Chapter 31 Adventurers Guild

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Chapter 31 Adventurers Guild

Lucien was surprised by everything he saw after passing through the city gates. There were so many people of different races and various sizes. Many walked through the streets with magical beasts as pets.

Oya and Ko were a little scared to see so many people, so they stayed behind Lucien.

As Portgreen is a city known for accepting all kinds of races, there were many demi-humans. Not only demi-humans but also many humans used some magical beasts as pets.

So, Oya and Ko were cited on Lucien's special ID card, thus being able to enter the city with Lucien. Moon Tigers is a rare race of magical beasts, so many people looked on them with greedy eyes.

Mia, who was holding Lucien's hand, saw how surprised he was to see so many people and can't help thinking that he must come from some tiny village. "Have you never been to a city like this before?"

Lucien gave her a silly smile. "Do you think I'm a hick?"

Mia started laughing while kissing him on the mouth. "Of course not, you fool. I don't think there's anything wrong with finding this city beautiful. I will show you all the best places!"

Marie and Anne became more and more jealous as they watched Lucien and Mia make romantic scenes all the damn places for whatever reason.

Jeanne didn't know if she was more jealous or angry that Lucien was acting so cute to Mia a few hours after killing and maiming people. She thought he might have a double personality.

Mia knew that Lucien would join the guild, and she did not want to go there as that would only cause problems for him. She also wanted time to prepare a proper meeting between her mother and Lucien. The situation of Mia's mother was very complicated, which made everything difficult.

She hugged him as tightly as she could while vigorously sucking his tongue, trying to mark her mouth with his taste. "Mm... We will... be separated... for just a while. You are... not allowed to stop... thinking about me.!"

Lucien kept Mia in his arms while their tongues struggled. He ran his hand over her entire body to remember each part of her all the time. "I will not... stop thinking about you... Then at night, you will make up for it!"

They had agreed to meet at the square at night to decide where they would stay. So they would only be apart for a few hours, but they were doing a dramatic show, which was driving the girls crazy.

Not only the girls but many people on the street were stopping to see Lucien and Mia, which seemed to be fighting to see who could be more affectionate.

The men envied Lucien for having such a beautiful girl in his arms. Women envied Mia for having such a stunning man hugging her tightly.

Since it seemed like Lucien wouldn't let go of Mia, Jeanne had to step in as she was getting sick, seeing so much love. "We'd better go to the guild now before you start taking your clothes off..."

Lucien didn't care for Jeanne's words or the people watching while he kissed Mia for another five minutes. When they finished the kiss, he slapped her butt, which made enough noise for everyone to hear.

Then he shot a severe look at all the men who were watching them. The men shivered when Lucien's cold eyes scared them. They got the message without needing him to say any words. "She is mine!"

Jeanne could only roll her eyes. Then she led the way to the guild while Lucien continued to look at everything delighted. He enjoyed seeing a lot of different buildings and people.

Lust was having a lot of work analyzing all the women around. She needed to focus on the person for a while to see all their latent potential.

She was talking to Lucien about many good women, but not one was better than the ones he already knew. The city was quite large, and it would take Lust several days to analyze all the women.

The group walked for a few more minutes until they arrived at the front of a large wall within the city. This wall was only one meter high with a grid. It surrounded a building, which appeared to be more than a square mile.

Lucien was delighted with the size of the guild's headquarters. It was a huge building of more than five hundred meters wide and four floors. It looked like ancient architecture with several statues of mythical creatures like dragons and phoenixes.

They entered through the large wooden gate. The guards who were also adventurers gave Jeanne's group a friendly greeting. Everyone knew that the leader was not Mason but Jeanne. Mason was also known as one of the strongest adventurers of the A-rank, so everyone highly respected their group.

Lucien followed Jeanne and the girls into the main hall. It was like a large tavern with many tables of different sizes. The hall was full of people walking up and down as they took posters from frames on the walls.

Most of them were adventurers talking and planning new missions. Other people were guild employees, who were responsible for publishing missions, distribute rewards and other things.

When Lucien and the girls passed through the hall towards the counter, they got a lot of attention. Jeanne was an A-rank adventurer well known as the knight in heavy armor.

Marie and Anne were known as the new beauties. Even though they recently joined the guild, they're already very popular.

Lucien also drew a lot of attention not only because he was with the girls but also because he was very handsome and nobody knew him. The women kept talking about his beautiful body and red hair, making all men there jealous.

Some people were waiting to be attended to by the guild staff, but when they saw Jeanne approaching, they made room and let her through. She then motioned for Marie and Anne to report to an attendant about the mission at the mine.

The girls went out to report while Jeanne introduced Lucien to another attendant. "He wants to join the guild."

