Chapter 34 Rude?!

Lust Knight LamenThief 2022/9/21 7:46:03

Lucien spat some more blood on the floor and then licked his lips while Ravenous ran towards him. He didn't know why he kissed her...

He just felt like kissing that pretty little red mouth. But now he thought it might have been too hasty and asked Lust for help.

'You're just teasing her, but you still haven't said your intentions. Say something romantic... If she is still a virgin at that age, it must be because she thinks all men are the same, so you will have to be unusual to conquer her attention.'

Lucien thought of Lust's words and tried his best while he spoke with all the affection he could to Ravenous."I don't think I made my intentions clear... I want you to be with me, Ravenous..."

Ravenous thought Lucien wanted to make fun of her and was even more furious. She approached him quickly as she punched with all her strength. "Shut up! I will kill you!"

Lucien continued to dodge her blows, but then he noticed a part of his armor swinging. He concluded that a part of his chainmail armor on his chest was torn by the attack he received from Ravenous.

Still defending her attacks, he removed the upper part of his armor and threw it in the corner of the room. He didn't want to ruin his best armor.

Ravenous didn't know what to think about seeing his chest naked. She could not appreciate the beautiful view as her mind was filled with anger.

She threw a blow with both fists when he tried to remove his gauntlets. But Lucien managed to remove his gauntlet and dodge her blow. He turned around quickly and bit her fluffy ear. Ravenous felt a chill run through her body and couldn't help but cry out softly.

Lust was laughing in Lucien's mind, finding it all very funny. 'Do you hope to conquer her by biting her?'

Lucien acted on impulse again. He thought Ravenous was very cute and wanted to try every part of her body. He took advantage of the moment when she was confused and hugged her waist from behind.

"Ravenous, be mine. I'll take good care of you..."

She felt Lucien's heat easily as he was bare-chested. She was very embarrassed and angry, so she threw herself backward, hitting Lucien on the floor.

Lucien didn't release Ravenous while she started elbowing him. "I will not harm you. Please listen to me."

What Ravenous feared most was being violated by a man. She was furious at Lucien and took off her leather gauntlet, revealing large and sharp nails. "I won't let you get away with it!"

She used her clawlike hand to cut Lucien's leg. He felt enormous pain but did not let go of Ravenous. "If I let you hit me until you calm down, will you hear me?"

Ravenous was in a berserker state with her feelings in chaos, and she didn't hear what Lucien said. She kept trying to get rid of Lucien's embrace. "Lucien!!! You will pay for it!"

Lucien started to think that he went too far and released Ravenous, who quickly turned and started to hit his chest. "Rascal! Why did you do that with me?!"

Ravenous' sharp nails cut Lucien's chest in a bloody mess. Oya started to run towards them, but Lucien told her to stay away. She didn't want to see him get hurt, but she also trusted that he knew what he was doing.

Ravenous continued to beat Lucien on the chest. She cut, punched, slapped... "I hate you! You are like all men! You... animal!"

Lucien saw that Ravenous was almost crying and started to apologize. "I'm sorry Ravenous. I just wanted to tease you because I think you're cute, and I couldn't resist kissing you..."

"I know it was your first kiss, but I am willing to take responsibility."

When Ravenous heard Lucien's words, she stopped beating and looked at him confusedly. "Why do you think it was my first kiss? Are you crazy? Don't you know who I am?"

Lucien took advantage of the moment when Ravenous stopped beating and hugged her. He acted very quickly and kissed her again. She tried to push him away, but he threw her on the floor and stayed on top of her.

"You don't have to perform around me. I know you are still a virgin."

Ravenous was very confused as to how he knew her secret and tried to question Lucien. But he didn't let her say anything and kissed her again. She made the mistake of trying to speak, and he stuck his tongue inside her mouth.

Ravenous tried to free herself from Lucien's embrace, but he didn't let her escape and explored her mouth, while his tongue easily dominated hers. "Mm... Let me go... Please..."

Lucien stopped when Ravenous begged and released her from his embrace. "I will not kiss your mouth anymore without your permission, I promise."

Ravenous didn't think twice about kicking Lucien. He didn't dodge and was thrown back a few meters. She got up quickly as she went towards him. "You're mad! Do you appear out of nowhere and force a kiss on me? I'm really going to kill you!"

Lucien knew the situation was bizarre, but he needed to get strong fast. He liked ravenous the first time he saw her and won't give up her easily. So he would have to be bold and shameless.

"Yes, I'm mad... Mad for you... Am I so bad that you can't give me a chance?"

Ravenous did not believe the bullshit Lucien was talking about and continued to beat him. She struck him with kicks and punches, throwing him across the room. Several parts of the floor were already painted with his blood.

After hitting Lucien several times, Ravenous realized that he was not dodging. She didn't understand why he was just letting her beat him like that. "What is your problem? Don't you have a brain?"

Lucien was severely bruised and cut by Ravenous' nails, but he could still move well as his high regeneration was really incredible. "It was all my fault for teasing you... But how would I get your attention?"

Ravenous didn't know how to answer Lucien. She always acted like a bad-girl who hurt her partners for being sexually violent. But it was just to keep men away from her because everyone just wanted to take pleasure in her body.

She looked at Lucien as if she were looking at someone foolish. "Do you really think I'm a virgin? I don't know who told you that, but you're wrong. Before you were born, I had already devoured more men than you could imagine."

