Chapter 33 Sparring?!

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Chapter 33 Sparring?!

No one was able to convince Lucien to fight in an arena, so he and Ravenous went to a closed training room to do the sparring session.

Many people had doubts as to whether he would be able to beat Ravenous as he supposedly beat a Light Empire captain. But everyone was sure that even if he won the fight, he wouldn't be back well...

Most of the adventurers were saddened to see that a guy who looked really cool would suffer such a cruel end. But there were also people who were happy with that. Mason and the elite archer who shot Lucien were hoping that Ravenous would break him in every way possible.

Lucien didn't care what others thought and could only look on Ravenous's beautiful ass while she led the way to the training room. Oya and Ko also followed Lucien like a shadow, never moving more than two meters away from him.

Ravenous cannot help but question Lucien. "Why don't those tigresses leave your side? Did you forget to feed them?"

Lucien shrugged. "They like to be around me, and I like it too. They will not interfere in our sparring or say anything about what will happen there to anyone..."

Ravenous had nothing against the tigresses. She actually liked them very much and wanted to find a way to make Lucien give or sell them to her. "If you sell me them, I can go easy on you..."

Lucien smiled as he continued to look at Ravenous' ass. "If you can make them let you put your hand on them, I will give them to you."

Ravenous stopped quickly and tried to reach her hand on Oya and Ko.

Ko hid behind Lucien while Oya loudly roared as she showed all her fangs to Ravenous. She cannot believe that the tigresses favored a human to a demi-human with feline characteristics like her.

"What kind of enchantment did you put on them?"

Lucien took little Ko and put her on his shoulder while patting Oya on the head. "I take care of them, and they take care of me. No tricks or magic."

Ravenous asked no more questions and continued walking towards the room, but in her mind, she had many thoughts about how different Lucien was...

After walking for about five minutes, they arrived in front of a wooden double door. Ravenous opened the door violently, making enough noise for everyone in the room to look at them.

"We're going to use the room. You may leave now."

Everyone who was inside the room put their weapons in a large box and left the room without saying anything. Everyone knew Ravenous, and no one wanted to piss her off.

Ravenous went towards the boxes while Lucien examined the room. It's an ample space with more than a hundred square meters and a height of ten meters. There was plenty of space for any type of movement and technique.

She took a pair of leather gauntlets from the box and turned to ask Lucien. "We will use non-lethal weapons. What class do you prefer?"

Lucien trained for years with non-lethal weapons, and as he knew she would be a tough opponent, he requested for his favorites. "Staff, please."

Ravenous throw a training staff to Lucien and started to equip her gauntlets. "The purpose of this exam is to assess your physical abilities, such as strength, speed, endurance, and senses. If you have magic skills, you will need to be assessed by another veteran who specializes in magic."

Lucien made some moves with the staff, somersaulted, and pointed the staff at Ravenous. "I have no secret skills. Do not worry..."

Ravenous still thought something was wrong with Jeanne to making her fight Lucien, and he could see that from the confused expression she gave him. She didn't know what would happen, but she would struggle at her best. Not only did she distrust Lucien, but she also didn't like how confident he was.

Ravenous ran towards Lucien quickly. He was waiting for her to start, so he wouldn't be caught off guard and dodged the punch she tried to hit on his chest.

Lucien took a step to the side, but Ravenous acted even faster and launched her other fist aiming at his head. Lucien ducked, and holding the staff with both hands, tried to hit her belly with the middle of the staff horizontally.

She was surprised by his high speed, but she was no slower and kicked the staff, propelling her backward. "You are fast, boy! But only that won't be enough."

Lucien did not stop to talk and ran towards Ravenous launching attacks with the staff. "We just started. So I didn't use even half..."

Lucien no longer felt the improvement in his body. He stopped feeling that a few hours after the fun he had at night with Mia, and since then, his strength and speed were stabilized. Still, he wasn't using all of his power to fight Ravenous, and she seemed to be holding back too.

Ravenous began to dodge Lucien's attacks. He was swift, but she had no difficulties in dealing with the strikes... It seemed like he didn't want to hit her... She was unable to understanding Lucien.

Lucien knew that she was holding back, and was upset because it seemed that she did not take him seriously. He increased the speed of his attacks and stroke the staff on her shoulder.

The blow was strong enough to make a loud noise. Ravenous stepped back, and Lucien stopped attacking as he faced her. "Are you going to fight seriously, or do I need to hit you in the ass?"

Ravenous was not irritated by Lucien's words. She was holding on and could only blame herself for it. Then she took a bracelet from her forearm and threw it on the floor in the corner of the room.

The bracelet broke the floor, making a big noise in the room. It's a magical training tool that weighs heavily and reduces the strength and speed of the wearer. When Ravenous took it off, she got a lot faster and could now use all her strength.

