to know him better. She had an idea that seemed a little bold, but she still wanted to try.

She strolled towards Lucien. "I'm grateful that you gave us that time to think... But I can help you to feel good now... Maybe..."

As soon as she was three feet from him, she bowed her head in shame and began to whisper. "I don't know how to do it properly... but I can try to use my mouth... you know..."

Lucien understood and was about to accept, but... Mia also understood and put her hand on Lucien's cock while speaking decisively to Anne. "I do it. You don't have to force yourself."

Mia did not want to play the part of a jealous wife. It was common knowledge that amazing men would have more than one woman... and Lucien was damn handsome as a god, so Mia was sure he would have a lot of women.

She was already quite happy to be the first wife and would always struggle to maintain that position. As a good wife, she would not accept any woman touching her man out of pity or some kind of promise.

If someone gave Lucien pleasure, it would have to be with much affection and love. So she wouldn't let Anne do anything to Lucien out of debt as long as she could willingly do it...

In fact, every time Lucien teased her, her body wanted him more and more... She really wanted to feel that pleasant taste again...

Anne saw the fierce look Mia was giving her and stepped back. "I didn't want to disturb you... Good night."

Marie and Anne entered their tents as it was complicated to continue watching Lucien and Mia doing those things...

Mia became much more relaxed after the girls went to sleep and started to be more daring. She gave Lucien a long wet kiss and began to caress his cock over his clothes.

Lucien couldn't help but be surprised. Mia was sometimes timid but sometimes so bold... "If you keep teasing me, I'll eat you right here."

Mia started to moan when Lucien began to caress her ass. "I won't give it to you until my mother gives us her blessing... And my ass still hurts a bit after what we did in the bath..."

Lucien began to suck on Mia's tongue in a way they both loved. After their saliva looked the same, he kissed her neck again. "So, how are you going to take care of your man?"

She took Lucien's hand and started sucking on his finger in a very sexy way. "You can... use my mouth... as much as you want... You can use my breasts too... even if they are small... I can give you a massage..."

Lucien used his other hand to caress one of her breasts. He squeezed and played with her nipple, even though over her clothes, she still felt outstanding. "Your breasts are not small... They are perfect for me."

Little Ko watched Lucien and Mia's show with great curiosity. Oya saw it and put her paw on top of the little tigress to keep her from looking on as she could feel what they were doing.

Lucien couldn't hold his dick begging to go out and have some play, so he picked Mia up. She hugged his waist with her legs as they went to her tent without stopping kissing.

The tent was not very large, being approximately 3x3 meters. Lucien laid Mia on the small mattress as he prepared to remove his pants.

Mia wanted to show all her affection and started to take off his clothes quickly. "Let me help you... My man..."

Lucien could only smile when he saw the cute Mia taking off her clothes. She first took off her shirt, and then after kissing all over her chest, leaving traces of saliva and kiss marks, she took off her pants.

Lucien's underwear was already a big tent. Mia couldn't stop drooling and released the monster she missed so much. Lucien's cock was hard as rock pointing to the sky, and Mia held it tight with her delicate hands.

"Are you that hard because you're a pervert?"

He pushed her down on the bed and started rubbing his cock between her breasts. Mia used her hands to squeeze her breasts, giving Lucien a boob job.

"How could I not be hard when you are so stunning and cute?"

Lucien continued to rub his cock on Mia's breasts. She moved with him while squeezing his cock. It didn't take long for him to cum very much on her breasts and face. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Mia felt her whole body warm... When he cummed that white liquid on her, it was so good that she wet her panties with her love juices.

She then began to lick his seed on her face. It was so good that she wasted no time and began to suck his cock vigorously. "Mmmm... more... give more me of that..."

Lucien laid on his back, giving Mia more freedom to suck his cock as much as she wanted while he patted her head. "I can give you as much as you want... So drink it all..."

Both Lucien and Mia were still new to these things, but they seemed to have a perfect connection as Mia gave Lucien more and more pleasure. She even started to caress his balls while taking his cock deep in her throat.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

In this game, Lucien cummed twice more, giving a lot of dessert to Mia, who drank it all with a wide smile on her face. Then Mia laid on his chest. "Did you like it?"

"You are so adorable, Mia! Of course, I loved it."

Lucien was patting Mia's head while she smiled happily on his chest, but then...

They heard the cute meows of little Ko right next to the tent. Lucien gave Mia a pleading look. She couldn't help but roll her eyes and accept. "The space is small, but okay."

Lucien wasted no time and left the tent. He caught little Ko, who licked his face in a pleading way, while Oya also gave Lucien a pleading look.

How could he deny those adorable tigresses something? "Come on, let's all sleep together."

Mia's tent was small, but everyone managed to sleep together, hugging each other. Two people and two tigresses... They've never slept so comfortably before...

But that night, two other people did not sleep well. Marie and Anne had a hard time sleeping after hearing Mia and Lucien's moans. After sleeping, they woke up wet for dreaming of the sounds of "Slurp."

After waking up and having a simple breakfast, Lucien's group followed the road. They were traveling slowly and fighting all the beasts that appeared.

Not only did Lucien see Mia getting better and better in combat, but he also saw Oya fight. The mama tigress is very strong and faster.

She could undoubtedly defeat any of the girls before they could make any move. Even Mia, who was very fast, could not follow Oya's speed.

As they walked down the road talking and laughing, Lucien felt something, and Lust commented in his mind quickly. "Did you feel them?"

Lucien's senses were getting better and better, and he heard footsteps more than a mile away. Lust had sensory skills, which would improve the more Lucien shared mana with her, but it was already enough for her to feel people coming too.

Lucien alerted the girls immediately. "There's a large group on the hill ahead."

Lucien's group stopped walking. Lucien tried to see something, but there were a lot of trees in front of the hill. Then he heard the sound of arrows cutting through the wind.

He acted exceptionally quickly and broke an arrow, which almost hit his face with his hand. Less than a second later, he broke an arrow that was aimed at Mia's face with the red dagger.

Marie and Anne were very shocked as they did not expect such a surprise attack in a region so close to Portgreen. They started to wonder if they were other mercenaries looking for a fight.

Mia felt no fear when Lucien broke the arrow less than a foot from her face. She already had instinctive confidence in him.

Lucien caressed Mia's face while giving her a tender smile and speaking in a very gentle tone that made Mia feel so secure, but Marie and Anne shiver a little.

"Who is looking for a painful death in the morning?"