The attendant was a cat-like girl. She has big fluffy ears and small amounts of brown fur on her body. Lucien thought she was beautiful, but Lust said that her latent talent was at best average and that he should not waste time with her. Still, Lucien wanted to be friends with the beautiful cat girl.

The cat-girl loved Lucien at the first second that she saw his handsome face smiling at her. She couldn't help blushing while talking timidly.

"Sir, I'm going to ask you to do the power examination. Even though you look so strong and... Everyone has to do the exam as it is a rule."

Jeanne frowned when she saw the attendant flirting with Lucien and wondered what she would think if she knew what kind of devil he is.

She wanted to make Lucien join the guild quickly, thinking he would be grateful and less likely to attack adventurers again. So she tried to use all the influence she had.

"I've already seen his strength, so you don't have to send him for the exam. He's as strong as I am, so give him an A-rank ID card."

There was a great commotion in the hall when people heard Jeanne's words. A-rank adventurers were rare in these wartimes, so when she said that the new guy was as strong as she, surprised everyone.

The men regard Lucien with respect, and the girls had their eyes sparkling with expectation. They couldn't help but think that he is so handsome as strong.

Everyone started paying attention to Lucien and Jeanne. Then an adventurer stood up and spoke in an annoyed tone. "Where did you get this black armor? Were you a mercenary?"

Everyone looked at Lucien with a severe look. The adventurers had more and more conflicts with the mercenaries, so the atmosphere was very tense between them.

Lucien was wearing Brian's armor, which was very popular with mercenaries, so people started to doubt. The fact that no one had heard of him before only increased the adventurers' suspicions.

Jeanne was about to defend Lucien, but he spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear in his usual calm tone.

"I killed the mercenary who wore this armor and took it to me. Does anyone have a problem with that?"

The adventurers still had a little doubt, but then Marie explained the situation. "After we were abandoned by our comrades and attacked by mercenaries, Lucien saved us by killing them all."

"Not only that. A group of Light Empire soldiers also attacked me. They even had a captain, but Lucien defeated him, even risking his own life!"

The adventurer who asked the question was the first to congratulate Lucien for his actions. Soon after, several people began to praise him, and some even clapped. They hated the mercenaries and even more the Light Empire.

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The adventurers admired Lucien more and more, he hadn't even joined the guild yet, but he was already considered a hero by everyone. The men could only praise him while the girls struggled to get his attention.

Jeanne was also surprised as she didn't know the part about him killing a Light Empire captain. She knew these captains were as strong as she, so she admired Lucien's strength more and more.

But then she remembered the bloody show and thought he was still a devil. "Okay, guys! After he officially joins the guild, you can talk to him more, now get back to your business."

Marie smiled at Lucien as she was happy to help him at least once. Lucien nodded at her with a smile too.

After hearing that he killed a Light Empire captain, the attendant no longer doubted Lucien's capabilities, but she still wanted to follow the rules.

"Lady Jeanne, I don't want to offend you, but the guild rules are clear about any new member being examined by a veteran."

"You, as an A-rank adventurer, can spar with him, and we can quickly make the ID card next."

Jeanne wanted to avoid fighting Lucien. She feared anything because he was very strange, but since it would be the fastest way, she could not refuse.

Even if it was a sparring match just for the veteran to judge the power of the new novice, the fights were not so friendly. Veterans had to make novices use all their power to make an accurate assessment and give them better positions.

Jeanne thought it would be unfortunate if many people watch the spar because she would have to fight seriously, and she felt she couldn't beat him.

But then Jeanne had a brilliant idea. She took the attendant's hand away and led her to the hall's corner while trying to speak quietly so that no one could hear. Too bad she didn't know about Lucien's high senses.

The attendant was confused, but Jeanne whispered to her. "I am not feeling very well to fight now, so you are going to have to call another veteran. I suggest you call Ravenous... Lucien is very strong, so she is more suited to sparring with him."

The attendant made a worried expression when Jeanne talked about that person... "Lady Jeanne, please don't make me go call her..."

Jeanne hated Ravenous so much. Not only her but many people feared and avoided her... Jeanne, in particular, had many conflicts but never had an advantage against her.

But then she thought. "She is the demon, and he is the devil. May they both destroy each other..."

Jeanne wanted Lucien to become an adventurer and fight alongside them, but she was still furious that he had killed the archer. So she thought that if he and Ravenous beat themselves up, it would be a suitable punishment for both of them.

As the attendant was very scared, Jeanne had to make extreme decisions. She took a bag of coins from her storage treasure and gave it to the girl. "Call Ravenous, or I'll beat you up here."

The attendant was afraid of Jeanne, and as her courage had increased by the gold, she ran up the stairs to call the famous Ravenous. Lucien heard everything and waited with an excited smile on his face.