Lucien could only roll his eyes. Why didn't she give up this performance? "You can't fool me with that expression you made when I stole your first kiss... Why do you do that? Are you afraid of men?"

Ravenous worked hard to keep this secret, so she was furious when Lucien made it clear that he knew everything. Now she just thought about beating him until he promised not to tell anyone.

She thought it would be easy to hit him now that he was hurt, but it wasn't like that. Lucien started to dodge her blows once again, and when she tried a kick, he dodged and grabbed her arms.

Lucien pushed Ravenous against the wall holding her arms and put his knee between her legs to prevent her from kicking him. "You are a wild cute lioness... I will not give up on you, so get used to me."

Ravenous couldn't believe that Lucien was still so fast and strong even though he was severely hurt. She couldn't get rid of his embrace and started to blush. She was going to start cursing him when she felt his mouth kissing her neck.

That feeling was new to Ravenous, who never had any close contact with men in her life. Lucien was very intense, kissing every part of her neck... She could feel his heavy breath tickling her skin...

"You said... you weren't going to kiss me... without my permission... Please stop..."

Lucien started to lessen the intensity of the kisses while arguing with her. "I said I wouldn't kiss your mouth without your permission... I didn't say anything about the rest of your cute body... You are so beautiful Ravenous... I want to kiss your entire body!"

Ravenous began to feel her body heat up. She was not getting angrier but more sensitive and embarrassed... She couldn't believe her body was somehow enjoying it...

She kept trying to get out of Lucien's grip, but then he did something that took all her strength away. Something she didn't want to feel again... Or at least she thought so...

"Ahhhhhyyy! Not in my ear... Mmm... pleaseeee!"

Lucien started to kiss Ravenous's ear, and when she moaned, he lightly bit the tip of that fluffy ear. He felt her body shiver and felt a wetness on his knee that was positioned against the most sensitive part of her.

He felt her body go limp, and she stopped fighting. He hugged her gently as he spoke as lovingly as he could. "You can punish me as much as you want for doing it to you. But I have to show that I can make you feel good... And that I will be good for you in every way possible."

Ravenous could no longer fight after Lucien teased her body that much, but she could still argue. "You just want to enjoy my body as well as all men... Do you really think I will believe your lies?"

Lucien started to think that he could have exaggerated, but he was so attracted to Ravenous that he stopped reasoning. She was so cute and amazing... He only wanted to be as good for her as she would be for him...

"It's not lies. How can I prove that I just want to do good for you? Look at my body. You hurt me so much that I probably lost half my blood..."

"Anyone who just wanted your body would go through something like that just for a good fuck?"

Ravenous didn't need to look at Lucien's wounds to know that he must be suffering a lot. She made several cuts all over his body and had to agree that no one would be such an idiot to go through that hell just to take advantage of her body...

But even with the smell of his blood, she could still smell something more. A delicious scent, which made her body warm... "So, what exactly do you want from me? That I become your woman?"

Before Lucien said anything, Lust quickly advised him. 'Wife! Say you want to get married, and she'll fall easier.'

Lucien couldn't deny that the first time he used the word "marriage," It had an excellent effect on the girls. So, he trusted Lust and tried his best to be persuasive. "Wife. I want you to become my wife, and I will take good care of you forever. How is it?"

"Heeee?" Ravenous couldn't believe Lucien's words. Even though she was beautiful, she still had a bad reputation and was super violent. After beating him that much, he was still asking her to marry him? She couldn't help but think it was a very bizarre situation.

"You are really crazy! How would I accept to marry you if I don't even know you?"

Lucien was happy that she didn't totally deny it, but talked about not knowing him well. "It's not a problem. We will get to know each other better from now on, and you can agree to marry me later... Now, can you at least permit me to kiss your mouth?"

"What?" Ravenous understood that he would not give up but did not realize what permission he was asking for.

Lucien wasted no time and started kissing her cheek again. He was slowly rising toward her fluffy ear, and Ravenous's body could no longer resist him. "If you don't let me kiss your mouth, I'll kiss your whole body..."

Ravenous was no longer young and spent her entire life not knowing what that kind of thing was like, so her body had no resistance against Lucien's affectionate attacks. She started to moan instinctively...

"Fine, fine! You can kiss my mouth... But if I want to stop, you have to hear me!"

Lucien answered with an "mm" sound and wasted no time raising Ravenous, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist. Then he started kissing her madly.

She had no more thoughts of refusing him. Ravenous lived so long on her own but didn't want to be like this forever. Lucien had already stolen her first kiss and taken other advantages from her body. So if he wanted to take all the responsibility, she had to agree that it didn't look bad.

Lucien felt that Ravenous had no more resistance against him and increased the intensity of his attacks. He walked with her in his arms to the corner of the room and pressed her to the wall while kissing her mouth, neck, and ears passionately.

"If I'm going too fast, let me know and I will stop."

Ravenous thought that everything was just absurdly fast, but she didn't care about anything anymore and only wanted to enjoy all the affection that Lucien was giving to her body.

But Lust couldn't help commenting. 'What do you consider very fast?!'

Oya looked at the couple in love and could only be confused, thinking that after the woman beat him, Lucien rewarded her so well. She wondered if she attacked him like that, would she gain the same kind treatment...