Lucien was very interested in the bracelet because anyone who trained using it would have better results, but now that he's with Lust, this kind of training was no longer suitable for him.

Ravenous did some stretching to get used to her body without the weight bracelet while staring at her Lucien. "Thanks for waiting, but still, I'll give you a beating that you will never forget."

Lucien smiled at Ravenous as he keeps rotating the staff. "You can come whenever you want as I will always be ready for you to beat me..."

She didn't like that beautiful and confident smile of Lucien and ran towards him, this time almost twice as fast as before. Ravenous thought Lucien would not be able to follow her real speed but was surprised when they were moving at the same speed.

Ravenous couldn't deny that Lucien is very strong and fast. She would have to fight with all her power if she wanted to beat him up. She started to attack with her fists faster and faster. She punched and kicked anyway, but he kept dodging.

"He certainly deserves to be in the A-rank... If he's still holding on, maybe even the S-rank... But I can always have some advantages."

Ravenous stopped fighting as if she were examining a newcomer and started fighting with all her capabilities, wanting to remove the confident smile from Lucien's face as he continued to dodge everything as if he were dancing.

Lucien felt that his senses are better than his speed as he could see all of Ravenous' movements almost in slow motion and had to use 9/10 of his maximum speed to dodge. So, if he tries harder, he has the advantage in speed against her.

He stopped dodging her blows and passed and block it with the staff. Lucien felt that Ravenous's strength was very similar to him, so they started exchanging quick blows. Her gauntlets connected with his staff in a swift dance, which lasted for more than five minutes.

Ravenous somersaulted back when Lucien blocked her gauntlet for what looks like the hundredth time. Then she landed at a good distance from him, and he didn't move forward, giving them time to breathe.

They stared at each other without saying anything, but Ravenous was increasingly angry at the smile that never left Lucien's face. She didn't like that he was enjoying the fight while she was getting stressed out about not being able to hit him.

"Why don't you stop smiling? What is so good about fighting me?"

Lucien liked to see Ravenous angry. He found her so cute that he couldn't help but provoke her. "I like your scent... It looks like a virgin lioness..."

Ravenous was shocked. Why did he use those words to provoke her? What did he mean by that? She got more angry at Lucien and ran towards him, trying as hard as she could to punch him in the face.

Lucien took advantage that she was irritated and less focused on the fight. He focused all his speed and started to touch her body after dodging her blows. "You are sooo cute, Ravenous..."

Ravenous grew more and more flushed as he continued to touch her body. Even though they were quick touches when she opened her guard after attacking, he was still taking advantage of her.

"Ah! If you don't stop, I will kill you... Ahhh!! Lucien!!!"

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Lucien was having no trouble avoiding her blows. He stopped using the staff and only concentrated on touching every part of her body. "You're even cuter when you get angry! I can't control myself as I want to tease you even more!"

Ravenous launched kicks and punches in all directions. She went into a berserker state by anger and embarrassment as she continued to try to hit Lucien. "I hate you! You will be finished when I catch you!"

Lucien only had a small advantage in speed, so he had to be very careful with every move, or she would finish him off. He continued to dodge her enraged blows but then he had an idea that was both good and fatal.

Ravenous tried a horizontal hit on Lucien's head, but he ducked. She thought he would step aside as he had done several times ago and started to turn her body, trying to predict his movements.

Lucien expected this move and did not move his body to catch her off guard. He stood up quickly after ducking her punch and approach their bodies close as he moved his head toward hers.

Ravenous had already started to drive her fists to the side, and as Lucien's speed was higher, she couldn't stop him from approaching their bodies to close.

She saw his beautiful face approaching hers and blushed even more. She was afraid of what he would do and closed her eyes while having her first kiss stolen by Lucien.

Lucien kissed Ravenous's beautiful red lips and can't help but marvel at her incredible taste and scent. He tried to stick his tongue inside her mouth, but then he felt a great pain in his belly.

"AAAAHHH! I'm going to kill you, LUCIEN!!!!"

Ravenous felt a rush of feelings shake her whole world. She seemed to feel everything. And of course, a lot of anger too. She took advantage of the second that Lucien was enjoying her lips and managed to hit her both fists in his belly with all her strength.

Lucien was thrown more than twenty meters and hit the wall of the room while spitting some blood. He looked at the blushing Ravenous, who couldn't even move in embarrassment, and couldn't help but laugh.

"You are sooo adorable, Ravenous. You will certainly be a good sister to Mia."

Ravenous didn't have to be a genius to understand what Lucien meant. She became enraged even more and ran towards him with her fists ready. "I don't care about anything anymore. If I don't beat you to death today, I won't be satisfied!"

Oya and Ko excitedly watched the fight from the room's corner. Oya couldn't help feeling her instincts warning her that the Manticore-woman would join their pack soon.